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Dark galaxies

Dark galaxies with dark matters and innumerous Blackholes extend our 3-D Universe to the Hyperspace

Unlike the spiral luminous galaxies that we can see, like Milky Way, these dark galaxies contain fewer stars and a large amount of dark matter, undetectable to the human eye.

These dark galaxies actually extend our 3-D Physical Universe to the 5-D Hyperspace.

The astronomers reached these conclusions after studying infrared images of several spiral-shaped galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope.

Although the outline of these galaxies is invisible to most telescopes, because of their intense gravity, astronomers believe, they contain massive quantities of matter.

Trying to get a better look at the galaxies’ mysterious halos, a team from the University of Berkely aimed Hubble’s powerful eye on the brightest part of galaxy NGC-5907, some 40 million light-years away.

“If the halo had a normal, stellar population, we should have seen over 100 bright stars in our images. Much to our surprise, we only saw a handful of them,” said Michael Liu of Berkeley.

“This halo is composed of mostly faint low-mass dwarf stars with very few giant stars, which is very strange,” he continued.

Although practically invisible, these are real galaxies, not fragments, Kormendy insisted.

“Their density in dark matter is about 100 times larger than in a giant galaxy and their high density suggests that they were formed very early in the history of the universe,” he said.

The astronomers, who have long known that stars, planets, comets and visible galaxies constitute only about ten per cent of the universe, now, believe these dark galaxies may form a significant part of the remaining dark matter.

But the astronomers realize they are far from deciphering the universe.

“We are still groping, as if we are in a black room trying to make a black puzzle,” said Vera Rubin of Washington’s Carnegie Institute.

“These studies are certainly two pieces of that puzzle,” she added.


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