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As you know, Man is said to be made in God's Image. Let us be clear about this, it does not relate to any form but to the potential residing in the innermost core of that mysterious complex of vehicles, the outward semblance of which is the material form. In other words the human unit represents a god in embryonic stage. The monad, that incomprehensible duplicate of the Original Monad is centred in the chambers of the heart in a pocket of " no space ". In the metaphysical sense it is a true vacuum, the terminology is misleading however, space is full of activity on different levels not only harbouring the known atomic particles sparsely distributed, there are also numerous electromagnetic waves and many more of such a subtle nature as to be undetectable. This particular centre, therefore, is unique in the absence of all normal space contents and qualities.The identity of the monad with The Monad, Which is The Absolute is a profound mystery.There are many mysteries which have to be accepted, sometimes paradoxical to our untutored minds and limited as we are in our inability to conceive abstractions. Most of the really difficult mentation in these days is done by computers, and is a sharp reminder of the slow and limited manner of our reasoning procesess.

The Divinity of Man, therefore, at present in this humanity is only potential.We are in the extraordinary position of being a transition phase which requires not only that which is self-consciousness but Freewill, and is intermediate between the lower three kingdoms and the three higher. Note that it is the 4th.in that which constitutes a septenary complex, midway between the animal and the superman. In the same way the etheric vehicle is the 4th. in the seven comprising the human unit and is a transitional organ connecting the higher self with the lower self. The human unit is a microcosmic replica of the cosmos, but cannot manifest as such until the upper three faculties unite with the lower three as symbolised by the two intersecting triangles forming the hexagram, one of the most intriguing features of mystical symbolism, and goes under a number of names e.g., The Seal of Solomon, The Star of David .

The expression "realization of god-consciousness", to use what is an inadequate term, is to be the inevitable accomplishment of all lifestreams. Terrestrial Man is on that Royal Road, however the many eons and cycles required and innumerable lifetimes embodied in a succession of great variety of personalities and environments, consideration of which is often a source of dismay and understandably so. Remember, time is of little consequence to the Cosmos.Those who have gone before have given assurance and advice repeatedly throughout the ages on how to shorten this process but are rarely heeded; nevertheless, they continue to help in such various subtle ways as are permitted by Karmic Law. The Attainment of the Goal is possible as proved by their achievement, and Jesus gave His excellent advice on how to do this; there have been others like Him and there will be One more who will be the last of the great Avatars after whom we will be well and truly on our own. It is commonly accepted that He will be The Lord Maitreya and that it will be in the Full Aspect rather than the 4th.*aspect as hitherto in all previous ones.There is a lady who claims to be in communication with the Lord Maitreya by telepathy, and that the arrival is scheduled for a date 500 years in the future and although I do not doubt her sincerity and spirituality, I do not believe any of it, add another zero and that would be more likely, but the actual date is kept a close secret even from the Adepts. There are also one or two individuals claiming to be Him, and because they are able to do a few tricks and possess a degree of charisma have attracted a sizeable following .Do not be deceived, there will doubtless be others from time to time.

The principle of the Monad defies complete understanding, but it is possible to achieve some appreciation on the intellectual level, and with a bit of help from the Intuition to develop an idea of That Which Underlies All Life and Creation. It is Pure Undifferentiated Consciousness.

The Monad is That from which All is created, there is nothing which It is not. It is a philosophical term for "The Absolute" of the Theosophist, and "The Godhead" of Religion.

At the beginning of time,and simultaneously, this One Source sent out a shower of miniature duplicates of Itself, appropriately dubbed "monads"( distinguished by using small letters).These comprise units of consciousness from the subatomic and through the lower three kingdoms of mineral, vegetable and animal to man, and even that which is more than human as evolved through the eons and cycles which produce the gods. Each monad seeks that experience which will allow the lifestream to develop that degree of consciousness to be united with its Source. Therein lies a paradox : If the monad is already identified with its Source (The Monad), why does it need to be propelled through eons of time and cycles of creation and dissolution, for these units to have life and experience? There is no satisfactory answer to this, except that the Monad evidently requires this process to Create. And so, all that can be said of The Absolute is, that It is :"The Essence of Selfless Expansion",and establishes a Universal Law System to ensure controlled evolution of all life forms. The principle of the Monad is the foundation of "Monism" as distinct from "Dualism", and is the basis of metaphysical thought, in the sense of both the mystical and the occult. It is also behind all religious thought.

The origin of the term "monad" we owe to the philosopher and mathematician Leibnitz , but the concept was familiar to Pythagoras and Plato.It is important for the serious and earnest searcher, to know that the individual monad is an inseparable part of one's Self, and is sometimes referred to as the "God Which Dwells Silently Within", located in the centre of the heart. On earth there are two main groups of human monads with regard to the possession of "manas"(mind), the one obtained this in the third root race and the other from the previous planetary chain comprising those who are on the probationary path. Conflict between the two groups is responsible for the world unrest. Another classification concerns the Devic Kingdom, at the incidence of the monadic diaspora two distinct types issued forth, those destined to pass through The Human phase and those which were to become the energies and agencies of evolution devoted to the maintenance of balance and creation of forms and which constitute The Devic.

According to "The Treatise on Cosmic Fire" there are said to be approximately sixty thousand million human monads in the solar system. The two parallel evolutions of Deva and Human find a temporary approximation in the vegetable kingdom, and after following their own paths and next come in contact on the fourth or buddhic plane, and finally merge on the second. There is much more information on "the monads"to be located in the index of " The Treatise on Cosmic Fire" by Alice Bailey.

Biblical refs.which can be interpreted as referring to The Concept of The Monad are: -John.11v.30 "I and the Father are One", and ch.10v.34 "Know ye not that ye are gods?


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