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Cure to all diseases

Cure to all diseases may lie in human cell reprogramming – we may reach the state of immortality

Human bodies are composed of cells. These cells form an ultimate Union to form a human being. The cells communicate with each other to form the real “Union”. This is new theory of medicine.

Soon you may see alternative medical treatments that will focus on actually reprogramming the cells to bring them to contribute to the “Union” again. This may also explain the healing effect where spirituality is used to reprogram the human cells for the same effect.

Think about cancer – according to this theory, the cancer happens when a group of cells lose their “program” and goes “bad” multiplying fast and doing things against the “Union” of the human body. Current treatments involve processes by which these cells are eliminated from the body through various means. And there lies the problem. These cells multiply and hide in such a way that they never leave completely the body.

The new alternative medical theory says if those cells could be reprogrammed and brought mainstream “Union”, they will be just fine.

Have you heard stories that say that people with a strong will power and prayer get better miraculously? Have you heard about the healing power of people all around the world? These are not really hoax. They can be true based on this new theory. The whole challenge lies in finding processes by which the effected cells can be reprogrammed and told to work and behave in a different way!

When this new alternative practice of medicine will take hold of the mainstream medical community in the next ten to twenty years, the world of medicine will look entirely different. We can eventually reach immortality. The body is a massive computer with electrical pulses and complex chemical reactions facilitating cell communications.

The process of reprogramming the human cells is not easy. But the medical communities in America, India, Russia, China and other countries are closely looking into this aspect of “Virtual Biology of Human Bodies.”


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