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Dreams with "D"


``_God came to Laban, the Syrian, by night, in a dream, and said unto him,
take heed that thou speak not to Jacob, either good or bad_.''--
Gen. xxxi., 24.


If seen in a dream, denotes threatening enemies. If you wrench the dagger
from the hand of another, it denotes that you will be able to counteract
the influence of your enemies and overcome misfortune.


To see dahlias in a dream, if they are fresh and bright,
signifies good fortune to the dreamer.

See Bouquet


Dairy is a good dream both to the married and unmarried.

See Churning Butter.


To dream of a bunch of daisys, implies sadness, but if you dream
of being in a field where these lovely flowers are in bloom,
with the sun shining and birds singing, happiness, health and
prosperity will vie each with the other to lead you through
the pleasantest avenues of life.

To dream of seeing them out of season, you will be assailed by evil
in some guise.

_Damask Rose_.

To dream of seeing a damask rosebush in full foliage and bloom,
denotes that a wedding will soon take place in your family,
and great hopes will be fulfilled.

For a lover to place this rose in your hair, foretells that you will
be deceived. If a woman receives a bouquet of damask roses in springtime,
she will have a faithful lover; but if she received them in winter,
she will cherish blasted hopes.


This is a peculiarly good dream if one is so fortunate as to see these trees
lifting their branches loaded with rich purple fruit and dainty foliage;
one may expect riches compared with his present estate.

To dream of eating them at any time, forebodes grief.


To dream of seeing a crowd of merry children dancing,
signifies to the married, loving, obedient and intelligent
children and a cheerful and comfortable home. To young people,
it denotes easy tasks and many pleasures.

To see older people dancing, denotes a brighter outlook for business.

To dream of dancing yourself, some unexpected good fortune will come to you.

See Ball.

_Dancing Master_.

To dream of a dancing master, foretells you will neglect important
affairs to pursue frivolities. For a young woman to dream that her
lover is a dancing master, portends that she will have a friend
in accordance with her views of pleasure and life.


Dandelions blossoming in green foliage, foretells happy unions
and prosperous surroundings.


To dream of being in a perilous situation, and death seems
iminent,{sic} denotes that you will emerge from obscurity into
places of distinction and honor; but if you should not escape
the impending danger, and suffer death or a wound, you will
lose in business and be annoyed in your home, and by others.
If you are in love, your prospects will grow discouraging.


To dream of darkness overtaking you on a journey, augurs ill for any work
you may attempt, unless the sun breaks through before the journey ends,
then faults will be overcome.

To lose your friend, or child, in the darkness, portends many provocations
to wrath. Try to remain under control after dreaming of darkness,
for trials in business and love will beset you.


To dream of seeing them on their parent trees, signifies prosperity
and happy union; but to eat them as prepared for commerce,
they are omens of want and distress.


To dream of your daughter, signifies that many displeasing incidents will give
way to pleasure and harmony. If in the dream, she fails to meet your wishes,
through any cause, you will suffer vexation and discontent.


To dream of your daughter-in-law, indicates some unusual occurence{sic} will
add to happiness, or disquiet, according as she is pleasant or unreasonable.


To dream of David, of Bible fame, denotes divisions in domestic circles,
and unsettled affairs, will tax heavily your nerve force.


To dream of the day, denotes improvement in your situation,
and pleasant associations. A gloomy or cloudy day, foretells loss
and ill success in new enterprises.


To watch the day break in a dream, omens successful undertakings,
unless the scene is indistinct and weird; then it may imply
disappointment when success in business or love seems assured.


To dream of the dead, is usually a dream of warning. If you see and talk
with your father, some unlucky transaction is about to be made by you.
Be careful how you enter into contracts, enemies are around you.
Men and women are warned to look to their reputations after this dream.

To see your mother, warns you to control your inclination to
cultivate morbidness and ill will towards your fellow creatures.
A brother, or other relatives or friends, denotes that you
may be called on for charity or aid within a short time.

To dream of seeing the dead, living and happy, signifies you are letting wrong
influences into your life, which will bring material loss if not corrected
by the assumption of your own will force.

To dream that you are conversing with a dead relative, and that
relative endeavors to extract a promise from you, warns you
of coming distress, unless you follow the advice given you.
Disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp
the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self.
The voice of relatives is only that higher self taking form to approach
more distinctly the mind that lives near the material plane.
There is so little congeniality between common or material natures
that persons should depend upon their own subjectivity for true
contentment and pleasure.

Paracelsus says on this subject: ``It may happen that the soul of
persons who have died perhaps fifty years ago may appear to us in a dream,
and if it speaks to us we should pay special attention to what it says,
for such a vision is not an illusion or delusion, and it is possible
that a man is as much able to use his reason during the sleep of his body
as when the latter is awake; and if in such a case such a soul appears
to him and he asks questions, he will then hear that which is true.
Through these solicitous souls we may obtain a great deal of knowledge
to good or to evil things if we ask them to reveal them to us.
Many persons have had such prayers granted to them. Some people that were
sick have been informed during their sleep what remedies they should use,
and after using the remedies, they became cured, and such things have
happened not only to Christians, but also to Jews, Persians, and heathens,
to good and to bad persons.''

The writer does not hold that such knowledge is obtained from external
or excarnate spirits, but rather through the personal _Spirit Glimpses_
that is in man.--AUTHOR.


To dream of seeing any of your people dead, warns you of coming dissolution
or sorrow. Disappointments always follow dreams of this nature.

To hear of any friend or relative being dead, you will soon have bad news
from some of them.

Dreams relating to death or dying, unless they are due
to spiritual causes, are misleading and very confusing to
the novice in dream lore when he attempts to interpret them.
A man who thinks intensely fills his aura with thought or
subjective images active with the passions that gave them birth;
by thinking and acting on other lines, he may supplant these
images with others possessed of a different form and nature.
In his dreams he may see these images dying, dead or
their burial, and mistake them for friends or enemies.
In this way he may, while asleep, see himself or a relative die,
when in reality he has been warned that some good thought
or deed is to be supplanted by an evil one. To illustrate:
If it is a dear friend or relative whom he sees in the agony
of death, he is warned against immoral or other improper thought
and action, but if it is an enemy or some repulsive object
dismantled in death, he may overcome his evil ways and thus give
himself or friends cause for joy. Often the end or beginning
of suspense or trials are foretold by dreams of this nature.
They also frequently occur when the dreamer is controlled by imaginary
states of evil or good. A man in that state is not himself,
but is what the dominating influences make him. He may be warned
of approaching conditions or his extrication from the same.
In our dreams we are closer to our real self than in waking life.
The hideous or pleasing incidents seen and heard about us in our
dreams are all of our own making, they reflect the true state
of our soul and body, and we cannot flee from them unless we drive
them out of our being by the use of good thoughts and deeds,
by the power of the spirit within us.

See Corpse.


Debt is rather a bad dream, foretelling worries in business and love,
and struggles for a competency; but if you have plenty to meet all
your obligations, your affairs will assume a favorable turn.


To dream of December, foretells accumulation of wealth, but loss
of friendship. Strangers will occupy the position in the affections
of some friend which was formerly held by you.


To dream of being on a ship and that a storm is raging,
great disasters and unfortunate alliances will overtake you;
but if the sea is calm and the light distinct, your way is clear
to success. For lovers, this dream augurs happiness.

See Boat.


To dream of decorating a place with bright-hued flowers
for some festive occasion, is significant of favorable turns
in business, and, to the young, of continued rounds of social
pleasures and fruitful study.

To see the graves or caskets of the dead decorated with white flowers,
is unfavorable to pleasure and worldly pursuits.

To be decorating, or see others decorate for some heroic action,
foretells that you will be worthy, but that few will recognize your ability.


To dream of seeing or signing deeds, portends a law suit,
to gain which you should be careful in selecting your counsel,
as you are likely to be the loser. To dream of signing any kind
of a paper, is a bad omen for the dreamer.

See Mortgage.


This is a favorable dream, denoting pure and deep friendships
for the young and a quiet and even life for the married.

To kill a deer, denotes that you will be hounded by enemies.
For farmers, or business people, to dream of hunting deer,
denotes failure in their respective pursuits.


To be delayed in a dream, warns you of the scheming of enemies
to prevent your progress.


To dream of experiencing delight over any event, signifies a favorable turn
in affairs. For lovers to be delighted with the conduct of their sweethearts,
denotes pleasant greetings.

To feel delight when looking on beautiful landscapes, prognosticates to
the dreamer very great success and congenial associations.


To dream that a demand for charity comes in upon you,
denotes that you will be placed in embarrassing situations,
but by your persistency you will fully restore your good standing.
If the demand is unjust, you will become a leader in your profession.
For a lover to command you adversely, implies his, or her, leniency.


To dream of a dentist working on your teeth, denotes that you
will have occasion to doubt the sincerity and honor of some person
with whom you have dealings.

To see him at work on a young woman's teeth, denotes that you
will soon be shocked by a scandal in circles near you.


Derricks seen in a dream, indicate strife and obstruction in your
way to success.


To dream of wandering through a gloomy and barren desert, denotes famine
and uprisal of races and great loss of life and property.

For a young woman to find herself alone in a desert, her health
and reputation is being jeopardized by her indiscretion.
She should be more cautious.


To be using a desk in a dream, denotes unforeseen ill luck
will rise before you. To see money on your desk, brings you
unexpected extrication from private difficulties.


To be in despair in dreams, denotes that you will have many and cruel
vexations in the working world.

To see others in despair, foretells the distress and unhappy position
of some relative or friend.


To dream of a detective keeping in your wake when you are innocent
of charges preferred, denotes that fortune and honor are drawing nearer
to you each day; but if you feel yourself guilty, you are likely
to find your reputation at stake, and friends will turn from you.
For a young woman, this is not a fortunate dream.


For a farmer to dream of showing his devotion to God, or to
his family, denotes plenteous crops and peaceful neighbors.
To business people, this is a warning that nothing is to be
gained by deceit.

For a young woman to dream of being devout, implies her chastity
and an adoring husband.


For farmers to dream of the devil, denotes blasted crops and death
among stock, also family sickness. Sporting people should heed
this dream as a warning to be careful of their affairs, as they are
likely to venture beyond the laws of their State. For a preacher,
this dream is undeniable proof that he is over-zealous, and should
forebear worshiping God by tongue-lashing his neighbor.

To dream of the devil as being a large, imposingly dressed person,
wearing many sparkling jewels on his body and hands, trying to
persuade you to enter his abode, warns you that unscrupulous
persons are seeking your ruin by the most ingenious flattery.
Young and innocent women, should seek the stronghold of friends after
this dream, and avoid strange attentions, especially from married men.
Women of low character, are likely to be robbed of jewels and money
by seeming strangers.

Beware of associating with the devil, even in dreams. He is always
the forerunner of despair. If you dream of being pursued by his majesty,
you will fall into snares set for you by enemies in the guise of friends.
To a lover, this denotes that he will be won away from his allegiance
by a wanton.


To feel the dew falling on you in your dreams, portends that
you will be attacked by fever or some malignant disease;
but to see the dew sparkling through the grass in the sunlight,
great honors and wealth are about to be heaped upon you.
If you are single, a wealthy marriage will soon be your portion.


To dream of a diadem, denotes that some honor will be tendered
you for acceptance.


To dream of owning diamonds is a very propitious dream,
signifying great honor and recognition from high places.

For a young woman to dream of her lover presenting her with diamonds,
foreshows that she will make a great and honorable marriage, which will fill
her people with honest pride; but to lose diamonds, and not find them again,
is the most unlucky of dreams, foretelling disgrace, want and death.

For a sporting woman to dream of diamonds, foretells for
her many prosperous days and magnificent presents.
For a speculator, it denotes prosperous transactions.
To dream of owning diamonds, portends the same for sporting
men or women.

Diamonds are omens of good luck, unless stolen from the bodies
of dead persons, when they foretell that your own unfaithfulness
will be discovered by your friends.


To dream of dice, is indicative of unfortunate speculations, and consequent
misery and despair. It also foretells contagious sickness.

For a girl to dream that she sees her lover throwing dice,
indicates his unworthiness.


To dream that you are referring to a dictionary, signifies you
will depend too much upon the opinion and suggestions of others
for the clear management of your own affairs, which could be done
with proper dispatch if your own will was given play.


This dream signifies temporary embarrassment for business men of all classes,
including soldiers and writers. But to extricate yourself from difficulties,
foretells your prosperity.

For a woman to dream of being in difficulties, denotes that she is threatened
with ill health or enemies. For lovers, this is a dream of contrariety,
denoting pleasant courtship.


To dream of digging, denotes that you will never be in want,
but life will be an uphill affair.

To dig a hole and find any glittering substance, denotes a favorable turn
in fortune; but to dig and open up a vast area of hollow mist, you will be
harrassed with real misfortunes and be filled with gloomy forebodings.
Water filling the hole that you dig, denotes that in spite of your most
strenuous efforts things will not bend to your will.


To dream that you eat your dinner alone, denotes that you will often
have cause to think seriously of the necessaries of life.

For a young woman to dream of taking dinner with her lover,
is indicative of a lovers' quarrel or a rupture, unless the affair
is one of harmonious pleasure, when the reverse may be expected.

To be one of many invited guests at a dinner, denotes that you
will enjoy the hospitalities of those who are able to extend
to you many pleasant courtesies.


To dream of seeing freshly stirred dirt around flowers or trees,
denotes thrift and healthful conditions abound for the dreamer.

To see your clothes soiled with unclean dirt, you will be forced
to save yourself from contagious diseases by leaving your home
or submitting to the strictures of the law.

To dream that some one throws dirt upon you, denotes that enemies
will try to injure your character.


To dream of being in any disaster from public conveyance,
you are in danger of losing property or of being maimed from
some malarious disease.

For a young woman to dream of a disaster in which she is a participant,
foretells that she will mourn the loss of her lover by death or desertion.

To dream of a disaster at sea, denotes unhappiness to sailors
and loss of their gains. To others, it signifies loss by death;
but if you dream that you are rescued, you will be placed
in trying situations, but will come out unscathed.

To dream of a railway wreck in which you are not a participant,
you will eventually be interested in some accident because of
some relative or friend being hurt, or you will have trouble
of a business character.


To dream that you are diseased, denotes a slight attack of illness,
or of unpleasant dealings with a relative.

For a young woman to dream that she is incurably diseased, denotes that she
will be likely to lead a life of single blessedness.


To be worried in your dream over the disgraceful conduct of children
or friends, will bring you unsatisfying hopes, and worries will harass you.
To be in disgrace yourself, denotes that you will hold morality at a low rate,
and you are in danger of lowering your reputation for uprightness.
Enemies are also shadowing you.


To dream of handling dishes, denotes good fortune; but if from any cause they
should be broken, this signifies that fortune will be short-lived for you.

To see shelves of polished dishes, denotes success in marriage.

To dream of dishes, is prognostic of coming success and gain,
and you will be able to fully appreciate your good luck.
Soiled dishes, represent dissatisfaction and an unpromising future.

See Crockery


To dream that you are disinherited, warns you to look well to your business
and social standing.

For a young man to dream of losing his inheritance by disobedience,
warns him that he will find favor in the eyes of his parents by contracting
a suitable marriage. For a woman, this dream is a warning to be careful
of her conduct, lest she meet with unfavorable fortune.


To dream of holding disputes over trifles, indicates bad health
and unfairness in judging others.

To dream of disputing with learned people, shows that you have some
latent ability, but are a little sluggish in developing it.


To dream of a distaff, denotes frugality, with pleasant surroundings.
It also signifies that a devotional spirit will be cultivated by you.


To dream of being a long way from your residence, denotes that you will make
a journey soon in which you may meet many strangers who will be instrumental
in changing life from good to bad.

To dream of friends at a distance, denotes slight disappointments.

To dream of distance, signifies travel and a long journey.
To see men plowing with oxen at a distance, across broad fields,
denotes advancing prosperity and honor. For a man to see strange
women in the twilight, at a distance, and throwing kisses to him,
foretells that he will enter into an engagement with a new acquaintance,
which will result in unhappy exposures.


To dream of falling in a ditch, denotes degradation and personal loss;
but if you jump over it, you will live down any suspicion of wrong-doing.


To dream of diving in clear water, denotes a favorable termination
of some embarrassment. If the water is muddy, you will suffer
anxiety at the turn your affairs seem to be taking.

To see others diving, indicates pleasant companions.
For lovers to dream of diving, denotes the consummation of happy
dreams and passionate love.


To dream of dividends, augments successful speculations or
prosperous harvests. To fail in securing hoped-for dividends,
proclaims failure in management or love affairs.

_Divining Rods_.

To see a divining rod in your dreams, foretells ill luck will dissatisfy
you with present surroundings.


To dream of being divorced, denotes that you are not satisfied with your
companion, and should cultivate a more congenial atmosphere in the home life.
It is a dream of warning.

For women to dream of divorce, denotes that a single life may be theirs
through the infidelity of lovers.


To dream of being on docks, denotes that you are about to make
an unpropitious journey. Accidents will threaten you.
If you are there, wandering alone, and darkness overtakes you,
you will meet with deadly enemies, but if the sun be shining,
you will escape threatening dangers.


This is a most auspicious dream, denoting good health and general prosperity,
if you meet him socially, for you will not then spend your money for
his services. If you be young and engaged to marry him, then this dream
warns you of deceit.

To dream of a doctor professionally, signifies discouraging illness
and disagreeable differences between members of a family.

To dream that a doctor makes an incision in your flesh,
trying to discover blood, but failing in his efforts,
denotes that you will be tormented and injured by some evil person,
who may try to make you pay out money for his debts.
If he finds blood, you will be the loser in some transaction.


To dream of a vicious dog, denotes enemies and unalterable misfortune.
To dream that a dog fondles you, indicates great gain and constant friends.

To dream of owning a dog with fine qualities, denotes that you
will be possessed of solid wealth.

To dream that a blood-hound is tracking you, you are likely to fall
into some temptation, in which there is much danger of your downfall.

To dream of small dogs, indicates that your thoughts and chief
pleasures are of a frivolous order.

To dream of dogs biting you, foretells for you a quarrelsome
companion either in marriage or business.

Lean, filthy dogs, indicate failure in business, also sickness among children.

To dream of a dog-show, is indicative of many and varied favors from fortune.

To hear the barking of dogs, foretells news of a depressing nature.
Difficulties are more than likely to follow. To see dogs on the chase
of foxes, and other large game, denotes an unusual briskness in all affairs.

To see fancy pet dogs, signifies a love of show, and that the owner
is selfish and narrow. For a young woman, this dream foretells a fop
for a sweetheart.

To feel much fright upon seeing a large mastiff, denotes that you will
experience inconvenience because of efforts to rise above mediocrity.
If a woman dreams this, she will marry a wise and humane man.

To hear the growling and snarling of dogs, indicates that you
are at the mercy of designing people, and you will be afflicted
with unpleasant home surroundings.

To hear the lonely baying of a dog, foretells a death or a long
separation from friends.

To hear dogs growling and fighting, portends that you will be overcome
by your enemies, and your life will be filled with depression.

To see dogs and cats seemingly on friendly terms, and suddenly turning
on each other, showing their teeth and a general fight ensuing,
you will meet with disaster in love and worldly pursuits, unless you
succeed in quelling the row.

If you dream of a friendly white dog approaching you, it portends
for you a victorious engagement whether in business or love.
For a woman, this is an omen of an early marriage.

To dream of a many-headed dog, you are trying to maintain too many branches of
business at one time. Success always comes with concentration of energies.
A man who wishes to succeed in anything should be warned by this dream.

To dream of a mad dog, your most strenuous efforts will not bring
desired results, and fatal disease may be clutching at your vitals.
If a mad dog succeeds in biting you, it is a sign that you or some loved
one is on the verge of insanity, and a deplorable tragedy may occur.

To dream of traveling alone, with a dog following you, foretells stanch
friends and successful undertakings.

To dream of dogs swimming, indicates for you an easy stretch
to happiness and fortune.

To dream that a dog kills a cat in your presence, is significant
of profitable dealings and some unexpected pleasure.

For a dog to kill a snake in your presence, is an omen of good luck


To dream of a dolphin, indicates your liability to come under
a new government. It is not a very good dream.


To dream that you are in the dome of a building, viewing a
strange landscape, signifies a favorable change in your life.
You will occupy honorable places among strangers.

To behold a dome from a distance, portends that you will never
reach the height of your ambition, and if you are in love,
the object of your desires will scorn your attention.


To dream of playing at dominoes, and lose, you will be affronted by a friend,
and much uneasiness for your safety will be entertained by your people,
as you will not be discreet in your affairs with women or other matters
that engage your attention.

If you are the winner of the game, it foretells that you will be much courted
and admired by certain dissolute characters, bringing you selfish pleasures,
but much distress to your relatives.


To dream of a donkey braying in your face, denotes that you are about
to be publicly insulted by a lewd and unscrupulous person.

To hear the distant braying filling space with melancholy,
you will receive wealth and release from unpleasant bonds
by the death of some person close to you.

If you see yourself riding on a donkey, you will visit foreign lands
and make many explorations into places difficult of passage.

To see others riding donkeys, denotes a meagre inheritance for them
and a toiling life.

To dream of seeing many of the old patriarchs traveling on donkeys,
shows that the influence of Christians will be thrown against you
in your selfish wantonness, causing you to ponder over the rights
and duties of man to man.

To drive a donkey, signifies that all your energies and pluck will be brought
into play against a desperate effort on the part of enemies to overthrow you.
If you are in love, evil women will cause you trouble.

If you are kicked by this little animal, it shows that you
are carrying on illicit connections, from which you will suffer
much anxiety from fear of betrayal.

If you lead one by a halter, you will be master of every situation,
and lead women into your way of seeing things by flattery.

To see children riding and driving donkeys, signifies health
and obedience for them.

To fall or be thrown from one, denotes ill luck and disappointment
in secular affairs. Lovers will quarrel and separate.

To see one dead, denotes satiated appetites, resulting
from licentious excesses.

To dream of drinking the milk of a donkey, denotes that whimsical desires
will be gratified, even to the displacement of important duties.

If you see in your dreams a strange donkey among your stock,
or on your premises, you will inherit some valuable effects.

To dream of coming into the possession of a donkey by present, or buying,
you will attain to enviable heights in the business or social world,
and if single, will contract a congenial marriage.

To dream of a white donkey, denotes an assured and lasting fortune,
which will enable you to pursue the pleasures or studies that lie
nearest your heart. For a woman, it signals entrance into that
society for which she has long entertained the most ardent desire.
Woman has in her composition those qualities, docility and stubbornness,
which tallies with the same qualities in the donkey; both being
supplied from the same storehouse, mother Nature; and consequently,
they would naturally maintain an affinity, and the ugliest phase of
the donkey in her dreams are nothing but woman's nature being sounded
for her warning, or _vice versa_ when pleasure is just before her.


To dream that you are living on, and looking forward to seeing doomsday,
is a warning for you to give substantial and material affairs close attention,
or you will find that the artful and scheming friends you are entertaining
will have possession of what they desire from you, which is your wealth,
and not your sentimentality.

To a young woman, this dream encourages her to throw aside the attention
of men above her in station and accept the love of an honest and deserving
man near her.


To dream of entering a door, denotes slander, and enemies
from whom you are trying in vain to escape. This is the same
of any door, except the door of your childhood home.
If it is this door you dream of entering, your days will be
filled with plenty and congeniality.

To dream of entering a door at night through the rain, denotes, to women,
unpardonable escapades; to a man, it is significant of a drawing on his
resources by unwarranted vice, and also foretells assignations.

To see others go through a doorway, denotes unsuccessful
attempts to get your affairs into a paying condition.
It also means changes to farmers and the political world.
To an author, it foretells that the reading public will reprove
his way of stating facts by refusing to read his later works.

To dream that you attempt to close a door, and it falls from
its hinges, injuring some one, denotes that malignant evil
threatens your friend through your unintentionally wrong advice.
If you see another attempt to lock a door, and it falls from
its hinges, you will have knowledge of some friend's misfortune
and be powerless to aid him.

_Door Bell_.

To dream you hear or ring a door bell, foretells unexpected tidings,
or a hasty summons to business, or the bedtide of a sick relative.


Dreaming of doves mating and building their nests, indicates peacefulness
of the world and joyous homes where children render obedience, and mercy
is extended to all.

To hear the lonely, mournful voice of a dove, portends sorrow and
disappointment through the death of one to whom you looked for aid.
Often it portends the death of a father.

To see a dead dove, is ominous of a separation of husband and wife,
either through death or infidelity.

To see white doves, denotes bountiful harvests and the utmost
confidence in the loyalty of friends.

To dream of seeing a flock of white doves, denotes peaceful,
innocent pleasures, and fortunate developments in the future.

If one brings you a letter, tidings of a pleasant nature from absent
friends is intimated, also a lovers' reconciliation is denoted.

If the dove seems exhausted, a note of sadness will pervade
the reconciliation, or a sad touch may be given the pleasant tidings
by mention of an invalid friend; if of business, a slight drop may follow.
If the letter bears the message that you are doomed, it foretells
that a desperate illness, either your own or of a relative,
may cause you financial misfortune.


To dream that you fail to receive a dowry, signifies penury
and a cold world to depend on for a living. If you receive it,
your expectations for the day will be fulfilled. The opposite
may be expected if the dream is superinduced by the previous
action of the waking mind.


To dream of a dragon, denotes that you allow yourself to be governed
by your passions, and that you are likely to place yourself in the power
of your enemies through those outbursts of sardonic tendencies.
You should be warned by this dream to cultivate self-control.

See Devil.


To see a drama, signifies pleasant reunions with distant friends.

To be bored with the performance of a drama, you will be forced to accept
an uncongenial companion at some entertainment or secret affair.

To write one, portends that you will be plunged into distress and debt,
to be extricated as if by a miracle.


To be given to dram-drinking in your dreams, omens ill-natured rivalry
and contention for small possession. To think you have quit dram-drinking,
or find that others have done so, shows that you will rise above present
estate and rejoice in prosperity.


To see or use a draw-knife, portends unfulfiled hopes or desires.

Some fair prospect will loom before you, only to go down in
mistake and disappointment.


To think you are having trouble in dressing, while dreaming, means some evil
persons will worry and detain you from places of amusement.

If you can't get dressed in time for a train, you will
have many annoyances through the carelessness of others.
You should depend on your own efforts as far as possible,
after these dreams, if you would secure contentment and full success.


For a woman to dream of hilarious drinking, denotes that she
is engaging in affairs which may work to her discredit,
though she may now find much pleasure in the same.
If she dreams that she fails to drink clear water, though she
uses her best efforts to do so, she will fail to enjoy some
pleasure that is insinuatingly offered her.

See Water.


To dream of driving a carriage, signifies unjust criticism
of your seeming extravagance. You will be compelled to do things
which appear undignified.

To dream of driving a public cab, denotes menial labor,
with little chance for advancement. If it is a wagon, you will
remain in poverty and unfortunate circumstances for some time.
If you are driven in these conveyances by others, you will
profit by superior knowledge of the world, and will always find
some path through difficulties. If you are a man, you will,
in affairs with women, drive your wishes to a speedy consummation.
If a woman, you will hold men's hearts at low value after
succeeding in getting a hold on them.

See Cab or Carriage.


To dream of a dromedary, denotes that you will be the recipient
of unexpected beneficence, and will wear your new honors
with dignity; you will dispense charity with a gracious hands.
To lovers, this dream foretells congenial dispositions.


To dream of being afflicted with the dropsy, denotes illness
for a time, but from which you will recover with renewed vigor.
To see others thus afflicted, denotes that you will hear from
the absent shortly, and have tidings of their good health.


This is-an evil dream, denoting warring disputes between nations,
and much bloodshed therefrom. Shipwrecks and land disasters will occur,
and families will quarrel and separate; sickness will work damage also.
Your affairs will go awry, as well.


To dream of drowning, denotes loss of property and life;
but if you are rescued, you will rise from your present position
to one of wealth and honor.

To see others drowning, and you go to their relief, signifies that you will
aid your friend to high places, and will bring deserved happiness to yourself.

For a young woman to see her sweetheart drowned, denotes her
bereavement by death.


To hear the muffled beating of a drum, denotes that some absent
friend is in distress and calls on you for aid.

To see a drum, foretells amiability of character and a great aversion
to quarrels and dissensions. It is an omen of prosperity to the sailor,
the farmer and the tradesman alike.


This is an unfavorable dream if you are drunk on heavy liquors,
indicating profligacy and loss of employment. You will be disgraced
by stooping to forgery or theft.

If drunk on wine, you will be fortunate in trade and love-making,
and will scale exalted heights in literary pursuits.
This dream is always the bearer of aesthetic experiences.

To see others in a drunken condition, foretells for you,
and probably others, unhappy states.

Drunkenness in all forms is unreliable as a good dream.
All classes are warned by this dream to shift their thoughts
into more healthful channels.


To dream of seeing wild ducks on a clear stream of water,
signifies fortunate journeys, perhaps across the sea.
White ducks around a farm, indicate thrift and a fine harvest.

To hunt ducks, denotes displacement in employment in the carrying
out of plans.

To see them shot, signifies that enemies are meddling with
your private affairs.

To see them flying, foretells a brighter future for you.
It also denotes marriage, and children in the new home.


To dream of hearing a duet played, denotes a peaceful and even existence
for lovers. No quarrels, as is customary in this sort of thing.
Business people carry on a mild rivalry. To musical people,
this denotes competition and wrangling for superiority.

To hear a duet sung, is unpleasant tidings from the absent; but this
will not last, as some new pleasure will displace the unpleasantness.


To dream of a dulcimer, denotes that the highest wishes
in life will be attained by exalted qualities of mind.
To women, this is significant of a life free from those petty
jealousies which usually make women unhappy.


To dream of being dumb, indicates your inability to persuade others into your
mode of thinking, and using them for your profit by your glibness of tongue.
To the dumb, it denotes false friends.


To dream that you receive a dun, warns you to look after your affairs
and correct all tendency towards neglect of business and love.


To dream of being in a dungeon, foretells for you struggles
with the vital affairs of life but by wise dealing you will
disenthrall yourself of obstacles and the designs of enemies.
For a woman this is a dark foreboding; by her wilful indiscretion
she will lose her position among honorable people.

To see a dungeon lighted up, portends that you are threatened
with entanglements of which your better judgment warns you.


To dream of a dunghill, you will see profits coming in through
the most unexpected sources. To the farmer this is a lucky dream,
indicating fine seasons and abundant products from soil and stock.
For a young woman, it denotes that she will unknowingly marry a man
of great wealth.


This is a dream of sadness; it portends an early decline
and unrequited hopes. Dark outlook for trade and pursuits
of any nature is prolonged by this dream.


To dream of dust covering you, denotes that you will be slightly
injured in business by the failure of others. For a young woman,
this denotes that she will be set aside by her lover for a newer flame.
If you free yourself of the dust by using judicious measures,
you will clear up the loss.


This is a very favorable dream. If the dwarf is well formed and pleasing
in appearance, it omens you will never be dwarfed in mind or stature.
Health and good constitution will admit of your engaging in many profitable
pursuits both of mind and body.

To see your friends dwarfed, denotes their health, and you
will have many pleasures through them.

Ugly and hideous dwarfs, always forebodes distressing states.


To see the dyeing of cloth or garments in process, your bad or good
luck depends on the color. Blues, reds and gold, indicate prosperity;
black and white, indicate sorrow in all forms.


To dream of dying, foretells that you are threatened with evil from a source
that has contributed to your former advancement and enjoyment.

To see others dying, forebodes general ill luck to you and to your friends.

To dream that you are going to die, denotes that unfortunate
inattention to your affairs will depreciate their value.
Illness threatens to damage you also.

To see animals in the throes of death, denotes escape from evil
influences if the animal be wild or savage.

It is an unlucky dream to see domestic animals dying or in agony.

[As these events of good or ill approach you they naturally
assume these forms of agonizing death, to impress you more
fully with the joyfulness or the gravity of the situation you
are about to enter on awakening to material responsibilities,
to aid you in the mastery of self which is essential to meeting
all conditions with calmness and determination.]

See Death.


To see dynamite in a dream, is a sign of approaching change
and the expanding of one's affairs. To be frightened by it,
indicates that a secret enemy is at work against you,
and if you are not careful of your conduct he will disclose
himself at an unexpected and helpless moment.


To dream of a dynamo, omens successful enterprises if attention
is shown to details of business. One out of repair, shows you
are nearing enemies who will involve you in trouble.


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