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The androgynous state of being can only be explained in the abstract, which is why we approach this subject on a mystical and esoteric plane and let intuition guide us through the subtle meaning behind these lines. The previous chapter portrayed Janus with an invisible face, engulfing the ever-changing presence of the moment. We also suggested that the invisible face of Janus stood on an axial pole, fixed in the eternal present that simultaneously connects and separates the past and the future, the two visible faces and the invisible.

The description of the invisible face that emerges from the ever-changing ephemeral moment suggests that this ethereal presence is, in itself, a permanent element within consciousness, since the presence represents the ever-changing awareness of the moment. Consciousness, then, is the invisible presence of an immutable axial center within all human beings, fixed, neutral, and unchanged and untouched by time or space. Why is this? Because the axial pole does not belong to the world of duality, of matter and manifestation. Therefore, within its own pole, it remains neutral and never manifests, for to manifest, consciousness would need to come out of its neutral center into the world of duality, of contrasts and opposites, where it would manifest in different shapes and sizes in the world. In other words, when consciousness expands itself out of its axial position, it "comes out" and permeates the realm of duality. By projecting itself out of its axial point, consciousness intersects with time and space, with past and future through the left and right faces of Janus. But by expanding our consciousness, we are given the opportunity of becoming aware of creation and of using our mind, intellect, emotions and feelings to express consciousness.

The three aspects of Janus are indivisible, since the axial center of being is the pivotal Center of Pure Being. Accordingly, whenever "being" becomes conscious of something, this means that it has focused its attention either outwardly or inwardly towards a chosen objective. It is as if, from its fixed and unchangeable position, consciousness willingly radiates its light to "enlighten" the past and future.

So, the androgynous invisible face of Janus represents the one who is fully awake but hidden from physical view, holding in his awareness of the present moment, his "inheritance" or the karmic enfoldment of his past and his future. This is because, paradoxically, the invisible face of Janus is the only one that faces the eternally transforming present moment, so we know that it is awake. In other words, consciousness can only function from its axial position and as such, it is the divider and synthesizer of past and future events in our life. Furthermore, the invisible face of Janus remains imperceptible because it is a spiritual face, a perfect archetype, the unmanifested side of a human being, in which the androgynous state represents the perfect balanced center within our psyche.

Another way of looking at the androgynous state reveals that whenever we involve ourselves in an act of creation, or focus totally on creating something, we are using our higher intelligence and intuition. And in these moments of intense creativity, we as creators stand on the axial pole of consciousness, in the neutral zone, living in the present moment. In such states of awareness, we cannot reflect on the past or project our thoughts into the future. The creative act itself is intuitive, linking our ego with our psyche, and it often does that unconsciously. Furthermore, the act of creating remains a mystery since it is a direct projection of consciousness in a world of duality. Once the conscious action is projected out of its neutral central pole, it emerges into a world of duality, where things past and future are reflected, analyzed and rationalized by our overeager ego.

We should look at consciousness as a bridge mirroring the qualities of the soul and the characteristics of the ego. Our own interpretation of the content of our consciousness colors, interprets and rationalizes everything coming under the laws of manifestation and duality. We should also add, that whenever we think or reflect on something, ask ourselves questions, feel, sense and ponder on life in general, asking questions about who we are, what we are doing, then, our creativity comes to a sudden spontaneous end and we find ourselves "outside" of the neutral focal center. This happens even with momentary distractions, because we have inadvertently projected our attention to one or both of the visible faces of Janus, to one or other pole, and have left the vertical axis of our being in the present moment.

Now, in the act of creating, which part of us creates? From where do the impulses, the energies of the act of creation, come? The psyche transmits them through the medium of our consciousness. Since consciousness operates only in the present moment, then the psyche is at the receiving end of the axial pole. The Center of Pure Being, the source of its root, always remains invisible, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

The answer then, albeit abstract, is that when consciousness is awakened, it illuminates the present moment and is in touch with the universal soul. What happens when we think of a past event, or project our consciousness into the future? The axial pole of consciousness within our being simply brings everything towards its own center, into the present moment, and transforms the past or future event into an eternally changing aspect of the present moment.


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