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DNA activation

Imagine if you woke up one morning and realized that you had dormant superhuman abilities that were waiting to be unleashed.

That once you activated these abilities, you could manifest anything you desired in your life, live a life without drama, create your ideal physical body, become immune to all dis-ease, and REVERSE the aging process.

Imagine if you realized that you could actually change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable you to expand your creative potential, provide access to your subconscious mind, and become intuitive, clairvoyant, and know instantly what your purpose is in life.

There is now a process which will allow you to do all these things and more, and it is called DNA Activation.

What exactly is DNA Activation?

Most people know that DNA is the 'blueprint of life' and is located in every cell of the body. In addition to each chromosome's 2 strand double helix of DNA, there are an additional 10 etheric strands of DNA available to each human, that have been de-activated and dormant since the beginning of recorded history. Each additional strand possess attributes that permit the individual to perform greater human accomplishments. Scientists acknowledge that we currently only use 3% of our current 2 strand DNA. Thus we live in a society where people are sick, unhappy, stressed out, create wars, have difficulty experiencing love, and are totally disconnected with the universe. Most people have to meditate for many years just to have a so-called 'mystical' experience, that's how disconnected we are now. Imagine activating 100% of your 2 strand DNA, PLUS 10 additional strands! You will go from using 10% of your brain to becoming a multi-dimensional being with psychic, telepathic, and manifestation abilities beyond anything you've ever dreamed of. Plus, you will stop the aging process and actually start to rejuvenate to look and feel YOUNGER. This is the Original Divine Blueprint, what man USED to be. It has been written that Jesus had 12 strands of DNA activated. There have been children born throughout the history of humanity to raise the frequency of the planet that have more than 2 strands of DNA active - they are known as Indigo children. These are the incredibly intelligent, loving, and amazing children that are being mistakenly diagnosed as having A.D.D. because they are too smart to pay attention in class. Your DNA is your blueprint of life and is what controls every single function inside each of your cells. If you change your DNA, you really will change your life.

I am a skeptic - anyone that has had biology in high school knows that DNA is a Double Helix structure. How can there be additional strands of DNA and what does this look like?

The portions of the DNA chain that science has presently identified as the "Double Helix", represent only the SURFACE portions of the chemical, elemental, and electrical components of the active DNA strands. Science has yet to identify the MULTIDIMENSIONAL spectra of DNA manifestation, and has yet to realize that within the structures of detectable DNA, there are levels of structure and function that direct the operations of the entire genetic blueprint, which are not currently detectable by the contemporary scientific method.

The human DNA imprint will always appear from external analysis, as a 2 strand Double Helix configuration. But what is not understood, is that within the Double Helix there are, and will be progressively more, additional Double Helix strands, which fuse together and add their operational coding into the active DNA imprint. As science evolves into comprehension of the mult-dimensional spectrum, the understanding of the tree structure and function of DNA will progressively advance.

But one does not have to wait for science to catch up with a rapidly evolving humanity in order to begin advancing the functions of their DNA. Through the processes of Kathara Healing, we are removing ancient blockages within the human anatomy that have been blocking natural DNA activation, and then we are restoring the Original Organic Imprint for Health, that is the birthright of our species. We are progressively reordering portions of the "junk DNA" and stimulating portions of the DNA into activation.

How and why was our DNA 'disconnected'?

If you study the ancient history of humankind, you will see how the early humans were not "primitive" like certain historians and governments would have you believe. They were actually much more advanced than we are now. They communicated telepathically and were basically gods. So as you can imagine, it would be pretty hard for you to control a person like this. Imagine if everyone at your work was telepathic. Don't you think that this would make your boss a bit uneasy? At one point in our history, some of the beings who called themselves "gods" could not maintain any secrets from their human "workforce", so they first decided to do a genetic manipulation which created the split brain. This separated the analytical part of a person's reasoning from their intuitive, emotional part and the problems associated from this can still be seen today. They then unplugged 10 of the 12 strands of DNA but left them there. Some of this is the chemical DNA that science calls "junk" DNA, the DNA that is just sitting there inside your cells, the other is the etheric DNA that exists in higher harmonics of frequency that you can't see with the naked eye. Once the 10 etheric strands of DNA were unplugged, humans that would come after this would have a terrible time deciphering thought. So these beings that called themselves gods then introduced language. Language separated tribes and peoples. Think of how much easier life would be if there was only one universal language! And so, humans started having to have verbal commands to understand and perform certain tasks and this is still very apparent to this day. Look at how the militaries of the world accomplish this with "orders". The next decision was to change the humans' DNA structure to suppress psychic abilities and make the unconscious mind almost unavailable. So the 10 DNA strands were unraveled and implants were placed in the etheric bodies to keep the strands from re-fusing. The strands were also disconnected from the endocrine system in the physical body which stopped the creation of a chemical which activates the pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus glands. Thus, these glands have since shrunken from non-use, and scientists can't figure out what they are used for. This is why most people currently only use less than 10% of their brain. Only a few individuals retained the use of these glands in future generations - these individuals carried the special gene that makes them natural psychics, mystics, or shamans. The general population of mankind was left with the ability to activate the glands and 10 DNA strands, but only if they were dedicated and aware of how to do it. And this is what DNA Perfection does - re-activates these DNA strands so a person can realize their true genetic potential and original blueprint. And activating your DNA will also enable you to finally have 100% brain utilization. It's a very interesting history - that of humankind, and I encourage you to experience the knowledge through your own diligent research. Our race was not only affected by genetic tampering and experimentation but was also almost totally decimated by distortions in the planetary grids. You see, the Earth is a living organism as well and brings in energy from Source just like any living organism or planetary structure. We as humans living on the Earth, can only bring into our bodies the frequencies that Earth can bring in from Source. If the Earth's grids are damaged, then every life form living on Earth will have a damaged DNA template. Planetary grid distortions of the 3470 BC "Babble-on" Massacre caused mutation in the human DNA template that shortened human life span, blocked higher sensory perception, caused loss of race memory, and scrambled our original language patterns, which are built upon DNA fire letter sequencing. Our race has been amnesiac, dying young, and "babbling on" in rhetorical conflict ever since. This historical event was recorded as the biblical "Tower of Babel" story.

What are the reported benefits and results of DNA Activation?

DNA activation removes the energetic blockages to you embodying your Higher self, Oversoul consciousness, Avatar self, and Rishi - the part of you closest to Source or God. So consciousness expansion is one of the main benefits and after the sessions, you will be more aware of everything, especially what your purpose is and why you incarnated here at this point in "time". You will start to become aware or see things that others cannot see - some of the hidden agendas going on and how to make decisions to help you and your family in the best way possible. Your dormant brain functions will start to become active, especially your pineal gland. This will help to start tapping into your 7 Higher Senses, and you will be able to use these on a daily basis with practice. Some of the physical benefits reported by clients include thicker hair growth, weight loss and stabilization of desired weight, increased energy, and rejuvenation of various muscles. You will start to see how your body is just a thoughtform as well, and you can change your body more easily with focus, so you won't have to work out as much. Emotionally, you will go beyond your personal dramas, the aggravation of everyday life. Your body will undergo a detoxification, which will bring old emotional issues to the surface to be released forever, to no longer cause dis-ease and poison the body. You will also experience a renewed sense of confidence and security, and will project that to others, which will allow you to have more fulfilling relationships, increased trust and discernment, and the attraction of soul mates. Almost everyone also reports much quicker manifestations of that which they desire.

What type of healings occur after having DNA Activations?

Spontaneous healings can occur at the time of activations. These are usually having to do with acute physical and emotional disorders. After the activations, there is a purification process that begins to detoxify the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. There have been many patients who have cured themselves of cancer and other serious diseases after having the DNA activations.

How long does it take to notice the effects from the sessions?

It really depends on the person. Everyone is different and is at a different level of spiritual evolution. After performing over 2000 sessions, I have noticed the following. Some people notice the effects immediately after the session, have spontaneous healings and miraculous realizations occur immediately, while others have reported consciously seeing the results anywhere from 1 to 5 days after the session. The changes do not just happen overnight though. They continue for weeks and MONTHS after each session. This is because the work that we are doing is on your subtle bodies, the one's that exist in higher frequencies. You actually have 15 levels to your Auric Field. So the energetic blockages that we remove in these higher dimensions of yourself usually take at least a few days to flow down into a person's conscious awareness and holographic reality. The idea is to facilitate permanent changes that last a lifetime, so it's good to have the sessions as soon as possible.

How do I have my DNA Activated?

There are specific pre-session instructions that must be done as well. The activations are all done remotely via a special mental technology called remote viewing and no telephone is needed. There is no instrumentation that comes close to the human brain - it has the ability to connect to, interpret and read any frequency or energy signature. At the scheduled session time after performing the pre-session instructions, Toby Alexander will connect to your energy field and at this point your brainwave frequency will entrain to his, which will be 4-7 cycles per second, or Theta. An energy directing technique will be done to open up the seals that block DNA activation, and then infuse your bio-energetic field with 12th dimensional energy. Toby will work with your Higher self and Oversoul to activate as many strands as is possible for you at this point in your evolution.

Will I feel anything while the DNA Activation is happening?

YES! It depends on how sensitive you are to energy, but most people feel the session very strongly as it is happening. You may notice a tingle or some other sensation in the head area(crown chakra). In most cases, people experience a spontaneous physical or emotional healing at the time of the activation. After that, there will be numerous changes in the next few weeks and months. Most people experience an increase in energy, and go through a cleansing process. DNA Activation is an eternal process and you will notice changes throughout your life from these sessions.

What does all this do for someone? Can you use it to manifest things outside of your body, like attracting business? Or is it only an internal thing that works within you? Please explain in layman's terms if you can!

It does a lot of things. First of all, it allows you to connect to your divine source. It allows you to become one with your God. Think of yourself right now, a person with 2 strands of DNA with only one strand active, as a standalone computer with access to only about 16MB of RAM. This means you can only run a few programs, none concurrently, and you are not even connected to the internet :)

Once you activate your DNA, it's like you get a DSL connection to the mind of everything, and can access anything you want just by using your intent and intuition.

And let me tell you about manifestation! This is the best part. When you bring more light into your field, which is what DNA activation does, you increase your frequency. So you
attract people, places, events, and things of a similiar high frequency. Which means business contacts, clients, money, etc. Manifestation starts by being able to hold an image in your mind of what you want and then blowing that out into the Void. Everything manifests from the Void. DNA Activation activates the strands that allow you to travel out into the Void and effectively 'hand deliver' your desires to the Creator. In actuality, you become your Higher self, and whatever you think of creates, so BE CAREFUL of what you think of.

When you say you become one with God, what exactly do you mean by this? And how does this help one manifest things?

In reality, we are all just forgotten Gods. We are all one being and one consciousness and everything in the universe and all universes is part and exists within ONE consciousness identity. It has feelings, desires, intentions, and free will. And most importantly, it has the ability to manifest thought. Because we are each an aspect or a face of that collective identity that some people choose to call God, or some people choose to call Source, there are many other words for it, because we are units or the faces of that Source, we are also imbued with the potentialality and characteristics of that Source. Which means as Source, as God manifest, we as smaller aspects of God taking place within God also have the ability to manifest. If we know what we are doing! We are pieces of God who have forgotten who we were, and with the forgetting we forgot HOW to do it. We can look at us as the many masks that Source wears when it chooses to come into manifest holograms to experience the individuation.

What makes the technique more effective than other DNA Practitioners out there and why should I choose you over them?

The technique is a lot more comprehensive than other practitioners. What I discovered is that if a person has a lot of energetic blockages (and most people do), a DNA Activation won't be as effective. There are certain blockages that everyone has that prevent DNA from naturally activating the way that it used to. So you have to look at this as a process. I always require that someone considering this have an Auric Clearing and a Karmic Session FIRST. Once you are free from these blockages, THEN we can activate your DNA. Other practitioners ignore these blockages and then their clients who are unsatisfied with their results come to me and we have to start all over with the Auric Clearing. Another thing that I recognize that other practitioners aren't aware of is that there is DNA for practically EVERYTHING, not just youth and anti-aging. Another thing is that I don't make DNA activation an "esoteric" thing. If you look at some of the other websites on DNA activation, you get the feeling that something is not right there. You don't need any angels, ascended masters, beings that have received "special permission" from the higher realms, etc., to activate your DNA. You have a part of you that is ALREADY an ascended master. I connect to this 12th dimensional self and work with you to facilitate this. So it's just you, me, and your Higher self performing this process for you. My goal is to make DNA activation a mainstream spiritual activity and it doesn't have to be "esoteric", "paranormal", or "weird". It's just a way to improve yourself and make your life better, much like an exercise or advanced martial arts program.

I am 17 and still in high school. My main concern right now is not anti-aging, but in improving my SAT and college entrance exam scores. Will your process help me with this and if so, how?

Absolutely. I have helped many younger people activate their DNA in order to learn faster, focus better, become smarter, activate dormant areas of their brain, and not have to study as much. It's so important to have this done as early on as possible in your life, because it will save you a lot of pain and struggle. Activating your DNA also makes one extremely intuitive so that when you take an exam, you will instantly "know" the right answer, so you don't have to waste time trying to logically figure it out. This also helps tremendously for serious students studying for the MCAT and the BAR exams. I'm working with several medical students right now and others that are preparing for their admission tests. With these tests, it's important to have every advantage that you can get because your whole future depends upon it.


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