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Edgar Cayce - Past Lives

Edgar Cayce - Past Lives

- they could draw upon the Creative Forces to translate mental images into material shape and substance through a change, or lowering, in the vibratory rate of the thought pattern.

364-8 The readings call Him Amilius, the name under which He first entered the earth-plane.
- The Spirit of God is aware through activity
- (Sex brought them to flesh?) Then those so entering must continue through the earth until the body-mind is made perfect for the soul.
- a cave in the ancient and arid plateau region of the American Southwest - once a portion of the now sunken continent of Lemuria - cave drawings there are ten million years old!
- able to push out of themselves in that direction in which its development took shape in thought - much in the way and manner as the amoeba.
- Ram, or Rama, was one of the first of the great initiates, and he was the founder of the Vedic teachings. (5000 BC?)
- (Atlantis) the mighty crystal, whose prisms could gather and harness the incredible energies in the rays from far-off Arcturus or the Sun.
- Adama, meaning "the red earth".
- 50,722 BC - a period some thiry-nine thousand years before Adam's advent during the next return of the Age of Virgo, which mark the commencement of our present Grand Cycle of the Ages.
- (Suggest that the first influx of souls was ten and a half million years age, with the last race starting about 11,722 BC.)
- (Asapha was the spiritual ruler of Egypt in fifty thousand years before Christ. -The Council of Forty-four - It was Cayce in that early incarnation.)
- (Cayce appeared in Egypt as "Adonis" - called the higher self) Adonis was conceived of the Divine Father and born of Nyrrha - the purified lower nature.
- Ra Ta's entry through a daughter of Zu, but without earthly father!
- Hippolytus - Now the Assyrians call this (mystery of soul development) Adonis (or Endymion).
- 44 - this number will run through many numbers - there is the law pertaining to each and every element significant to man's existence considered and given in one manner or form by the groups as gathered - 44 as one of the four so called master numbers, which retain their given value; the other three are 11, 22, and 33.
- (In 50,000 BC there were 133,000,000 people!)
- (50,000 BC) but ice, the entity found, nature, God, changed the poles and the animals were destroyed.
364-4 (Describes the lost Atlantis as) this, the Eden of the world.
- (Cayce's prophesied return in 1998)
- Each Grand Cycle of the Ages, lasting some 25,920 years, marks the precession of the equinoxes through the twelve signs of the celestial zodiac. - the Great Year cycle begins with Pisces and ends with Aries.
- we are about to complete the 2160 year backward passage through the Age of Pisces, - and we staddle the cusp of the coming Age of Aquarius.
- (Ra Ta) with the Master as Hermes
- (Libra as the terminal point of our long journey.)
- (Bullinger's theory, presented in an obscure book titled, "The Witness of the Stars", a Redeemer, who would return after two thousands years, - was prophesied in the original zodiac.)
- the first constellation (galaxy?) in Virgo is Comah, meaning "the desired", or "the longed for". - a woman with a child in her arms!
- the ancient Egyptian name for the constellation of Comah was Shes-nu, which translates "desired son".
- Arcturus, meaning "He cometh", - (also called the Star of Bethlehem?)
- Al Katurops, meaning the branch - in the closing sign of Leo.
- When the lines about the earth are considered from the mathematical precisions, it will be found that the center is nye unto where the Great Pyramid is still located.
- the lines about the earth relates, in all probability, to those esoteric measurements called ley lines, which are apparently determined in some arcane manner by the positions of the stars.
- Ra Ta - was from the infinity forces, or from the Sun.
- (Arart was the first of the "shepherd kings" from the north.)
- (In Nubia) Whole mountains were honeycombed, even to the perpetual fires.
- the priest then began to show the manifestations of those periods of reckoning the longitude (as termed now), latitude, and the activities of the planets and stars - and the various influences that are held in place, or that hold in place those about this particular solar system.
- Hence in the Nubian land there were first begun the reckoning of those periods when the Sun has its influence upon human life - let's remember that it is in this period when the present race has been called into being. (About 11,000 BC)
- ibn Batuta in AD 1352, claiming that Hermes was none other than the patriarch Enoch (known as Idris to Muslim scholars.)
- (Ra Ta changed the name of Egypt's former capitol of Luz to the name of Beth-el. - Stunning biblical parallel in Genesis 28:19 - And he (Jacob) called the name of that place Beth-el; but the name of that city was called Luz at the first.) (Jacob's Ladder)
- (Rejuvenation) the activation, through deep meditation, of the pineal center - called the seat of the Christed Consciousness - must have been the key.
- Keep the pineal gland operating, and you won't grow old - you will always be young!
- Ajax, the teacher from Atlantis; Saneid, from India; Yak, from Carpathia; and the venerated Tao, from Mongolia (Gobi)
- Ax-Tell and Ajax being the same.
- Saneid taught at ancient Delhi.
- albo, or the first of the pure white race.
- Asriaio - it is his impassive and asexual features, under the ancient headdress of the councillor, that adorn the Sphinx.
378- (This is the number of Hept-sepht, he who keeps shut the ancient records of Atlantis.) Who sealed with the seal of the Alta and Atlanteans.
- In yet another reading, it was indicated that a messenger, identified as John Peniel (an incarnation of John the Beloved), would precede the Messiah's return to earth. (I disagree, I think the Peniel reference guides one to the pineal gland and to the Kingdom of God. Further, John the Beloved has continually abided for the Lord.)
- (Cayce will reincarnate by 1998, in the roll of a liberater.)
5748-6 (Pyramid of Records) for those that were left as guards may not be passed until after a period of their regeneration in the Mount, or the fifth root race begins.
- (The record openers will be Hept-supht, with two others as guides.)
- (Mr. 378, who had been Hept-supht, died May 7, 1960. He was one of three, who were empowered to find and open the Atlantean Records, and not die. Psychics should be searching for these souls. Rome could plan for eventualities, and lasted for a thousand years, because it had the Sybiline Books to warn it. If you haven't read about the Cumean Sybil appearing unto the Caesar, through locked and guarded doors she came. When he balked at the price she asked, she threw one of the three books into the fire! Try the Mit Classics or Cornell's online library.)
- (Something discovered in 1958 makes it possible to float stone in the air, if developed. Perhaps Professor W. Heisenberg's unified field theory released in that year.)
- night-side forces employed by the Atlanteans in relation to energy-controlling principles.
- (The star Arcturus?) that sphere to which the risen Christ went
- Virginia Beach was the center - the only seaport and center - of the White Brotherhood.
- (Church was apparently unaware of the explosion of Thera. He also assigned 9600 BC for the Great Flood - some of these readings may have been Church's.)
- The Book of Ezekiel is a book of visions.
- In a cave not far from Shushtar, in modern day Iran, lie the buried bones of that ancient leader, teacher and healer Uhjltd. (A life of Cayce)
- during the first and second Croesus - being some seven to ten thousand years BC.
- many significant periods of change throughout human history had commenced in the fifty-eighth year of a given century.
- Miss 295 had been Mary Magdalene
- Is-Shlan-doen, the city of the hills and the plains, was called Toaz by the Greeks. - (This great city was destroyed by the Athenians.)
- (Cayce was Xenon fighting for Troy in the Trojan War - the outwitted Xenon then took his own life.)
- Hecuba, wife of King Priam
- (5717 was Hector, 900 was Achilles) The hair seemed to be their strength. (Like Sampson) Achilles was very hairy, while Hector only had hair on his neck - which was, a different color from the hair on his head.
- (The nine year Trojan War was about 1112 BC; close to the 1140 - 1130 BC given by Eratosthenes.) (Not according to Cayce.)
- (The readings confirm the famous story by Homer of the Trojan Horse - Builder was 470)
- Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
- Find fault in no one.
900- (Achilles was also Aarat, the councillor - in this life he was married to 136 or Helen of Troy.)
- (Cayce often communicated "soul to soul" with his friend 378 and urging him to avoid the path of self-effacement. (Suicide) Often and urgent were his out-of-body counselings.
294-189 (Cayce dreamed about) the name Pythagoras - which seemed similar to my name then.
- (Pythagoras lived during the time of Gautama Buddha, Confusius and Lao-tzu, and the last Zoroaster - Greek writers distinguish at least six Zoroasters.
- Iamblichus, an early chronicler, relates that the youthful Pythagoras was first taught by Thales, at Miletus. He studied with the priestly initiates at Heliopolis, Memphis and Thebes - remaining in Egypt for twenty two years - gaining initiation - the Pythagorean school at Crotona, in Italy, was to become a world center of learning. - Pythagoras was known for his psychic abilities. - He left Egypt when he was forty years old. Pythagoras was struck down by a band of brutal assassins at Crotona, at a very advanced age.
- (Pythagoras was a Master of the Mysteries of Isis.) He was able to remember twenty or more previous lives. At Troy he was Euphorbus. - (This conflicts Cayce's Xenon, so apparently Pythagoras was not a lifetime of Cayce.)
- (Mount Carmel of the Essenes was) also regarded as a sacred mountain by the pagan Greeks and Romans.
- (Pythagoras often stayed in the sacred solitude of Carmel. Like Cayce, he favored morning meditation, and was known to meditate for days. He was a master of the art of divination, and prophesy, and he interpreted dreams.)
- (The Wheel of Pythagoras has survived as one of the most extraordinary examples of esoteric numerology ever devised, containing correspondences to the letters of the alphabet, the seven planets, the days of the week, and the signs of the Zodiac.)
- (Reading on Mayan period) those that were visiting from other worlds or planets.
- (Pythagoras introduced the "mystical pentagram" - 5 being the sacred Hermetic number - his emblem - he taught geometry, music, and astronomy; and had three degrees of initiation.)
- (Cayce was a chemist named Armitidides, under Aristotle.)
2903- (Xenophon was a chronicler of Socrates' teachings. - Now known as 2903.)
1208- (Alexander the Great was 1208. He had also been Thomas Jefferson.)
- (Perpetual Motion) The use of elements as of Mercury with electrical forces, and of weights, is the correct principle, as the entity has visioned many a time. But you need sufficient earth to make it a negative force.
288- (Edgar Cayce's twin soul was 288.)
- the famous balm of Gilead
- celibacy may aid the seasoned spiritual seeker
- (Hugh Lynn had been Andrew.)
- (Cayce dreamed he had been a snail, a fish, a cow, a dog, and a bird, and as men in between those animal lives!?)
- (Cayce incarnated as John Bainbridge twice.)
- (Even after the Spanish Conquest of the last Moorish stronghold, at Granada, in 1492 - The Moorish gene-pool accounts for the swarthy complexions of many Spaniards.)
- (As Ra) the Priest had attempted to hurry the process, or to placate God's purposes with individuals - without the mental concepts being in accord.
- (Cayce had also been an Arawak Indian on Hispaniola - thiry four years in "a cycle".)
- (Atlantean Records) about 11 by 14 inch, about an inch thick - clay tablets with hieroglyphics - also a mummy - brought back here by an expedition that had been sent out by our Association - A.R.E. members present were Mr. Harrison, Mr. Parker, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Goetz, and Wynne, Butler, Poole, David Kahn, Edgar Evans Cayce, and Hugh Lynn. Then the mummy came to life! (Hugh Lynn is now dead.)
- (Christ) He will come in the flesh, in the earth, to call His own by name. - Not as one born!
- (The key tablet) said we would only get the interpretation by the figure coming to life! - The woman mummy gave him the recipe for "mummy food" (figs, dates, corn, and milk). She, 2329, will be the interpreter.
- (262 had over 119 readings)
- (The Great Soul Edgar Cayce was buried at Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1945.)
- (Andre Bovis wrote about geomagnetic currents - leys.)
- (Of Uhjltd era) No Jews then! That was years later!
- Following the bead of light, as he always did, Edgar Cayce found himself propelled swiftly upward.
- His own Higher Self, in fact, had decreed these limitations.
- Using his inner eye
- (Race or color) with that of color as partook of its surroundings much in the manner as the chameleon.
3744-1 63. (Q) How is the name spelled, of the best person in the world to make these suggestions?

(A) E-d-w-i-n R-o-t-h.

64. (Q) Why is he the best person in the world to make these suggestions.

(A) Negative.

65. (Q) What is his business or profession?

(A) Scientist is his first appearance on this plane as a man.

66. (Q) Is he a medical man?

(A) He has been. Not at present. We are through.

67. (Q) Spell the name of the town, state and country in which he is located at present?

(A) Serben Servia Bavaria.

68. (Q) In what manner can Edgar Cayce communicate with him?

(A) When the time has arrived, when these forces are to be made manifest to the populace, the
forces will draw these bodies together, that the work may be shown in the manner that will be acceptable to all, who would seek the right way, as is shown through this work. This body must first enter into the holy of holies in the mount, before the time comes.

294-8 10. One given to make manifest in the present plane much of the forces of psychic and occult forces, reaching the greater height of developing in such plane in those forces when that of Jupiter, with Uranus and Neptune, come within the scope of the Sun's influence upon the earth plane and forces.
294-8 In the name, we find that of Ralph Dahl [Dale?]. [See 1001-7 on 9/7/30 indicating that Louis the 15th & [294] had same grandfather? 1001-7, Par. 11-A; or was Louis 15th grandfather of John Bainbridge?]


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