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Dreams with "J"


``_Then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions_.''--
Job vii, 14


To see a jackdaw, denotes ill health and quarrels.
To catch one, you will outwit enemies.

To kill one, you will come into possession of disputed property.


To see others in jail, you will be urged to grant privileges to persons
whom you believe to be unworthy

To see negroes in jail, denotes worries and loss through
negligence of underlings.

For a young woman to dream that her lover is in jail, she will be disappointed
in his character, as he will prove a deceiver.

See Gaol.


To see a jailer, denotes that treachery will embarrass your interests
and evil women will enthrall you.

To see a mob attempting to break open a jail, is a forerunner of evil,
and desperate measures will be used to extort money and bounties from you.


To dream of eating jam, if pure, denotes pleasant surprises and journeys.

To dream of making jam, foretells to a woman a happy home
and appreciative friends.


To dream of a janitor, denotes bad management and disobedient children.
Unworthy servants will annoy you.

To look for a janitor and fail to find him, petty annoyances
will disturb your otherwise placid existence. If you find him,
you will have pleasant associations with strangers, and your
affairs will have no hindrances.


To dream of this month, denotes you will be afflicted with unloved
companions or children.


To dream of empty jars, denotes impoverishment and distress.

To see them full, you will be successful.

If you buy jars, your success will be precarious and your burden
will be heavy.

To see broken jars, distressing sickness or deep disappointment awaits you.


To dream of seeing jasper, is a happy omen, bringing success and love.
For a young woman to lose a jasper, is a sign of disagreement with her lover.


To dream that you have the jaundice, denotes prosperity
after temporary embarrassments.

To see others with jaundice, you will be worried with unpleasant companions
and discouraging prospects.


To dream of defending yourself with a javelin, your most private
affairs will be searched into to establish claims of dishonesty,
and you will prove your innocence after much wrangling.

If you are pierced by a javelin, enemies will succeed in giving you trouble.

To see others carrying javelins, your interests are threatened.


To dream of seeing heavy, misshapen jaws, denotes disagreements,
and ill feeling will be shown between friends.

If you dream that you are in the jaws of a wild beast,
enemies will work injury to your affairs and happiness.
This is a vexatious and perplexing dream.

If your own jaws ache with pain, you will be exposed to climatic changes,
and malaria may cause you loss in health and finances.


To dream of a jay-bird, foretells pleasant visits from friends
and interesting gossips.

To catch a jay-bird, denotes pleasant, though unfruitful, tasks.

To see a dead jay-bird, denotes domestic unhappiness and many vicissitudes.


To dream that you are jealous of your wife, denotes the influence
of enemies and narrow-minded persons. If jealous of your sweetheart,
you will seek to displace a rival.

If a woman dreams that she is jealous of her husband, she will find
many shocking incidents to vex and make her happiness a travesty.

If a young woman is jealous of her lover, she will find that he is more
favorably impressed with the charms of some other woman than herself.

If men and women are jealous over common affairs, they will meet
many unpleasant worries in the discharge of every-day business.


To dream of eating jelly, many pleasant interruptions will take place.

For a woman to dream of making jelly, signifies she will enjoy pleasant
reunions with friends.


To dream of jessamine, denotes you are approximating some exquisite pleasure,
but which will be fleeting.


To dream of a jester, foretells you will ignore important things in looking
after silly affairs.


To dream of being in company with a Jew, signifies untiring ambition
and an irrepressible longing after wealth and high position,
which will be realized to a very small extent.

To have transactions with a Jew, you will prosper legally
in important affairs.

For a young woman to dream of a Jew, omens that she will mistake flattery
for truth, and find that she is only a companion for pleasure.

For a man to dream of a Jewess, denotes that his desires
run parallel with voluptuousness and easy comfort.
He should constitute himself woman's defender.

For a Gentile to dream of Jews, signifies worldly cares and profit
from dealing with them.

To argue with them, your reputation is endangered from a business standpoint.


To dream of broken jewelry, denotes keen disappointment in attaining
one's highest desires.

If the jewelry be cankered, trusted friends will fail you,
and business cares will be on you.


To dream of jewels, denotes much pleasure and riches.

To wear them, brings rank and satisfied ambitions.

To see others wearing them, distinguished places will be held by you,
or by some friend.

To dream of jeweled garments, betokens rare good fortune to the dreamer.
Inheritance or speculation will raise him to high positions.

If you inherit jewelry, your prosperity will be unusual,
but not entirely satisfactory.

To dream of giving jewelry away, warns you that some vital estate
is threatening you.

For a young woman to dream that she receives jewelry, indicates much
pleasure and a desirable marriage. To dream that she loses jewels,
she will meet people who will flatter and deceive her.

To find jewels, denotes rapid and brilliant advancement in affairs
of interest. To give jewels away, you will unconsciously work
detriment to yourself.

To buy them, proves that you will be very successful in momentous affairs,
especially those pertaining to the heart.


To dream of a Jew's-harp, foretells you will experience a slight
improvement in your affairs. To play one, is a sign that you
will fall in love with a stranger.


To dance a jig, denotes cheerful occupations and light pleasures.

To see negroes dancing a jig, foolish worries will offset pleasure.

To see your sweetheart dancing a jig, your companion will be possessed
with a merry and hopeful disposition.

To see ballet girls dancing a jig, you will engage in undignified
amusements and follow low desires.


To dream of a jockey, omens you will appreciate a gift
from an unexpected source. For a young woman to dream
that she associates with a jockey, or has one for a lover,
indicates she will win a husband out of her station.
To see one thrown from a horse, signifies you will be called
on for aid by strangers.


To dream that you feel jolly and are enjoying the merriment
of companions, you will realize pleasure from the good
behavior of children and have satisfying results in business.
If there comes the least rift in the merriment, worry will
intermingle with the success of the future.


To dream that you go on a journey, signifies profit or a disappointment,
as the travels are pleasing and successful or as accidents and disagreeable
events take active part in your journeying.

To see your friends start cheerfully on a journey, signifies delightful
change and more harmonious companions than you have heretofore known.
If you see them depart looking sad, it may be many moons before you see
them again. Power and loss are implied.

To make a long-distance journey in a much shorter time than you expected,
denotes you will accomplish some work in a surprisingly short time,
which will be satisfactory in the way of reimbursement.


To dream of a journeyman, denotes you are soon to lose money
by useless travels. For a woman, this dream brings pleasant trips,
though unexpected ones.


To dream that you feel joy over any event, denotes harmony among friends.


To dream of a jubilee, denotes many pleasureable enterprises in which you
will be a participant. For a young woman, this is a favorable dream,
pointing to matrimony and increase of temporal blessings.

To dream of a religious jubilee, denotes close but comfortable environments.


To dream of coming before a judge, signifies that disputes will be
settled by legal proceedings. Business or divorce cases may assume
gigantic proportions. To have the case decided in your favor,
denotes a successful termination to the suit; if decided against you,
then you are the aggressor and you should seek to right injustice.

_Judgment Day_.

To dream of the judgment day, foretells that you will accomplish some
well-planned work, if you appear resigned and hopeful of escaping punishment.
Otherwise, your work will prove a failure.

For a young woman to appear before the judgment bar and hear the verdict
of ``Guilty,'' denotes that she will cause much distress among her friends
by her selfish and unbecoming conduct. If she sees the dead rising,
and all the earth solemnly and fearfully awaiting the end, there will
be much struggling for her, and her friends will refuse her aid.
It is also a forerunner of unpleasant gossip, and scandal is threatened.
Business may assume hopeless aspects.


If you dream of jugs well filled with transparent liquids,
your welfare is being considered by more than yourself.
Many true friends will unite to please and profit you.
If the jugs are empty, your conduct will estrange you from
friends and station.

Broken jugs, indicate sickness and failures in employment.

If you drink wine from a jug, you will enjoy robust health and find
pleasure in all circles. Optimistic views will possess you.

To take an unpleasant drink from a jug, disappointment and disgust
will follow pleasant anticipations.


To dream of this month, denotes you will be depressed with
gloomy outlooks, but, as suddenly, your spirits will rebound
to unimagined pleasure and good fortune.


If you dream of jumping over any object, you will succeed in every endeavor;
but if you jump and fall back, disagreeable affairs will render
life almost intolerable.

To jump down from a wall, denotes reckless speculations and
disappointment in love.


To dream of a jumping-jack, denotes that idleness and trivial
pastimes will occupy your thoughts to the exclusion of serious
and sustaining plans.


To dream of June, foretells unusual gains in all undertakings.

For a woman to think that vegetation is decaying, or that a drouth
is devastating the land, she will have sorrow and loss which will
be lasting in its effects.


To dream of seeing a juniper tree, portends happiness and wealth
out of sorrow and depressed conditions. For a young woman,
this dreams omens a bright future after disappointing love affairs.
To the sick, this is an augury of speedy recovery.

To eat, or gather, the berries of a juniper tree, foretells
trouble and sickness.


To dream that you are on the jury, denotes dissatisfaction
with your employments, and you will seek to materially
change your position.

If you are cleared from a charge by the jury, your business will be
successful and affairs will move your way, but if you should be condemned,
enemies will overpower you and harass you beyond endurance.


To dream that you demand justice from a person, denotes that you
are threatened with embarrassments through the false statements
of people who are eager for your downfall.

If some one demands the same of you, you will find that your conduct
and reputation are being assailed, and it will be extremely doubtful
if you refute the charges satisfactorily.


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