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Earth Resonance and the Pyramids

Earth Resonance and the Pyramids

In a previous posting I discussed the concept of the circulator and how it applies to Earth. Because Earth’s magnetic field is fairly weak, the circulator effect is minimal. This causes electromagnetic radiation being sent out from an antenna to be twice as strong at about 1000 miles east of the transmitter than at an equivalent distance in the westerly direction. This weak field also allows for the near random, non-synchronized lightning strikes and their associated electromagnetic pulses.

If it were not for the fact of Earth and her associated ionosphere creating a spherical resonator there would be no frequency to measure. Even if a lightning strike were close by, the resulting electromagnetic wave traveling around Earth would be so weak by the time it returned that it could be lost in the noise of all the waves produced by other lightning strikes. It is fortunate then that Earth is a charged sphere and the electromagnetic wave produced by a vertical lightning pulse is a circle that spreads out in all directions.

As the wave travels around the planet the circle continues to increase in diameter and decrease in amplitude, much like a rubber band stretching over a large ball. This stretching continues until it passes the quarter way point (half way from one side of Earth to the other) where it then starts to come back together. On the opposite side of Earth from the lightning strike the wave circle is now very small in diameter and its amplitude reaches a peak when the crests from all directions come together. As the crests pass each other a very strong electric field is generated between Earth and the ionosphere. The wave then continues around the Earth now returning towards its original source. Having now traveled half the way around the planet the circular wave starts to increase its diameter once again. It continues to spread until it passes the three-quarter way point, which is the same as the quarter way point. As the wave returns to its origin it again comes together from all directions it creates another peak that is measurable. This complete encirclement of Earth takes little over a tenth of a second. At Earth’s base resonance frequency, very little energy is lost and the returning wave has retained most of its original strength.

If, at the same location as the first strike, another lightning strike could be induced to happen just as the first wave returns then the resulting wave would add to the first wave that is still traveling for yet another trip around the planet. The combination of the two waves would be stronger than the first. If this timed lightning pulsing were to continue then a strong standing wave would build as it traverses around and around Earth’s spherical resonator. Not only would we be able to measure a strong electromagnetic wave in the vicinity of the point of origin but we would also be able to measure a similar intensity near the opposite pole, half way around the planet.

Near the turn of the twentieth century Nikola Tesla made some measurements that confirmed the above. He set about to build his own lightning producing apparatus near Colorado Springs, Colorado. The results of his experiments were recorded in his Colorado Springs notes. He claimed to have wirelessly transmitted 10,000 watts over a distance of 26 miles, which is within the near-field of the transmitter. Using one of his large Tesla coils he sent out a series of pulses building up a large standing wave that encircled Earth. This was the first time in Earth’s history that this had been accomplished, or was it?

If this were to be done efficiently it would require that the transmitter be very large. The transmitting antenna would ideally need to reach all the way to the ionosphere. How could that be done? Well, not all antennas have to be made out of metal. As it turns out, ionized gas is a good conductor of electricity. One of the most efficient ways to ionize a gas, such as the air above us, is to generate a very high voltage using high frequency. It would be necessary to produce a high frequency electromagnetic field and place within it a transformer with many turns of wire on the secondary. The above mentioned Tesla coil is such a device.

Tesla, through his experiments, discovered that the most efficient way to make his coils was to wind them in a conical shape, large at the bottom and small at the top where the most voltage is produced. This architecture allowed for the greatest number of turns to be placed within the shape of the magnetic field being created by the primary at the base of the coil, away from the high voltage.

The most efficient shape to produce a focused electric field in order to create an ionized beam that would be used as not just an antenna but as a conductor to the ionosphere, is that of the pyramid. A conical shape would also work but when building a large structure out of available materials then the pyramid shape wins out. Not just any pyramid shape but one that has the exact shape as the great pyramid at Giza.

The pyramid then meets the requirements of both electrical field focusing and that of a coil form for a large Tesla type coil. When activated, it could not only produce an ionized beam off its top thereby creating a very tall antenna but would in total create a fairly efficient transmitting device. All you would need is enough locally continuously generated power to make it work, or would you?

If the pyramid were made large enough and at least for a short time you could generate enough power then you could make the ionized beam reach all the way to the ionosphere. Imagine a temporary conductive path to the ionosphere. Remember what I said about the spherical capacitor that exists between Earth and the ionosphere being highly electrically charged? Once the path is created then the large amount of electrical energy stored between the plates of Earth and the ionosphere has a way to discharge. What would be created is one very large lightning strike yielding many times the power that was required to create the temporary path. Also imagine the size of the electromagnetic wave that would be sent around the planet once that opening was made.

Once the local ionospheric energy storage level is depleted then the path would not have enough energy to remain ionized and it would close. The rest of the ionosphere would then restore the local ionospheric charge. The process could be repeated again at the appropriate moment and a standing wave would be created. This would not only supply power locally but for miles around and on the opposite side of the planet as well.

The construction of such a pyramid would require a way for the wire of the coil to be placed on its outside. Steps would provide a shelf for the wire, which would be continuous from bottom to top. The wire would need to be in a spiral much like a thread on a screw. If you were to walk around the pyramid at some level above ground then when you completed the circuit you would be one step higher than when you started. It is assumed that the great pyramid at Giza in Egypt is constructed in level layers but I’m not sure that measurement has been accurately made. High quality photographs from many angles would be required to prove or disprove this hypothesis.

The outside of the pyramid would then have to be covered by some sort of insulative material and sealed to keep water from entering the area of the wires. This would also prevent the air around the wires from becoming ionized thereby preventing leakage paths for the high voltage generated between the wires on adjacent steps. The pyramid at Giza originally had alabaster covering it.

The top of the pyramid would require a large copper capstone in order to handle the immense electrical current produced by the resulting ionospheric lightning. Stories persist about a copper capstone on top of the great pyramid at Giza.

Ionizing the atmosphere can also be aided by the use of focused sunlight. One way to do this would be to surround the pyramid with mirrors that would reflect the sunlight onto the pyramid’s top where a prism made out of a specially shaped crystal would be placed. The crystal would then focus the intensified light into a column aimed skyward. There are mythological stories about a crystal that set on top of the great pyramid. I have another theory about the crystal, which I will discuss at another time. The copper capstone could, however, be used as a secondary mirror for the same purpose as a crystal. It would shin very brightly as the sunlight is focused up to it.

An electrical counter pole would be required. One way to accomplish this would be to dig a well and fill it with salt water. The water level would have to be high enough to connect to the base of the Tesla coil wound on the outside of the pyramid. Such a well exists below the great pyramid and the lower chambers have a thick layer of salt that has been electroplated to the walls.

A way would be needed to initialize the electrical pulse. Christopher Dunn in his book The Power Plants of Giza suggests that hydrogen gas was generated chemically in the Queen’s chamber and vented into the King’s chamber where it was ignited. The resulting explosion exercised the piezoelectric qualities of the special granite stones used to construct the Kings chamber and electricity was produced, at least a single pulse. That is all that would be needed in the above scenario.

A self-sustaining thermal-acoustical oscillator could be created to replenish the king’s chamber with fresh fuel. Tuning this oscillator could be accomplished by varying the position of a slug in an adjacent chamber that is acoustically connected to the king’s chamber. The grand gallery in the Great Pyramid could have provided that function. This could possible explain the cog holes located in the base of the grand gallery.

Once such a pyramid as described above was in operation then large amounts of electrical power could be made available locally. If, on the opposite pole of the planet, another similar pyramid was constructed then one could act as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. The one in the sunlight would have the best conditions to transmit energy to the other. Remember, a wave peak or maximum is created at both electrical poles when either pyramid is in operation. This would allow the pyramid in the dark to be aided in creating the necessary electrical stress to cause the atmosphere to break down and receive energy from the ionosphere. As Tesla showed, however, that energy could be received without ionizing the air at the receive site. All that would be required would be receiving apparatus tuned to the transmitter frequency and be within the near-field of the transmitter. This should also apply to a location near the opposite electrical pole on Earth from the transmitter.

If a number of pyramids were built around the planet, at least one or more would be in daylight at any given time. Two or more could be synchronized in their transmissions to provide a continuous wave of energy traveling around the planet. This could provide power for most of Earth for a good distance from the magnetic equator.

The pyramids would be operating at some harmonic of Earth resonance. This harmonic would have to be selected to be most beneficial to living organisms on the planet. If it were not properly selected then the effects of the energy could and most likely would be detrimental. Selecting a beneficial frequency would allow for the stimulation of all living beings on the planet. Such a frequency would stimulate growth and healing of both the physical organism and consciousness. Such energy could also be used as a control mechanism. If it were at a certain frequency then the organism would remain stagnate and not be allowed to automatically move to a higher state of consciousness. Even after the system had discontinued operation the reverberations of this frequency would remain in the DNA consciousness of the organism and its succeeding generations.

Any type one civilization, one that could control the energy of a whole planet and up to that of a solar system, could conceivably keep such residual effects alive. Something to consider.

The above information can be accessed by anyone desiring to do so. We need to be aware of the possibilities and the ramifications when dealing with any energy, be it nuclear, microwave or those frequencies closer to Earth resonance.


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