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The impact of Pluto, the slowest moving of the known planets in our solar system, is intense and far-reaching. Pluto's energies bring about changes on a worldwide scale, reshaping history and ushering in major social, political and geological changes and transformations. Plutonian changes may be regenerative or degenerative, but whether positive or negative are generally extreme and long-lasting. Astrologers Sakoian and Acker note, Pluto in the signs always produces a permanent change. The change is in relation to the sign that Pluto occupies. It goes without saying that when Pluto changes signs, it's time to take note. On Jan. 18, Pluto began a 15-year transit in Sagittarius. On April 22, Pluto dipped back once more into Scorpio for a final phase lasting until November 11, 1995. From then on, Pluto will continue its transits through this fiery sign until the year 2010. What does it mean for us all?

First of all, in considering where we're going we need to look at where we're coming from. Pluto entered Scorpio in 1984. In anticipating this ingress at the time of the publication of their major work, The Astrologer's Handbook in 1973, Sakoian and Acker wrote Regeneration or die will be the order of the day. This is because Pluto rules Scorpio, the sign of death and regeneration. Moreover, Pluto has its fastest orbital motion while going through Libra and Scorpio, which also coincided with the period of Pluto penetrating Neptune's orbit. Uranus (the Awakener) was in Scorpio in 1975. This 25-year period until the end of the century is also believed by many astrologers to coincide with the ending of the 2000-year Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age. We saw the fulfillment of prophecies of famine and plague, atomic waste and the acceleration of the taking of human life in legalized abortion, the beginnings of the legalization of euthanasia, suicidal terrorism, armed youth in our schools and on the streets, as well as financial crises during the Pluto in Scorpio years. Yet for all the terror of the times, we were spared much. The Scorpio experience is the rising up of new birth out of the ashes of the old order. So beyond the often disparaging continuum of the daily headlines are seeds of hope, of new cures, of a more transcendent common vision.

What changes can we expect with Pluto in Sagittarius? Well, for one thing, Sagittarius is a fire sign while Scorpio is a water sign. With Uranus still in earthy Capricorn through 1997, we're going to be on our toes more than ever for the fire aspect of earthquakes. Fires, like anger, is apt to be on the increase. There is also the possibility of famine and drought. Sagittarius relates to the mental cross. Fire of mind can be a fiery tongue, often self-righteously so. People will be very outspoken during this period. Sagittarius has to do with religion, philosophy and ethics. Expect debates to run hot and loom large, with tempers rising on both sides. There's the definite possibility of diplomatic blunders and faux pas. Published material may make a big social/cultural/political impact. Religious groups will increase their memberships. Young people will bring in New Age teachings on a widespread scale and these will gain greater acceptance in general. Since Pluto's the bad guy of the zodiac, religious intolerance is also part of the picture, and anti-religious fanatics may also seek their day. Religious wars are a possibility as well as the kind of suicidal terrorism fed by so-called religious fervor. One of the areas where change is the most needed and which we can expect is with the high school age youth. Education in general will be swept up with grass roots movements.

As Uranus (planet of change) enters Aquarius (science, technology, reform, groups) and trines the U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini, scientific breakthroughs are predictable as well as much publicized controversy as to the ethics related to them. Genetic engineering may top the list. We may begin to feel pushed around rather than convenienced by so much electronic innovation. (Did you hear the one about imbedding subcutaneous sensors in a person's hands providing important personal data like bank accounts, social security, etc., much like the labeling code system works in the supermarket?) Sagittarius rules sports. Was last summer's baseball fiasco a prelude of what's to come?

Pluto takes about 248 years to complete one full revolution around the Zodiac. The last time Pluto was in Sagittarius was in 1750 to 1763. Writes Astrologer Rudhyur in The Galactic Dimensions Of Astrology: During the eighteenth century, the transit of Pluto through Sagittarius coincided with the war between England and France which started in America and spread to Europe. The defeat of France paved the way for the establishment of the British Empire, which was a foreshadowing of the future world organization.

This was a time when men in the colonies put their lives on the line in passionately expressing their beliefs. The debate was a prelude to the American and then the French Revolutions.

Pluto entered Gemini, the polar opposite to Sagittarius, in 1884 to 1914. In many ways, we are on the rebound of that cycle, tying up the accomplishments and new trends set in motion during that time. Gemini is a sign of intellectual knowledge and communications. This era saw tremendous breakthroughs in the application of scientific knowledge and technology in everyday living. Uranus and Neptune were in Sagittarius (exploration). This was a time of great scientific exploration. Many of the conveniences not known since the time of Atlantis, that great writers and visionaries such as Jules Verne had written about (flying machines) were discovered. Alexander Graham Bell's telephone became well known during this period. Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and others discovered the uses of electricity and laid the groundwork for modern electrical technology and communication. The automobile was developed and the Wright brothers flew the first airplane. Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physicist, discovered X-Rays in 1895. Henry Ford began his experiments with engines around 1890 and completed his first automobile in 1896. The Model T came out in 1903.

Interestingly, when Uranus (the Awakener, the Shatterer) was in Gemini, the atom bomb was discovered. In the 80s, with Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius, one of the themes of the times was arms reductions. So while we have great scientific development in Gemini, its social, moral, cultural implications will be debated in Sagittarius.

Pluto conjoins the U.S. conceptional Ascendant at the end of the century. In a natal chart, Pluto on the Ascendant can threaten one's very survival. We enter a phase requiring tremendous strength, fortitude and union. Resentment built up against the United States could break loose. Our tendency to jump in without preparation and then not to complete the cycle could prove fatal. Since the U.S. conceptional natal Pluto is in Capricorn which follows Sagittarius, we are in a closing phase of our nation's history. Astrologers have looked to this time as the doorway to a long-awaited spiritual awakening. Astrologers Sakoian and Acker predict that religions will be completely transformed. It is well to remember the high principles upon which this nation was founded, an experiment in liberty never accomplished before. We need to raise up the flame of freedom and remember our common identity and purpose as Americans.

Pluto is a catalyst of transformational-like changes in our life, forcing us to remove excess baggage by sucking us into a vortex of emotional turmoil if we refuse to wrestle with our pain and the shadow aspect of consciousness. By anticipating Pluto's next move in your chart and cleaning house before he arrives, you've a definite edge in coming out on top! Determine which house(s) transiting Pluto currently occupies in your natal chart. Pluto can stay in a single house for 10 years or more, highlighting the affairs the house represents. Make particular note if Pluto is leaving one house and entering another (requires a house cusp with Scorpio 27 to 30 degrees or Sagittarius 00).

Who is most likely to feel the impact of Pluto in Sagittarius in 1995 and 1996? If you were born between Nov. 22 and 25 of any year you will experience the effect of transiting Pluto conjoined your natal Sun. Take note. This once-in-a-lifetime transit is best described as intense and transforming. Change is inevitable during the next two years. Your best bet is to take a serious self-inventory and decide what has to go. Otherwise, your worst ego traits could be pronounced, and opposition to you personally could be considerable. Harness your determination, and these could be landmark years. Avoid dangerous situations. The Sun's house position will describe the staging (business, marriage, etc.), the Sun's aspects describe the dynamics.

Transiting Pluto square natal Pluto: those born Sept. 1955 to June 1959. 1955 and 1956 birthdays are winding up the Pluto square, Pluto cycle whereas 1957, 1958 and 1959 are entering the cycle. For the earlier group, this is a time to consider the gains and look toward the future, even if changes were painful in recent years. For the '57, '58 and '59 crowd: in facing serious crises demanding resolution, you will need to address your fears, transmute resentment; through understanding you'll find peace.

Transiting Pluto square natal Uranus: Aug. 18, 1961 to Mar. 1964. Prepare for unexpected, even drastic changes. Keyword: upheaval. This cycle can also bring liberation, but it requires attunement and vision and spiritual detachment from apparent adversity. For example, a serious health problem leads to discovering a new healthier lifestyle; problems at work result in greater efficiency, new aspirations. Your goals will be revised. In case of unavoidable changes, seek the seed of opportunity in every adversity. Avoid extreme radical activities. Changes may involve health or work, groups, friends.

Transiting Pluto square natal Saturn: Feb. and Mar. 1935; Dec. 1964; Jan. and Feb. 1965. A time requiring you to call upon your reserves of inner strength and patience. It's like preparing your home for a hurricane; if the house is well built it will stand strong, if not it may be destroyed and need to be replaced. This transit will test the structures in your life. The thirties group is setting the stage for decades to come. Sakoian and Acker describe it this way: If the native handles this experience with good judgment, courage and fortitude, he can emerge with greater strength, wisdom, capability and deep understanding of the nature of good and evil.

Transiting Pluto square natal Neptune: Nov. 1970 to June 1972. The nature of problems facing you now, whether on a large social order, or personal, require soul searching to resolve. Fears flooding your world may come from deep pockets within the unconscious, even perhaps from other lifetimes and may not be easy to address. Especially the 1971 to 1972 group may include run-ins with authorities. A good time to seek professional help in self-understanding.

Transiting Pluto conjoined natal Uranus; Nov. 1981 to Oct. 1982. The wind could blow either way: much depends on the choice of companions. Sudden changes in these youths lives leave an impression for life. Their sense of direction changes. Guide them. These are born philosophers. Take heed their sages don't become pop stars and TV heroes. This transit may denote serious changes in their immediate environment or more sweeping global changes.

Transiting Pluto conjoined natal Saturn: Dec. 1926; Jan. 1927; June through Sept. 1927; Oct. and Nov. 1956. As always, strong Pluto transits can lead to substantial improvements by eliminating old conditions and making way for the new. However, Saturn tends to dig in her heals and may resist change. If so, change may come through circumstances that seemingly are forced upon you. You may feel threatened by others who think differently. Anger and resentment get you nowhere. Take a detailed look at what's going on (Saturn by house position tells what aspect of your life is most affected), be objective in your thinking and complete your projects and cycles. Especially the middle-aged group may meet frustration in trying to revamp the system when those in charge think differently. You may have a better, more efficient way to get the job done. Some may break through to a new lifestyle but find parts within them resistant to change. Hold on!

Transiting Pluto trine natal Saturn (natal Saturn in earliest degrees of Aries and Leo): Jan. through early Mar., 1938; Aug. and the first three weeks of Sept., 1946; Feb. through the first two weeks of June, 1947; Mar. and Apr., 1967; June and July 1976. You're highly resourceful, but perhaps you've had to work through parental or other authoritarian type influences, or hard circumstances, that have inhibited you in your self-expression. Now, more than ever, you can move forward in your ambitions. Direct your will toward a defined purpose. Be persistent in pursuing your goals as patience and steadfastness pay off for years to come.

Transiting Pluto trine the Sun: Sun in the earliest degrees of Aries (Mar. 20 to 24) or Leo (July 20 to 24). A great desire for personal renewal characterizes this period. To maximize the positive potential benefits of this transit, direct your energies toward a specific goal. Creativity is high as is self-expression. A boost for anyone involved in education, politics, sports. Self-confidence is on the rise but Plutonian energies can also inflate the ego.

Transiting Pluto trine the Moon: Moon in the earliest degrees of Aries or Leo (check your natal chart). Now more than ever you're inspired to throw out old habits that have cramped your style. Whether in health, business, or family affairs, this is the time to regenerate your emotional habits. Psychotherapy may be helpful in this regard. Get rid of self-destructive habits and relationships for good! Favorable for finances and real estate transactions.

Transiting Pluto conjoined natal Jupiter: Nov. 1935; Late Oct. and Nov. 1947; Sept. and Oct. 1959; Sept. and the first two weeks of Oct. 1971; Late Dec. and the first three weeks of Dec. 1983; last week of June through the second week of Sept. 1983. For the older set, transforming experiences lead to spiritual growth and regeneration. Major conversions, probably through religious experience, possibly during travels, missionary type work. A good time to expand your education. For some, teaching others, broadcasting the word, publishing their experiences. Seek moderation. Avoid fanaticism. Guard against spiritual pride. The same holds true for the middle-aged group. The last few years haven't been easy and, as Pluto also squares your natal Pluto, you find yourself making important life decisions that will affect you for years to come. Avoid ricocheting off fear through over-zealous behavior. Seek wisdom and balance. For those in their early twenties, a time of soul-searching as Pluto also conjoins natal Neptune. No longer can you live ignoring the higher path. Avoid drugs. You may have to come to grips with inner child issues related to a parent, authority figure, or division within the family that possibly became internalized. Parents, direct your teenagers well, lest they espouse a philosophy supporting extreme rebellious behavior. Their choice of friends is vital now, since transiting Uranus squares their natal Pluto simultaneously. Travel and cultural experiences that open up new possibilities pay off.


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