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Deep, and Deeper We Go

"Deep, and Deeper We Go."

Other that the records of ancient civilizations, the Hall of Records holds many treasures that revealed the accomplishments of mankind. Among them were thin metal discs on which various "Documentation" was transcribe. Such metal recordings indicated that music was the key to the universe and life on the planets. There are recordings of music for every possible phase of man's life. There is music to soothe the savage beast. Music which can even anger. Music to march off to war with. The greatest treasure is found in the strange but enchanting music that is designed to cure all known illnesses!

These metal plates contain not only music and historical recordings, but some are of a video nature. When placed into the non electrical computer, they show actual 3-D scenes that are thousands of years ago. Such as Noah's actual ark, Je--s on the Mount of Olives and his Sermon of the Mount. As well as Adam, Cain & Able, George Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill, Gladstone, St. Francis of Assisi, and Groctine, master of the Atlantean race.

The chamber located on the top level of the four-story tomb, which was named on discovery as the "King's Ball Room." contains the Great Book of Knowledge. Amazingly this book lays open to the present day of our civilization! Thus, the records of the forbidden chambers date from the first man on earth up to the present day and years that are to follow.

Among the artifacts there is stored the oddest collection of computers, machines, visa phones, communication systems and displays of ultra modern portal to portal transportation.

One item is a "Telabrain." From all appearances it is in working condition. The lettering on the 25 dials has not been translated, nor has it any meaning in any known earth language. The only markings that seem translatable are the triangles, for this Telabrain is directly connected with the other pyramids located around the earth in a very sacred geometric pattern. The markings are known only to Mayan Priests who went underground since the time of the last delude when Atlantis sank.

Other treasures found in the hidden chambers may be on science fiction shows such as Star Trek. But these devices Do exist. They are a reminder that civilizations existed thousands of years ago which were more advanced than ours today. That is because we go in cycles and not in a straight line manner of growth.

One invaluable device looked like a modern day search light. But it had a box behind it which measured 21" X 21" (divisible by 7). It is a computer, bearing tiny glass circles of various colors, over an equal number of toggle switches. The markings on the face plate have been translated to mean, "Antigravitor." This man made device was responsible for lifting the tons of marble slabs into place to form the pyramids. It's still operational!

The famous "Time Machine" is next. It is sitting in an antechamber on the third floor. It contains one giant-sized metallic ring that measures roughly 25 feet in diameter and is more than 6 feet deep. On its base, in the exact center of its deep tubular ring, there is a square marking. On both sides of this ring are banks of computerized dials, buttons, lights and a viewing screen 4 feet square. The markings are like a set of hieroglyphics.

In addition to these artifacts of which only a few have been mentioned, additional records contain histories of our universe. One set of records lists the location of seven pyramids around the world which are connected magnetically. They are also connected by underground tunnels. Beings can lay down and get in a capsule and travel at 1200 miles per hour to these pyramids and inhabited cities of our Inner Earth, including two cities beneath our oceans. These 7 pyramids were built thousands of years ago and all are identical in size and contain duplicates of the records and artifacts in Giza.

The first of the seven is located in Cairo, Egypt, (Giza) of course. the second is in the Kunlun Shan Mountains near Cherchen, China, known as the Chorkhlik area. The third is underground at Easter Island, appox. 2,000 miles due west of Salta, Argentina. (The faces on the statues at Easter Island are those of space g-ds who settled the earth at one time during the past. The fourth pyramid is near the Bermuda Triangle, buried to a depth that is not accessible to marine exploration yet. The fifth is in Mexico at the northeast point of the Yucatan Peninsula. The sixth is located in South America near Ilhado Bananal, Brazil. This location is also marked with a descending tunnel of 65 degrees to great depths of the earth - possibly the secret entrance to Inner Earth. The seventh and last of the identical pyramids is located at Mindanao, under the surface.

So there you have it explorers. Go and seek. And ye shall find. All the mysteries are not in Egypt. Some may be at home near you. Perhaps in your own back yard.

The seven pyramids constructed in key global locations are inter-connected. They were built for specific purposes. The Mother Center is the central area for the treasured records and artifacts from the beginning of all creation to the ultimate end. This tomb, which we have detailed previously, is similar to the capsules that are currently buried in various parts of the world contains samplings of our history, our knowledge, our technology and our style of life. These capsules, placed deep in the earth, with blueprints located in Washington, are for any possible survivors of this civilization that might endure the coming holocost. With it firmly planted in your mind, back in the 40's, foresaw the coming tribulations and thus planted an historical review of our civilization, it is not too difficult to perceive that ancients could not be destroyed by devastation.

Other Inhabited Planets are also mentioned in the Hall of Records.

1. ANWAR. Means ETERNAL LIGHT. This planet is 9777 light years from earth and its age is 14 billion years. The planet unlike many others has never endured any tribulations, wars, or power struggles. Their development and technology are claimed to be far beyond the comprehension of earth people's power to even dream of them. (A light year is 186,410.9 miles per second.) (JW That is traveling at that speed per second each second for 365 days.)

2. Markez, meaning center or center of the Universe is 7910 light years away from earth. This planet was named MU prior to the race of Muranians and has been in existence for 10 billion years. It has had 6 civilizations, similar to earth.

3. Lema or Lemoraine, which is translated as "the planet of brilliance." It is located 11,000 light years from our earth. The Lemurian civilization, although destroyed while inhabiting our earth for 7000 years, does exist on it's mother planet.

4. Tarshim, the largest of life-sustaining planet recorded has a present civilization known as Miryian, or Mayan. This planet's civilization's creation dates back 9 billion years and is located 3400 light years from earth. This planet has a divided race, occupying both their home planet and earth. The Mayan people that inhabited earth made a complete disappearance some time between 800 and 900 A.D. But are presently living under the earth.

5. Sardous. Means Peace or Tranquility. It is pinpointed, after several changes, at a distance of 2370 light years away.

6. Cyclopesis was the most active planet and is people by another split race, part there and part on earth. Their civilization was known as the Atlantean race. They are 2000 light years away. Their planet is 5 billion years old. They are known as the Raha Race. Means Revelation.

7. Earth. It is recorded in the Holy Bible that this name was given by Go-. Earth in Arabic is ERDH, but is known by space travelers as "Urim," or Light (Planet of Light.) Our earth's age is approximately one billion years (the last born). (JW Some Earth scientists and most space people say the Earth is about 4.7 billion years old.)


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