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Earthquakes and Tsunamis can be controlled

Reverse engineering extraterrestrial UFO technologies to control earth’s tectonic movement – earthquakes and Tsunamis can be controlled

As we reach out to space and explore the unknown, scientists are still trying to understand the process of controlling tectonic movements. While there are long term research going on manipulating earth’s ionosphere, magnetosphere and radiation belts, in the short term, extra-terrestrial UFOs are providing clues to the technologies for controlling local tectonic movements.

Reverse engineering extra-terrestrial UFO propagation systems provides clues to anti-gravity forces. While modeling the flight patterns of these UFOs, scientists and engineers realized the presence and use of dark matter. A lot of research is going on in modeling and isolating dark matter to generate the necessary forces to counteract the tectonic forces that cause shift in continental and oceanic crusts through the plate movements.

The application of the dark matter or the source of anti-gravity force has to be controlled through a complex algorithm that allows incremental release and withdrawal of energy. The simulation models show how a series of programmed occurrence of neutron bomb explosion can create the necessary force to create an earthquake. When reversing the algorithmic model, it can also show the process by which dark matter can be used to counteract and neutralize that effect though simulated computer controlled implosions.

It is not necessarily true that dark energy has to be used. It can be any other energy including electromagnetic induction. Another method suggested is something that scientists and engineers are also reverse engineering from the extraterrestrial UFOs. It is the process of generating electromagnetic momentum. This electromagnetic momentum can be seen as a radiation pressure. Many Space Research Agencies are designing spaceships that can go far from the earth using radiation pressure from the Sun as a propulsion system. Anti-gravity forces provide the counteraction to gravitational forces. The same technology can be used in massive scale to generate perpetuating implosion phenomenon to counter the tectonic forces in the areas that are sensitive due to large population base.

The real trick, the scientists find, is in programming these implosions to counteract the forces of two plates moving apart. The same holds true in applying intelligent sequence of explosions to two plates colliding with each other. The computer algorithm becomes more complex when the one plate moves under the other in case of two plates colliding in oceanic crust.


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