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Edgar Cayce - The Empire of Og

Edgar Cayce - The Empire of Og

5748-1 2. EC: Yes, we have the work here and that phase concerning the indwelling in the earth's plane of those who first gave laws concerning indwelling of Higher Forces in man. In giving such in an understandable manner to man of today, [it is] necessary that the conditions of the earth's surface and the position of man in the earth's plane be understood, for the change has come often since this period, era, age, of man's earthly indwelling, for then at that period, only the lands now known as the Sahara and the Nile region appeared on the now African shores; that in Tibet, Mongolia, Caucasia and Norway in Asia and Europe; that in the southern cordilleras and Peru in the southwestern hemisphere and the plane of now Utah, Arizona, Mexico of the north-western hemisphere, and the spheres were then in the latitudes much as are presented at the present time.

3. The man's indwelling [was] then in the Sahara and the upper Nile regions, the waters then entering the now Atlantic from the Nile region rather than flowing northward. The waters in the Tibet and Caucasian entering the North Sea, those in Mongolia entering the South Seas, those in the cordilleras entering the Pacific, those in the plateau entering the Northern Seas.

4. When the earth brought forth the seed in her season, and man came in the earth plane as the lord of that in that sphere, man appeared in five places then at once - the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations.

2665-2 10. In the one before this we find in the land of now the Utah and Nevada forces, when the first peoples were separated into groups as families. The entity then in the name of Ulda, and gave then much to the people in the manner of the way to prepare the dwellings for the mates, as the entity one among the few who were successful in holding same to that view; that is, her own mate, see? In this we find the entity developed much and gave much to the peoples who were to succeed in this land, and in the ruins as are found that have arisen, in the mounds and caves in the northwestern portion of New Mexico, may be seen some of the drawings the entity then made. Some ten million years ago. [See 2665-2, Par. R6, R8.]

2669-1 11. In the one before this we find in a strange land, now unknown in the world's experience; that lying westward from what is NOW southern California and Mexico. In this land the entity ruled as with an iron hand, for - from and through this land - many were the escapes from the various upheavals that occurred in those olden periods when there were the divisions of waters and the divisions of land, and dry land appeared. In this experience the entity lost, and in the aggrandizing of selfish interests. In the name Olu.

993-1 20. In the one before this we find in that land known as the land of Og, now known as that of the American plateaus, or in north portion of now New Mexico, and such. The entity then among the peoples who first gave to those peoples the home and home's influence, making for that about which peoples came as those that would gain by the consolidation of strength; not in physical but in mental abilities. Then in the name Uzld. In THIS period the entity gained much, gaining much of the knowledge of the metals and the minerals of the earth and the usages same could be put for man's own use. In the one who brought to the entity this experience may the entity gain much in the present experience, and the entity will meet this entity on the 17th day of August 1929, at HOME. [GD's note: At the time we thought this might refer to Mr. [195].]

1912-1 9. In the one before this we find in that land now known as the western land in the present country, and during those periods when there were the sojourn of the peoples from the first land, the inundations of the isles in the sea. The entity was among those who embarked to this strange land, and settling there in the groups over which the priestess became the ruler in the land now known as Arizona, or as the New Mexico land. The entity gained through the experience under the guidance, the tutelage, and finally the ruler of the land - for the entity mated then with this princess, [See 349-1] or priestess, in the land - and GAINED in the latter portion, when service of both those gained of old and those of new became the message to the peoples that gathered little by little about the entity. In the name Hohoi. In the present we find the abilities to meet those of various beliefs on a common GROUND, yet do not allow same to become a stumbling block.

2143-1 11. In the one then before this we find in that land that is known now as the nativity land, in those periods when there were those building and dwelling in the hills, in the caves, and the entity was among those who made for the first of the home life in that land now known as Nevada and of Mexico. In this respect there is oft the call to the entity to be interested in, or to go to, those portions OF the land, and these would be well under certain circumstances or conditions, but where there is rule - or where there is power - may the entity do the better in the present experience. Gaining, did the entity, through this experience; for, as there was builded for that that drew about the various groups those of a centralization of force, power and activity, that was made in unison or in cooperation, this brought harmony, peace, happiness, and understanding. So may the entity in the present apply same in the activities of the entity day by day, to bring about those things that may make for a closer relation with the CREATIVE forces of life, that cannot be satisfied with those that make for contentions, or misunderstandings, though they offer TO self those of the glories of the present.

2504-4 17. These, as seen, lie in that of assisting, of directing, in aiding others, and in THIS the entity may excel - for, as is seen, in each of those experiences self-aggrandizement has never been a fault, and hard for the entity to understand an individual that is so warped in self as to set selfish interests before that of its fellow man. In keeping same, then, keep that in the tenets as of that explained in Arrg [Og?], in the temple, or in the school called Arrg [Og?].

1437-1 23. Before that we find the entity was in the land now known as the Yucatan or Central America, when there were those activities by those peoples who came from the Inca or the land of Og and the Atlantean land; when there were the attempts to reestablish those activities of not only the older portions of the Atlantean civilization but also of those who sojourned in that particular experience.

24. The entity was raised to that one in authority as an ACTIVE priest, furnishing the activities in the temples (that are beginning to be uncovered in the present).

25. From those very associations we find arising in the present those peculiar interests the entity has had in the occult and the mysterious and the mysteries of life.

1226-1 35. Before that we find the entity was in the Peruvian land, during those periods when those of Og and those changes that came about with the destruction of the Atlanteans were in progress and there were the beginnings of the communications with those of many other lands.

36. The entity then was one in authority, one in power, making for the activities that were a helpful influence in settlings for those that had made for turmoils through indifferences and differences that arose in other lands.

37. The name then was Om-muom.

262-39 16. (Q) HLC: Please advise me regarding the preparation and presentation of the article or story which I am preparing on the Great Congress held during the age of the destruction of the enormous animals that once roamed the earth. [See 364-4.]

(A) In the period when this became necessary, there was the consciousness raised in the minds of the groups, in various portions of the earth, much in the manner as would be illustrated by an all-world-broadcast in the present day of a menace in any one particular point, or in many particular points. And the gathering of those that heeded, as would be the scientific minds of the present day, in devising ways and means of doing away with that particular kind or class of menace.

As to the manner in which these gathered, it was very much as would be were the Graf [Graf Zeppelin?] to start to the various portions for those that represented, or were to gather those that were to counsel, or were to cooperate in that effort. And, as this, then, was in that particular plane or sphere that then was in the land which has long since lost its identity, except in the inner thought or visions of those that have returned or are returning in the present sphere, the ways and means devised were as those that would alter or change the ENVIRONS for which those beasts were needed, or that necessary for their sustenance in the particular portions of the sphere, or earth, that they occupied at the time. And this was administered much in the same way or manner as were there sent out from various central plants that which is termed in the present the Death Ray, or the super-cosmic ray, that which many are seeking into which will give their lives much, from the stratosphere, or cosmic rays, that will be found in the next twenty-five years.

This presented, then, in such a manner, and drawing upon the varied conditions that existed in the various portions of the land then occupied by man.

17. (Q) What was the date B.C. of this gathering? (A) 50,722. [See pp. 14-16 EARTH CHANGES published by ECP in 1961.]

18. (Q) Were there any outstanding methods of destruction developed which I have not mentioned? (A) Draw on these that we have given here.

19. (Q) Were any countries represented which I have not named? (A) Og.

20. (Q) Who was the general leader for this congress? (A) One with the nomenclature Tim.

21. (Q) Of what land or country? (A) Poseidia, from Atlantis

1211-1 37. Before that, then, we find the entity was in the land of the present nativity, during those periods when there were the first of the activities of those peoples in the lands which now represent a portion of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah.

38. There the entity was among those who made for the associations with those activities when the great powers or nations - through those influences as brought by the activities in Egypt, India, the Gobi, the Og - cooperated in one great cause.

39. The entity then was a leader among those peoples for the alleviating of man's influence upon that created by man in the enormous animals that had lost control by the influences of the powers of suggestion in the associations of the spirit - or sons of men - upon the animal world.

40. The entity's name then, as would be sounded, would be Oum-om.

165-5 32. (Q) Is it worth while for me to investigate the ancient ruins in Mexico? (A) Much may be developed from these, AS HAS BEEN GIVEN. Now we find MANY things that are in keeping with that as has been given as respecting the association of these with many things associated with those as are connected with these surroundings here. As seen, both in Mexico, New Mexico, Peru, and parts of Arizona, these are of a civilization collaborating that from which the foundations of the present are being built on. Hence many collaborations and many coordinating things may be brought to light through these - research! This should be a portion of the Association's work, and followed out with same through these channels AGAIN we find others may be brought into a contact with that being worked out, as this is a portion of the work. RESEARCH in its greater extent, and the applying of same to those conditions present. This should be part of the work, and would be well to be added to same, as has been given to [165] to interest those that are of various fields that would bring much moneys, financial aid, and greater in the educational end of that being attempted.

294-148 7. There were also established storehouses, that would be called banks in the present, or places of exchange, that there might be the communications with individuals in varied lands; for even in this period (though much had been lost even by these peoples) was there the exchange of ideas with other lands, as of the Poseidian and Og, as well as the Pyrenean and Sicilian, and those that would now be known as Norway, China, India, Peru and American. These were not their names in that particular period, but from whence there were being gathered a portion of the recreations of the peoples; for the understandings were of one tongue! There had not been as yet the divisions of tongues in THIS particular land. This was yet only in the Atlantean or Poseidian land.

470-2 12. In the one before this we find in the days of the peoples coming from the waters in the submerged areas of the Southern portion as is now of Peru, when the earth was divided, and the people began to inhabit the earth again. One entity among those who succeeded in gaining the higher grounds, and then in the name of (which was changed afterwards) Omrui, and changed to Mosases, for the entity became the ruler and the guide, or the patriarch of that age and gave much assistance to the few as was gathered about the entity. Only failing in taking unto self too many of the opposite sex of in the land, bringing then the entity of many of the peoples in the later days.

691-1 27. Before that we find the entity was in that land now known as the American, during the periods when there were the sojourning of those from the land of Mu, or Lemuria.

28. The entity was then among the first of those that were born in what is now portions of Arizona and of Utah, and among those that established the lands there for the building up or growing up of that civilization in those experiences; and was in the name Uuluoou.

29. In the experience the entity led many for a greater understanding of how there might be made the closer relationships with the material things and the spiritual thoughts of the people.

816-3 26. Before that (among those that influence the entity in the present) we find the entity was in that land now known as the land of the entity's nativity, in those portions that were the place of refuge from Mu and the upper or first activities of the Atlantean land - and in that now known as Arizona and Utah did the entity then become the first of those that established the cave dwellers, and the use of the metals as a medium of exchange and adornment.

1179-2 35. Before that we find the entity was in that land now known as the American, when there were those periods of those peoples from what is called On (?) (or Peru), Lemuria, the changes in the earth surface.

36. The entity then was in that land now known as a portion of Arizona and Utah, THEN in the name Ummmum.

37. Then the entity was among the first that were active in the experiences making for the settlings into groups for protection from the influences from without, as well as for the aiding in COUNSELLING to those as their developments came in the earth.

851-2 13. Before that we find the entity was in that land now known as the American, during those periods when there were the changes that had brought about the sinking of Mu or Lemuria, or those peoples in the periods who had changed to what is now a portion of the Rocky Mountain area; Arizona, New Mexico, portions of Nevada and Utah.

14. The entity then was among the princesses of the land that established there the teachings of the Law of ONE, from the activities in the land which had brought destructive forces through the separations from those things that made for the love of the individual for the gratifying of selfish motives.

15. Then the entity established what may be called the home life in that land, as each home became then as the castle of place of worship - or activities that were separated, yet united in one as for purposes. The name then was Ouowu.

962-1 41. Before that we find the entity was in that now known as the American land, in those places about what is now a portion of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado.

42. There the entity was among those who were the outcome of those who had come from the land of Mu, or Lemuria.

43. There the entity began the dwellings as of a separate peoples into groups when they had been bound together by the necessities then.

44. The entity as a ruler then, in the name Tutotu, made for the dividing or grouping of groups for some specific or special activity; yet as defense all came together as one.

1947-1 49. And the entity was known then as the "great mother" of those who became emissaries from the Egyptian land. Many were the offspring of the entity put into authority in the land of Said, as well as On and Og and the Carpathian, as well as that land now known as the Spanish, as well as the Aryans in the American land.

2656-1 18. In the one before this we find in that rule when the laws were being made in now the Peruvian country. Then in the rule of Og (?). The entity brought to self and others much faith, much hope, and much destructive forces, for the entity then in the position of the ruler's guide, and in the name Joiael, and the urge as is seen is that of the fear of what OTHERS may think or say from the actions of the entity.

1144-2 26. Before that we find the entity was in the land now know as or called Egypt, yet the entity was a native of the Atlantean land - and one that made a visit and became active in many of the lands to which the Atlanteans went and made THEIR various settlements in that period.

27. Hence the entity was among the daughters of the Law of One, being a priestess of the temple in the Poseidian land; among those that went to the Egyptian land with those peoples for the establishing of the associations; also visiting those that established themselves in now the Pyrenees - or the eastern portion of the continental Europe, and those that established themselves in what is now known as a portion of America - in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and those portions of the land.

28. Hence all of these lands have their influence in the experience of the entity, and there may be - through those periods of the deeper meditation, the periods of thought - the periods when the entity may through the mystic forces, in which there is the innate interest in the present, become more and more aware of the motivative forces of the Law of One, or of the Creative Force and its relationships to the souls of men and women in their experience through the earthly sojourn.

29. Then the entity's name was Assemelea.

1604-1 35. Before that we find the entity was in the land now known as the Gobi, during those periods when there were the activities from the land of Mu and On and Og, and the land of Saneid and those peoples in that now called the Egyptian land.

36. The entity then was among those of the household of the rulers who made overtures for associations and activities, first with those peoples from the Indo-China land, or the French portion of same - as well as the Indian land.

37. And the entity dwelt in the City of Gold.

38. In that period of experience the entity also gained and lost; gained through the counsels and activities as pertaining to bringing BETTER conditions for those who were of the laity or the workers.

39. For during those experiences there were still those who were entangled in matter, having more of the animal-like character or activity.

40. Hence we find in the present experience those things of interest that arise from strange places, strange associations, strange relationships become a portion of the entity's experience.

41. And the entity enjoys a good joke, as well as being able to create the environs or background for pleasure that is in itself constructive in the experiences of others.

42. For the entity then was a princess, and in the name Su-Sun.

43. Before that we find the entity was in the Yucatan or Mayan land, when there were those activities that destroyed the Atlantis land - or that portion of the Poseidian isle or city.

44. The entity was among those who journeyed to other lands, knowing much of the activities of the sons of Belial as well as the precautions and warnings that had been issued by the children of the Law of One.

45. Hence we find the entity was among those who in the early portions of that material sojourn entered into the new buildings, the new activity that became destructive because of the influences from the land of Og and On, and the activities that arose in the western portion of that particular period of sojourn.

46. For there, during the entity's experience, was the upheaval which settled so much in portions of that now known as the southwestern U.S.A.

812-1 33. Before that we find the entity was in that now and then called the Atlantean land, in the city of Poseidon, when there had begun the fires of the rebellions that brought about those activities by those of high authority in portions of the activities of the land that made for its destruction.

34. The entity then was among those of the household of Aja (?), in the name Amelelia, and acted as the priestess to those in the Temple of Light, that made for the guiding of those things pertaining to the motivative influences in the MATERIAL affairs of individuals; what would be termed in the present as those who oversaw the activities of the communications between the various lands - as from Om, Mu, the hierarchy land in that NOW known as the United States, in that particular portion of Arizona and Nevada that are as a portion of that Brotherhood of those peoples from Mu.

35. In the experience the entity gained through the greater portion of its activities; though there were those periods when it was often doubted by those that were in authority. Though the entity claimed its authority, it held to that which to itself was keeping ever inviolate those laws that were transmitted by the other forces, those of the outside influences, as man might apply the elements of nature, the elements of the air, the elements of the heavens themselves, for his own activity.

1252-1 16. Before this we find the entity was in the Indian land, during those periods when there were the attempts to correlate the tenets or teachings from the Atlantean land, from Ra-Ta, Saneid, On, and the peoples in the Gobi land.

1252-1 17. The entity then was the interpreter to Saneid, and those that compiled the various experiences of the varied groups for the active use in the experiences of those peoples in that particular land and under those particular environs.

18. The entity was among the first that attempted to break that which has arisen to be castes.

19. Before that we find the entity was in the land of the present nativity during those periods when there was the breaking up of the islands in now the South Seas, and the combinations of those that made for the changes in those environments of those peoples.

20. The entity then was among those first that have become known as the cave or cliff dwellers, in that portion now known as Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico. In those environs and places did the entity make for its activities, in the name then Un-nn.

5245-1 9. Before that we find the entity was in the land now known as Yucatan, when there were those establishings in the land from the Atlanteans. The entity was in the temples, set as the recorder, in the name then Arsth. In the experiences there were those periods of dissension with those in authority when there were the decisions of most of the peoples to join with the movement in what is now portions of Arizona. The entity chose to remain in the experiences there. Records may eventually be discovered again.

10. Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land during what was known as the second of the breakings-up of the land. The entity was among the children of the Law of One, and yet embraced many of those activities of the children of the sons of Belial. For, as had been bidden by the ones in authority, there should be little of those mixings of groups in efforts to establish, to use the offspring as beasts of burden or workers in mills or in clays.

11. These experiences, though, cost the entity dearly through the period, for listening to those activities in the sons of Belial, gratifying of material appetites, became a part of the entity's expression. In the name then Arsen.

1914-1 20. In the one before those we find in that land now known as the western plain land, or in the HILL - that was then plain. The entity was then in that region known as now the upper portion of Arizona, in those periods when there were the attempts to establish homes, to establish association with the various groups, or heads of homes, of families, of sex; or of those conditions that made for a better security in the land against those who either were as raiders or who came in from other lands. The entity then acted in that capacity of (as today would be termed) high sheriff, or as a judge in the land. Hence law, the things pertaining to law, have ever had an interest for the entity - and the entity in his INNATE self has his opinions which are near right in ALL the lands as respecting relationships of such natures. In this experience the entity gained throughout. In the name Neediio. In the present, the lands, the conditions, the peoples of the period, are as DREAMS or visions of the entity - and from this experience the entity gained that ability to gain much intuitively, or through hunch, or through entering into a silence that makes for a better understanding.

2576-1 27. Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, during those periods when there was the breaking up and the journeying to the various lands.

28. The entity was among those who came to what is now the Yucatan land, later journeying with many of those peoples to the south and west - or in portions of Arizona, as now known.

2576-1 29. Through the experience the entity was among those who made use of spiritual laws for material affectation; not so much in the abuse as in the negligence in supplying or in aiding others - that were of the groups of "things" - to attain to a greater awareness.

30. The name then was Esdo.

172-3 12. In the one before this we find in that land now know as America, in that land known as that of the West. The entity then among those that were come into the land as immigrants from the far east, now, or from the now known as India land, settling with those peoples in the plains now known as Arizona. The entity among those, then, that set up this combination of cults that built in the land the temples and the dwellings in the rocks. The entity then GAINED much through that experience, becoming the priestess to those peoples. Known then as the Happapulpick people, and giving much to the aborigines of the land, and understanding, and OF same came those that made of the land, or of the metals and the clays, much of that that was later taken in the Yucatan land, in the Mexico land, into the southern land, being driven down by the heavy men from the north. The entity among those that immigrated again in its latter years, setting up the new - IN the new land, that which became as the land of gold. In the name Zklpu. In the present there is seen, innately, the association of any gold or filigree work as being associated with the tenets of religious thought; the entity seeking rather to know the effect in the present of same upon the INTUITIVE forces of man.

2822-1 18. Before that the entity was in the land now known as the Yucatan, when there were those activities as various groups were being organized by the upsetting of the earth's surface, as well as the various groups that had come from parts of other lands.

19. The entity then was the leader in a spiritual and a material activity, as founded upon not wholly an empire or that of a local nature, but the attempt of a unified work.

20. Then in the name Quenteroien, the entity gained. Some of the groups followed those lands as were set or established in parts of now southwestern New Mexico, where some of the Lost Tribes were established as a center; and others from the entity's own group withdrew to same. Eventually the entity abandoned same; though expecting to return, never did.

21. These brought periods of disturbance, - but that area of the land, of what is now the southwest of the entity's present land of sojourn, has been and ever will be a source of interest for the entity; not only as to the activities of the peoples and their associations with certain groups or associations because of certain inborn activities, but of the lands themselves.

1744-1 32. Before that we find the entity was again in the land now known as the American, during those periods when there was the ingress of those who had escaped from the Persian and Indian land, - who had drifted as it were across the waters of now the Pacific, and had become a settlement or had begun to establish settlements in what is now lower California, and portions of Arizona and the like.

33. These lands have a particular drawing for the entity, yet without a great deal of accomplishment in same. But from these and in these lands may the entity gain a great deal of the intuitive influences in its abilities to depict - either in short story or in the arts to which the entity is inclined - in such ways as to bring great outlet for the entity.

34. The name then was Shulun.

1434-1 32. Before that we find the entity was in the lands of the present nativity or sojourn in the present, during those periods when there were those peoples entering into the land now called the Yucatan - after leaving the Atlantean and Poseidon land.

33. The entity was among those peoples who journeyed to the farther West or North and West from the Yucatan land; and the entity there was a priestess, and of the children of the Law of One.

34. The joinings in activities there were for the attempts to establish with those peoples that had been a portion of the lost or strayed tribe, that came across from Lemuria; as well as with those that came from the lands of bondage by the Persians and those that later were called the Indo-Chinans - or those peoples from the mountain who raided the Indian land.

35. There the entity aided in establishing a new unison of activity, in what would now be called the Arizona land.

36. There the entity may in the present experience find its companion or associations for the greater activity in the present experience; and those things that pertain to that land or the western land will have, do have, an influence and a CALL as it were latent within the entity's experiences.

3513-1 24. Before that the entity was again in the land of the present nativity during those periods when activities were set up or established in the Southwest, by those who had journeyed from other lands when the Ten Tribes were carried away.

25. The entity was among those children born in that land, now a portion of Arizona and New Mexico. These portions of the land appeal in many ways to the entity - the wide open spaces, and yet there is the desire for home, for security, in mental as well as in spiritual as may apply in material things.

26. The entity became a teacher, one after whom the young modeled, and things pertaining to such direction should be a part of the present experience of the entity.

4211-1 11. In the one before this we find in the plains country of now Northern and Western Arizona, when the peoples were ruling in that land by the rule or settling from the Atlantean country. The entity then in that of Arzud and the one in whose the settlement was left in charge of, and who ruled with the iron hand after the dissolution of the peoples who attempted to make this settlement. The entity gaining from this the desire as is felt to make might the right, or by force, yet in the ennobling influences often regretting the conditions as produced.

5729-1 18. Before that the entity was in the land of the present sojourn, but in the areas of the Southwest; for the entity then was among those called the Cliff Dwellers, being of those peoples who came up from Yucatan to the Northeast and to portions of Arizona and New Mexico - as now known.

19. The entity was a teacher, a leader, a priestess of the people.


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