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Examples of Uses for Dowsing

Dowsing every day helps improve your spiritual communication, is extremely useful and a lot of fun. Dowsing is like exercise. The more you do it the stronger and better you become.

You would dowse to:

To locate potable drinking water, including the volume of flow, direction of flow, depth to the stream, quality of water.
Where to locate or not locate septic tanks
Where to plant a tree or garden for the greatest benefit of the plants
To determine the diseases of plants and find the best remedies to restore them to health, or, is the plant getting too much water, too little, not enough/too much sun, needs nutrients
To locate precious metals (gold and silver) and other metals
To find oil
To find lost treasures
To locate missing people, animals
To find missing objects
To determine directions 'which way is north' or the best route to your destination during rush hour
To locate sewer pipes, gas lines and electrical wires
To diagnose car trouble
To choose the best home/car/pet/vacation/career/location to move to/menu item
Aura dowsing
Health dowsing - you do not diagnose illness but you can find contributing factors for yourself or for your family
To choose the best modality (acupuncture, massage, herbs, etc.)
To choose supplements, herbs or foods and to determine the amount or dosage and frequency
To determine allergies or sensitivities
To dowse past lives
To choose affirmations
To check the compatibility of individuals in a business or personal relationship. Need to check on varous levels, i.e., spiritual, sexual, intellectual, energy level, sense of humour, goals, value system, etc., Use a scale of 1 to 4 to determine compatibility
To determine if a roast in the oven is done, if food is fresh enough to eat
To choose which colours are best to wear each day
To choose the best colour to paint the walls in a room to achieve a specific effect (i.e., calming or stimulating)
To decide what movie you would most enjoy or learn the most from
To determine if a substance will antidote a homeopathic remedy
Answers to any yes or no question.


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