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Edgar Cayce - Egypt, Archaeology 10,500 BC

Edgar Cayce - Egypt, Archaeology 10,500 BC

(Please bear in mind that "Ra Ta" was a previous incarnation of Cayce.)

- records that are apparent in the inner self

- (Ra Ta) was the son of a daughter of Zu - that was not begotten of man.

- (Man) had come into being through that crystallization of thought that had been given by those Sons of the Most High.

- (Self) or of there being those divisions in the body that were represented by those divisions of the intermission, or the body of intermission of an entity, from an experience to an experience.

- (Ra Ta - 10,500 BC) This being at that period - of the change of the race to become - and is now - the white.

- Hence the opening by Araaraart of mines in Ophir, in what was later known as Kadesh, or in the land now called Persia.

- Also in the land now known as Abyssinia, and those portions yet undiscovered or used in the upper lands of the river Nile.

- Pearls from Madagascar

- (Stones mined: onyx, beryl, sardis, diamond, amethyst, and opal.)

- Gold, silver, iron, lead, zinc, copper, and tin were mined in quantity in northern Egypt - Also in the valleys of the upper Nile.

- (Ra Ta gathered certain followers because of a psychic directive.)

- (Temples helped with division)

- (Altars - not for sacrifice) upon which individuals put their faults and blotted them out with the fires of those forces that were set in motion by Ra Ta. - After they decided their tasks, Ra Ta would bless them with ability.

- (Other great nations of that age: Sicily, Norway, Peru, and the American high civilization.)

- (The Temples of Beauty and Sacrifice) that glorified the activities of individuals, groups or masses, who had cleansed themselves for service.

- (Rebels brewed drinks) that set the mind, set the whole fires of physical body against that as had been cleansed by the fires.

- (All births were in a hall, and each conception took place in a certain chamber.)

- (Temple treatments) They gradually lost, then, many feathers from their legs.

- (Our body form) the divine inheritance, as was brought about by this poor ill - forgotten Ra Ta in this experience.

- Animal desires were sacrificed - All for a closer walk with Thee.

- (Ra Ta's companion Isis, may have been his daughter)

- Thoughts of the unconscious "had not clarified or crystallized". (See Secret of the Golden Flower)

- Ideal of peace

- (Groups of stars) and the various influences that are held in place, or that hold in place those about this particular solar system.

- Hence in the Nubian land there were first begun the reckoning of those periods when the Sun has its influence upon human life, and let's remember that it is in this period when the present race has been called into being - by the forces as set upon all - in their various phases and effects.

- or of the combining of elements in the mineral kingdom, vegetable kingdom, animal kingdom, in various periods. (Moon phases and seasons)

- that pertain to those lusts of the body, which had brought about or produced that which separated that which would build from themselves.

- (Ra Ta's intense seeking prematurely aged him.)

- Then did this priest of himself, and of the Creative Forces, edict that those who were in close association with this entity - that had meant an extenuation or savior of a peoples, into a regeneration of same - would have marks set in their bodies that would remain throughout their appearance in the earth's plane, that they might be known to one another, would they seek to know the closer relation- ships of the self to the Creative Forces and the source - physical - of their activity with that source.

- To some in the eye, to some in the body, to some the marks upon the body, in those ways and manners that may only be known to those that are in that physical and spiritual attunement with the entity as they pass through the material or earth's sphere together.

- Ra Ta, who now was known as Ra; for with the entering in of Hermes with Ra - who came as one of the peoples from the mount to which these peoples had been banished.

- (Ra Ta had his offices) in the place around Luz.

- (Our female half) that to which its (the man's) ideals are to be given to the active forces in the material activities.

- endowing of this body Iso, or Isis, to the position of the first goddess that was so crowned.

- gained access through that of Isis to the Throne

- (Orientation of Great Pyramid) as related to the position of the various stars, that acted in the place about which this particular solar system circles in its activity, going towards what?

- (Cayce says not Polaris here, but Libra? Lyra?)

- (There have been 3,000 pharoahs.)

- (Animals howl on moon phases, and also on the change of seasons.)

- (Their linen of quality was of cottons, hemp, and papyrus flowers and lotus flowers.)

- (Temple Beautiful) was to act as an interpreter for that which had been, that which is, and that which is to be, in the material plane.

- Ra, ascended into the mount and was borne away

- (Isis or Iso or 288) (Isris is 538?)

- (Iso offered a channel) in being an entity and an ideal in the manifested material form.

- Make the mental and spiritual One!

- (Ra Ta's son married his half sister.)

- (In Egypt are plastic forms of Isis of 10,996 BC.)

- the house of the Sun, or in the Sun Temple

- (The king) Listened, however, to the Councillor who sought this banishment.

- (Monuments to Ra are under the sand, and under the sea.)

- (After Ra Ta, Egypt was unchanged until the invaders from the eastern hills came in.)

- (Another interesting word "forbearance".)

- and the forces of the force, as given, propelling in water.

- the beginning of the sacred fires - animal skin bayous, or balloons

- the rule of the development along geometrical lines (Mind forces)

- (Hept-Supht - 378 - the Atlantean builder, and keeper of records.)

- the patriarchs of old; of Alta, of Quoauda

- (Egypt) this land of the Semitic peoples

- (Openers of the Records) One of the two. Two, with a guide. Hept-Supht, El-Ka, and Atlan. These will appear.

- (Before the red Atlanteans came the native Egyptians were of the yellow race.)

- For only good, or purposefulness, lives on.

- that all must be consistent with that which they preach

- from having mentally experienced a condition - (a soul was given a "faculty" or "power".)

- (They used static electricity) These were turned to minerals - the fusion of copper and brass with the alloy that comes from gold impregnated with arsenic.

- (The electrical knife gave bloodless surgery.)

- To know good and not to do it is sin.

- activity of dedicating body, mind, soul, and purpose to an ideal

- giving way to appetites that would deaden purposes and ideals

- (Irrefutable Laws) There cannot be a congeniality where the ideal and purpose of sex-life is not of one and the same purpose. There Cannot be a congenial home builded where the desires of the spiritual are not at least in unison in the worship of the same Spiritual ideal.

- a mark, either in body as expressed physically or in the name - All of these are the modern names, you see.

- (All of Arabia came to Egypt.)

- the Temple Beautiful that made for the setting in order in the plaques (symbols?) that as would demonstrate or illustrate to the entity or individual that necessary for the purifying or keeping before them.

- (Exiles returned in) chariots driven by the gases.

- (Between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid was a holy city.)
For the entity's tomb then was a part of the Hall of Records, which has not yet been uncovered. It lies between - or along that entrance from the Sphinx to the temple - or the pyramid; in a pyramid, of course, of its own.

(2329-3) Female 42 5/1/1941 For, remember there are thirty-two of these plates!

38. (Q) Is it indicated as to when, approximately, these tablets may be discovered, or uncovered?

(A) By fifty-eight ('58). these may be obtained MENTALLY

- A wise contemporary of Ra Ta, was Saneid of India.

- one seeking turning their face, their hearts, their affections - or preferring Him rather than the pleasures of the flesh for a season.

- (The Great Pyramid is the Hall of Initiation of the White Brotherhood.)

- (Great Pyramid) the rock on which John viewed the New Jerusalem. - (We entered, in time, the King's Chamber between 1938 and 1958, as regards religious history as represented in the pyramid.)

- (Ra Ta) passed through those of the hell in the misinterpretation of same.

- (Cayce implies the 5th Root Race has not begun?)

- (Sun) for the use of its rays were used for supplying from the elements that which is required in the present to be grown through a season; or the abilities to use both those of introgression and retrogression. (Most are retrograded?)

- (Various sphinxes) various developments of that which becomes man - as in the present. (Lion -Bull- Horse - and Birds)

- City of Said and On and Og

- (Men "with portions of trees, scales")

- the Priest had also regenerated self, as to turn back time - as it were - in his own body.

- Self-indulgence, and jealousy "sap the spiritual purpose". - Do not regret

- (Ra Ta was not the Christ.)

- but as free men, - sought that knowledge in self, by its experience of unfoldment and the aiding in the forming of plans, as they unfolded. A very complex and at times a very competitive form of activity in the present.

- that force an opportunity to open thine heart

- All knowledge, then, now, or in the future, is latent within self - would man but begin to understand.

- thine own angel of thy self, what thou hast been, stands ever as the evidence of thy consciousness, thy awareness, thy presence in the throne of the Father.

- By attuning, turning thy thought, thy purpose, thy desire to be at an at-onement with Him.

- By the manner in which I, myself, treat my fellow man day by day.

- music for those as they swayed in body-movement - as in the chants that aided in the individual raising the thoughts in the praise of that power which impelled through thinking (as would be termed today), or the attuning of the spiritual selves to the attunement of the universal forces.

- (Ra Ta like Cayce had an unwed secretary.)

- (The attunement incantation, again, "ieoueio umh".)

- through associations of eating - give to a soul the harmonies necessary for the better attunement and unfoldment of the sources of force or power from within.

- These as they make for the raising of that from within of the Creative Forces, as it arises along that which is set within the inner man as that Cord of Life that once severed may separate balance of body, mind and soul.

- the morning stars in their circuit about the earth may sing with the glorious coming of the light into the experience of man to raise same to his at-one-ness and his attunement with those beauties of the coming of the sons of men into the earth.

- the intoning in of self within; that there might come, as it were, the sound as of many waters.

- these find their attunement in each chord as it rings one with another and all the music that may be heard from every sound that follows in eeiu-u-u-ummmm in its forms, through that attunement along the pineal to the source of light within the self to make for the emotions of glorifying alone.

- which feeding upon itself, as flesh upon flesh, bringeth corruption in the very souls of men.

- (These creatures have their "old features burned-off": the ox, roe, goat, and the hog.)

- the viola tuned to the vibrations of the fires of nature

- Music as of the spheres brought that purifying through attuning the vibrations with the destructive forces as manifested themselves in nature.

- Then does it awake, as has been given, that in nature, that in the natural tendencies that will bring for thine own experience that which brings healing in thine body, that brings to thine mind the awakening and to thy soul peace!

- (The rising of the mountains in the south of Egypt caused the Nile to change direction from west to north.)

- Man gained by working for "common interests."

- the understanding within the spiritual-mindedness of the entity for cleansing - or preparation of self.

- get rather the vision of its own abilities in the earth.

- those truths which made for the physical awakening

- (Could it be that the Temple Beautiful and the Temple of Sacrifice were located near the pyramids for a source of sacred fire.)

- that as written over the door of the Temple Beautiful: "Parcoi So Suno Cum". Lord, Lead Thou The Way. I commit my Body, my mind, To be one with Thee.

- (At the Altar cleansed of symbols) that were emblematical of the source of the stumbling block.

- (Temple Beautiful) was in the form of the pyramid, within which was the globe. Teaching "the symbolic understanding."

- For these, to be sure, were all symbolized - the faults, the virtues of man, in all his seven stages of development.

- that ye sing - Ar-r-r-Ou-u-Urr; which makes for the losing of even the association of the body with that save the vibrations of which the body was then composed; yea now is hardened.

- which made for the vibrating of same with light, that becomes color, that becomes tone.

- Seek then in tone - all of you: Ar-r-r-r-r-Ar. The guru says Har-rrrr-aum - how color emanates!

- the giving by the Prophetess of the Seal of Life.

- being in the world yet not of the world

- in purifying of the body, in washing in blood, in water, that ye may be purified before thyself first and then before others.

- The anointing with the incense, making for the raising of that ye know as thine senses or perception or consciousness of the activities to all the faults, by comparision. (Among others)

- those tempted from within and those tempted from without

- (The Temple Beautiful was preserved under) the Seven Seals of the Law.

- Though others make slight of thy manner of speech, of thy body, of thy walks, of thy ways, hold fast to Him; grudging no one.

- those cleansings of the feet

- (They studied the Seven Symbols.)

- (Seals) the effects from the planetary sojourn

- (Withstand temptation to approach God.)

- Symbols of the seven stages of man's development: world as the beetle - birth as the cockerl - mind as the serpent - wisdom as the hawk - The varied activities in the cross, the crown, the gate, the door, the way.

- in all of those urges as arise through emotion, through mind

- We must arise to our Destiny.

- Dance to become more erect!

- the destruction of Lemuria, Atlantis, and in later periods - the flood.

- (It is hard) to conceive of the activities that exist only three miles above the earth.

- realms of Relativity of Force, Relativity of Attraction in the Universe.

- (The slaves of the Atlanteans, the "things" were "merely automatons".)

- (Today we have more interference from) carnal forces as manifested in material associations.

- Purification - which took some six and a half years, as time would be measured in the present.

- (Symbols of the psyche) dependent, to be sure, upon how much of the will is exercised in regards to same, - toward activities for greater expansions.

- the idea, or ideal, of seeking light

- the "sacrificing self" was misinterpreted later as human sacrifice, instead of ego.

- (For group power) be one in purpose, in desire

- (After purification, anoint with oil.)

- Then as in the fires of nature, or in the blood of the Lamb that taketh away the sins of the world.

-254-109 The movement was NOT an Egyptian one, though ADOPTED by those in another period - or an earlier period - and made a part of the whole movement.

2462-2 57. (Q) Are there urges for music and art?

(A) Just as indicated in the building of the pyramids, the house of records as well as the chamber in which the records are built in stone, - these were put together by song. This the entity learned, - as he did the chants upon the river.

470-22 [470], in those activities where there was the transmuting of the bodily energies through electrical forces.

(A) Closely associated in those periods when the entity, Ajax, came into the Egyptian land. Those activities made for closer associations, for then Ajax - or [487] - and the entity now called [470] made the application or use of the abilities in engineering, and the building of machines for the application of these to the bodies of individuals - where there were appurtenances to be left off, where there was blood to be changed, or where the vibratory forces were to be set so as to remove those influences of possessions; and where there were those activities in which with the combination of sodas the bodily forces were enabled to reproduce in a manner as cross to that to which it had been set in its natural forces.

- (There are medical instruments to be found at Memphis.)

- A "City of Gold"

- Ovid said, "The fiery aether, which has no weight, formed the vault of heaven, flashing upwards to take its place in the highest sphere. Air, next to it in lightness.

- man was becoming trapped by his physical lusts

294-148 Ra Ta, a young prophet or seer of the Kingdom of Araarat - then a part of what is now known as Arabia and later, after the deluge, became known as Mt. Ararat.

- Ralij, in rebellion, had a palace in the City of the Ibex in southern Egypt.

- (Ra Ta had an illegitimate child by Isris named Iso)

- He needed to be secluded from corrupting forces in order to cultivate an atmosphere of attunement with the Creative Forces.

- (Ra Ta's residence and Nubia's major temple were on a mountain.)

- It took the regeneration of the physical body of Ra Ta to dispel any fear about the strength of the priest.

- Travel to and from Egypt was by balloons

- Two monuments were constructed to commemorate such accomplishments: the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

- Written records, placards and drawings, tombs and the arts of the day were preserved in underground chambers at Giza

- Right paw of the Sphinx is the entrance.

- Divine influence was made emblematically manifest in the Great Pyramid, not as a tomb but as a house of those dedicated to special service.

- Ra Ta, now referred to as Ra

- Base of Sphinx facing Giza

- Great Pyramid - center of Earth

- City just beyond Great Pyramid

- Egypt - center of radial activity in Earth

- Ajax-ol aided in preparing Great Pyramid - he placed colors that represented various periods.

- figured out the geometrical position of same in relation to those buildings as were put up of that connecting the Sphinx. And the data concerning same may be found in the vaults in the base of the Sphinx.

- "being rebuilt" on the Plains of Gizeh

- The Sphinx stands "above where the Temple of Isis had stood during the deluge, occurring some centuries before.

- Jesus' initiation in Great Pyramid

- The base of the Sphinx was laid out in channels, and in the corner facing the Gizeh may be found the wording of how this was founded.

- the pyramid of understanding, or Gizeh - and only to the king's chamber was the pathway built.

- (Arat of Carpathias)

- When the lines about the Earth are considered from the mathematical precisions, it will found that the center is nigh unto where the Great Pyramid - is still located. Then, there were the mathematical, the astrological and the numerological indications

- (Pyra - mid, seems to mean fire in the middle.)

- Ra Ta, who now was known as Ra; for with the entering in of Hermes with Ra - who came as one of the peoples from the mount to which these peoples had been banished. (Nubia)

- Egypt "the center of the universal activities of nature, as well as the spiritual forces.

- Until the changes were to come again in the Earth's position that would make for, as it had in this inundation that brought about Ra Ta's coming in the experience from the gods in the Caspian and the Caucasian Mountains, that had brought this change in the peoples.

- (It was the combined efforts of Ra, Hermes, and Isis that built the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. Cayce gave 100 years as the time needed to do this work.)

- worked out by Ra Ta in the mount as related to the position of the various stars, that acted in the place about which this particular solar system circles in its activity, going towards what?

- That same name as to which the priest was banished - the constellation of Libra, or to Libya were these people sent.

- (The priest Ra Ta) he must enter again at that period, or in 1998 - as a liberator.

- in the name Hept - supht (or "He who keeps shut.")

- (Sacred symbols: the ibex, scarab, ox, eagle, and the Sun.)

- Sealed with a sheet of metal.

- Gizeh - the place for the initiates and their gaining by personal application and by the journey or journeys through the various activities - as in the ceremonial actions of those that became initiates, it became very fitting (to those as in Ra, and those of Ra Ta Ra) that there should be the crowning or placing of this symbol of the record, and of the initiates place of activity, by one who represented both the old and the new; on representing then the Sons of Law in Atlantis, Lemuria, Oz and Og.

- The ceremony was long; the clanging of the apex by the gavel that was used in the sounding of the placing.

- (Positioning the encased novice for maximum vibration.)

- (Church steeples and bells from the pyramid?)

- the sounding as of ringing in the New Year, the sounding as of the coming of the Bridegroom (Spring)

- The old record in Gizeh is from that as recorded from the journey to Pyrenees; and to 1998 from the death of the Son of Man.

- activities of the entity who sealed with the seal of the Alta and Atlanteans

- (Apex of Pyramid) to be sounded when all the initiates were gathered about the altar

- (Keep in lines) the initiates in the order according to their adherance to the Law of One.

- then offered there incense

- and to be opened only when there was the returning of those into materiality

- (The tribulations of the last days begun in 1958, and end in 1998.)

- records and the buildings that were put in their respective actions or places of activity at this time.

- (The King's Chamber is on the 50th course)

- The Record Temple of Atlantis will rise with the change.

- the regeneration of the body came to him through the casting aside - of years to toil

- rising in the latter portion of the sojourn to those conditions wherein it was given charge of the activities in the Temples of Sacrifice, or the Temples of Initiation.

- (Say affirmation - be constructive to aid others)

- The "places of change" were recorded in the Great Pyramid.

- so in this manner were the first laws as relating to the indwelling of the Higher Forces given to man. With the absence of the communications as is given, this was written on tables of stone and slate, with the characters of same. In the first of the pyramids built in the Valley of the Shadow, there still may be found unto this day portions of data as was preserved with the ruler, who afterward was worshiped as the representative of God made manifest in earth. These will be found in the northwest corner or chamber of this mound.

- (Cayce again tells of an Atlantean city "just beyond the Great Pyramid".)

- The unifying of the teachings of many lands was brought together in Egypt.

- for that was the center from which there was to be the radial activity of influence in the earth

- Baptism - "not standing in it and being poured or sprinkled either".

- (Initiates must pass the test of the passage record in the Great Pyramid.)

- The records are in the Temple, or pyramids of records of the entity. (Self)

- (Ra Ta) in order for the regeneration of the peoples or the new race - they dug up old records for the understanding.

- These colors, that presented or represented the various periods, as well as the interpretations of On, Ra Ta and Hermes. (Test)

- (Pyramids) these were put together by song - as he did the chants upon the river.

- (Great Pyramid) or the way in which those who were edified were to receive their benediction, not only from the priests of the period but from the powers on high - through the manners

- (10500 BC) there was first that attempt to restore and add to that which had been begun on what is called the Sphinx, and the treasure or storehouse facing same, between this and the Nile.

- (There is the Hall of White Brotherhood at the Great Pyramid.)

- All changes that came in the religious thought in the world are shown there.

- (Great Pyramid) signified by both the layer and the color in what direction the turn is made - the meaning to be interpreted by those that have come and do come as the teachers of the various periods, in the experience of this present position of the activity of the spheres, of the Earth.

- In this same pyramid did the Great Initiate, the Master, take those last of the Brotherhood degrees with John.

- As is shown in that portion when there is the turning back from the raising up of Xerxes as the deliverer from an unknown tongue or land, and again is there seen that this occurs in the entrance of the Massiah in this period - 1998.

- (Great Pyramid) the period of the present is represented by the low passage or depression showing a downward tendency, as indicated by the variations in the character of stone.

- the present as the Cruciatarian Age, or that in which preparations are being made for the beginning of a new sub-race or a change, which - as indicated from the astronomical or numerical conditions.

- At the correct time accurate imaginary lines can be drawn from the opening of the Great Pyramid to the second star in the Great Dipper, called Polaris or the North Star. This indicates it is the system toward which the soul takes its flight after having completed - our system.

- (In October 1932 was) the first variation in the position of the polar star

- The dipper is gradually changing (and predicting our changes.)

- (There is a current influx of souls from) La, Ur or Da civilizations

- (Great Pyramid) Only those who have been called may truly understand. (In October?)

- Who, having his whole measure full, would desire more, does so to his own undoing.

- Isis, the queen, or the daughter of Ra

- (Armageddon) It will be as a thousand years, with the fighting in the air, and as has been - between those returning to and those leaving the earth.

- Cayce said in `58 we would discover how to float stones in the air.

- (The Sahara had) a city that was builded in the edge of the land, a city of those that worshipped the Sun. Most of the people had tails then. - crustations

- (Right paw of Sphinx) This may not be entered without an understanding, for those that were left as guards may not be passed until after a period of their regeneration in the Mount, or the fifth root-race begins.

- (After his Jerusalem visit, Christ went to India, then Persia, and then Egypt.)

- (From the age of 13 to 16 Christ studied in India under Kshjiar, then in Persia under Junner, then in Egypt he studied under Zar.)

- Pzzaro used gases, liquid air to move stones.

- (Ra Ta) And those that use the universal forces in fitting the stones - and was with what today be called the air fleet.

- (Atlantis) because of the desires for activities in which the baser metals, the baser activities might be turned into use for pleasures of the sons of Belial.

- Iltar and ten others left Atlantis for the Yucatan.

- The first temples that were erected by Iltar - were destroyed at the period of change.

- That now being found, and a portion already discovered that has laid in waste for many centuries, was then a combination of those peoples from Mu, Oz and Atlantis.

- Mu in the southern portions of that now called California and Mexico and southern New Mexico.

- The stones that are circular, that were of the magnetized influence upon which the Spirit of the One spoke to those peoples as they gathered in their service, are of the earliest Atlantean activities in religious service.

- the rise of initiates from the sources of light, that came from the stones upon which the angels of light during the periods gave their expression to the peoples.

- (The Lost Tribes influenced Mexico City.)

- Iltar and his people's descendents were the Mound Builders.

- (Pyramids) Those of the first civilization have been discovered, and have not all been opened; but their associations, their connections, are being replaced - or attempting to be rebuilt.

- Many of the second and third civilizations may never be discovered, for these would destroy the present civilization in Mexico to uncover same!

- Commanding the elements

- (Records will be found by) those that are initiates in the knowledge of the One God.

- The temple by Iltar will then rise

- The Atlantean records should be opened by former Atlanteans.

- The Records are One.

- (Sphinx) Mystery of the Ages - Sentinal or Guard

- Sphinx represents Asriario; (a counselor) findings in base of left forearm

- Atlantean records between Sphinx and Pyramid of Records

- Ar - Kar in tomb facing Sphinx

- Storehouse and records facing Sphinx. It "leads" to Records.

- The entity also gave the geometrical forces to the people.

- Araaraart, being then the second of the northern kings (Starting his reign at age 16, he reigned for 98 years.)

- Much of the architectural forces were set in motion

- This in position lies, as the sun rises from the waters, the line of the shadow (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx. Between, then, the Sphinx and the river.

- Many are the temples builded later in the plains that are yet to be uncovered, near the Sphinx, as seen at present, which represents a portion of contemporary forces and contemporaries during the period, see?

- (Sphinx) represents this councillor (Asriario) to the kings - giving strength, to the kings before and the kings since. (Accurate face)

- forearm, or leg - in the base of foundation - not in the underground channel (as was opened by the ruler many years, centuries, later), but in the real base, or that as would be termed in the present parlence as the cornerstone.

- Then in the present there is still seen that many take council from these forces as set in motion - for, with this arising again of the powers as may be set, and as are set, through the efforts, in entity will bring much - the representative of the entity

- the entity is in this experience under the symbol and the sign of both the Sphinx and the Pyramid, when there is to be given a new awakening in many portions of the earth.

- (Soldiers loyal to the banished Priest Ra Ta (Cayce) were) raised to a place of exaltation.

- Being, then, close in person to the priest

- Buried in that Mount - faces the Sphinx

- Records also "in the Aryan or Yucatan land" - where the Temple there is overshadowing same

- Egypt - upon tablets - Records Temple: lies between - or along that entrance from the Sphinx to the Temple

- Tablets. For, remember there are thirty two of these plates!

- (These records may be discovered any time after 1958.)

- You will find the records by that channel as indicated, as these may be obtained Mentally. wait until the full time

- these records were made from the angle of World movements

- necessary to purify self to find records.

- El-Dhli, keeper of Truths in treasure house

- Apt-at-el prepared linens

- Aris-Hobeth and her 32 tablets of records - entity could read these mentally

- "Harps" and "Menus" preserved there also

- begins then the reign in `98

- (Finder of Records) One of the two. Two, with a guide. Hept-supht, El ka, and Atlen. These will occur appear.

- (Sacred instruments: the lyre, harp, flute, and viola.)

- 996-12 large cylindrical glass (as would by termed today), cut with facets in such a manner that the capstone on top of same made for the centralizing of the power or force that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone itself.

- (Yucatan Records) where these stones (that they know so little about) are now - during the last few months - being uncovered - When there has come those individuals who will purify themselves in the manner necessary for the gaining.

- In `38 it should come about, should the entity - or others may, be raised.

- the records informs that we're partially of the old characters of the ancient or early Egyptian, and part in the newer form of the Atlanteans. (Hieratic)

- found altar stones (round) in `33 (oracles)

- As was set in those records of the Law of One in Atlantis, that there would come three that would make of the perfect way of life.

- a balance in their spiritual, their mental, their material experiences or existences, so may they become those channels.

- Cone pyramid of King Arart, first Pharaoh of Egypt

- (Initiation: a seven day ritual - song and dance - they clang the capstone on the last service.)

- peoples that had followed the priest back from the Nubian or Abyssinian

- the entity's own private seal bearing those of the dove - or that one of peace - with the horns of the ram.

- The High Priest (Ra Ta or Ra) who gave the elements of the religious force.

- the hope that lies within the human breast

- (Araart was the first king, Araaraart was the second king, and Araart's grandson Azorut was also Pharaoh)

- (Araaraart) One of good stature - for we find this entity of the larger peoples as came in from the North.

- (Could the Egyptian have mistaken Solon's country for that of the Caspian - Caucasian land?)

- As one of Pharaohs of which there were more than three thousand.

- Lost as attempting to administer the medicinal forces and learning as was gained in this Islo, or school - for the entity attempted to apply that in the material sense that were of the night side of life, or to apply the forces of the night side to the spiritual needs.

- (Made of precious stones and symbols) being in the form of the beetle - (Scarab)

- that first concept of the square, the compass, and its meaning to those peoples as a mode of leaving for those that would study same, history in its making. (Pa Rizla)

- Ehel's medical compounds in undiscovered pyramid will be found useful today.

- (A great library at Memphis was destroyed.)

- (Medical secrets are gained by) those who bled peoples to count their blood clots.

- In pre- Ra Ta period; Oual set up first pyramids. - Pre- Ra Ta pyramids in hill country near head of Nile.

- Pyramids - a sign of past, present, and future.

- (Astrological writings) in tombs near Memphis

- (Ruler of 10.5 million years ago) in upper Nile near present Valley of Tombs

- Pre - Ra Ta pyramid in Valley of Shadow; portions of stone tablets preserved with ruler in northwest corner. 10,500,000 years ago!

- obelisks yet to be uncovered in the small or first pyramids of beryl (cone?) closer to head of Nile, and also closer to quarry.

- (Pyramid a sign) spiritual comprehension of material associations in spirit, would interrupt that which had been, that which is, and that which was to be.

- there are interpretations that become a matter of the consciousness of the individual so making same.

- that period when much change was coming to the peoples through the study of the mysteries of the ages past.

- (Astrology - many copies at Memphis)

- (Ra Ta changed the names of the faithful.)

- (The civilized world of 10,500 BC consisted of Tibet, Egypt, Sahara, Mongolia, Caucasia, Norway, Peru, Utah, Arizona, and Mexico.)

- (Spheres were at the same latitudes then as now. Same stars in cycle)

- Earth brought forth the seed in her season.

- man appeared in five places then at once! - the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations.

- Egypt was invaded by "the now Tibetan and Caucasian forces."

- (Some Laws were written on slate.)

- Apex-el (Atlantean) first to begin library at Alexandria. (Founded as Deosho)

- (Isis had another spelling then, Isois)

- (Pole-shift) and there had been the edict that the land must be changed.

- Apex-el, an Atlantean settled in the Pyrenees - And there still may be seen in the chalk cliffs there in Calais - their religious activities. He also began library of Alexandria, 10,300 BC. Evidence yet to be found "about" Alexandria.

- (Mark of the Gospel of Mark, was known as John Mark)

- (Mark and Andrew the Saints left writings where they spent their last days at Alexandria, and "cities of Chaldea and Persia.")

- (Those loyal to Ra Ta) who first in the sand took on especial class of raiment or garments to designate self from other peoples.

- (After the old, wore-out Ra Ta was regenerated to health and vitality) there were the disseminations of those tenets.

- Nile represents the "River of Life".

- Activities in its preparation for those various groups set in the form and at certain periods or phases of moon and sun, when there were those changes in the astrological effect upon various portions of the body.

- Elevators, electrical car, aerial locomotion to be discovered in Gobi. - also the City of Gold.

- Evidence of correlation of truths - in Gobi

- The ancient greatness of Mongolia was destroyed by insects!

- In 6-16-37 excavations were being made near the City of Gold. (In the Gobi)

- Proofs of trend of civilization moving westward.

- The Gobi of 10,500 BC was populated by non-oriental. (They used an alloy of iron and copper, like Peru, that had properties like iron.)

- (Mongolia) Temple of Gold, the temple that was set with the jewels of the land.

- (Among them was) the representative of the understandings - "Tasmai" (Gobi)

- Anyone "turning within" can do wonders!

- A whole civilization above the Temple of Gold - City of Poona now?

- (Siam and Indo-China were part of the Mongol's Gobi domain.)

- (The cities of Wu and On were in the Gobi.)

- (The insects that destroyed the Gobi empire brought "that dread activity in the body.")

- things and their relationships in their proper sphere may bring material wealth

- (Wealth can be had, to further our purpose.)

- in what is called the Gobi land, with the children of the Sun.

- Records recently (6-18-34) uncovered in Ethopia of teachings of Phillip and Simon. Some of purest records of Jesus made by Euendi.

- (In Nubia) Whole mountains were honeycombed - perpetual fires are still in activity.

- (Jesus given as the "Word" made the confession.)

- through the visions that were brought into the land

- all the delving into the mysteries of nature, the mysteries of how certain chants, incantations and intimations bring the arising of the influences in the experience of bodies.

- Lapis linguis keeps the fires of passion low.(Stone)

- (Symbols of note: Ibex bird, Bull of Ipis, Staff with double serpent, Scarab, and the hooded man.)

- (There are ruins in southern Libya of Cubri.)

- when permission is granted to search for sacred records of Atlanteans.

- Truth is that which grows in the hearts of men.

-341-9 (A) This entity we find one coming in favor with the king, being brought in from among the hills, where the unearthing of old monuments, and the entity then highly educated in the reading of the old inscriptions. Hence coming in favor with all, giving the assistance to king in creating the good will between old and new inhabitants of the country.

19. We are through for the present.

470-22 There we find the application of the electrical forces and influences was especially in the association and the activities of same upon metals; not only as to their location but as to the manner of the activity of same as related to the refining of some, and the discovery of others, and the use of the various forms or transportation of same - or transformation of same to and through those influences in the experience.

6. We find the entity there made use of the metal known as iron, or the combinations of iron and copper - which have long since been removed from use in the present; or copper so tempered by the use of same with a little of the iron, or in its formation in such a way and manner as to be hardened to the abilities for same to be used much in the way that many of those combinations have been found in the Egyptian, the Peruvian and portions of the Chaldean lands - and MORE will be found in the Indo-China city yet to be uncovered.

7. All of these arose from the applications of same that were a part of the activity of the entity then, now called [470].

8. In the activities the application of these was in a little different order, of course, from that in the present. For the characters of the dynamo or the generators for same were used in a way and manner in which there was the transformation of the direct to the activities for using same much in the same manner (the entity will understand, in the study of same) in which gases are now used as a means for propelling force or influence to act as a pump for the transformation of casing-head gas to gasoline, and the REFUSE used to produce or make the power for the machine producing same.

9. That is, from the direct current passing through the activity of the fusing of metals and the transmutation that forms from same, and the active forces as turned into that in which it makes for the clearing of the refuse forces of the ore in such a manner that the very fuse itself becomes the source of an alternating current to which there is added then a stepped-up activity in which the direct current then becomes the source of the energy to produce this fusing of the metals or ores.

11. All of these activities then became a part of the use of electrical forces for metals and their activity upon same to be used as carbonizing them, or directing them in manners in which they became as magnetic forces for the applications to portions of the body for transmuting or changing the EFFECT of activities upon the physical energies and forces of the body; able to use same as re-ionizing or re-generating the bodily forces themselves.

12. For as the very forces of the bodily functionings are electrical in their activity, the very action of assimilation and distribution of assimilated forces is in the physical body an active force of the very LOW yet very high VIBRATORY forces themselves.

13. Hence there the entity made application in those directions; and these act upon the influences or forces or metals, or active principles within the human forces themselves.

14. For within the human body - living, not dead - LIVING human forces - we find every element, every gas, every mineral, every influence that is outside of the organism itself. For indeed it is one with the whole. For it is not only a portion of, and equal to, and able to overcome or meet every influence within, but there is not the ability in the third dimensional force or influence to even imagine anything that isn't a part of the activity of a physical LIVING organism!

Of course, the partner with the entity - who is now called Ford [Henry Ford] [See 470-22, Par. R1] - will be the one through whom and to whom these will become the most interesting, and where there may be channels through which much may come; as in the mines in portions of Kentucky where there is the coal activity and portions of iron and manganese - which is a portion, or the fusion of same in the use of these - all become a part of the activity. These will be the channels and the sources and the places through which much of this will eventually come, if the entity is active in MAKING a further study of these - and the application to the use of metals and irons especially.

20. (Q) With reference to information given through this channel in previous reading on smelting of ores, will it be possible to use a low voltage direct current with a high potential without changing it to an alternating current?

(A) It will be found that it is possible, plausible and will work - through this current passing, as there is begun the smelting or the changing of the ore itself by its combination with the heats and other elements that become a part of its transmutation from ore and its drosses to a metal with the ability for its working - as iron and copper, and especially those two together. These we see form and make for the ability for activity. While there are two different principles in their combinations and use with the electrical forces, we will find these will come back together.


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