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Edgar Cayce - The Vikings

Edgar Cayce - The Vikings

1298-1 20. Before this (among those appearances that have an influence in the present) we find the entity was in the land of its present nativity, in what is now known as the southernmost portion - or in Florida; during those periods when there were those settlings from the Yucatan, from the lands of On (?) or the Inca, from the Norse land, when there were the beginners of the Mound Builders and those that gathered upon what is now the east portion of Alabama and Florida - though it was quite different then in its structure, outwardly.

21. The entity's sojourns then were with those of a race of unusual height, unusual proportions to what might be termed in the present. For they were then the lords of the land, as would be termed, that issued to the other lands, the other environs about same, the instructions for their moral, their religious, their penal codes.

22. Then the entity was among those that were the more lenient in that lording; for the entity sought rather to bring that activity, that development where all under the Lord - as law - are ONE.

23. Hence the experiences were made to become rather severe, rather strained in those activities. For there were the harkenings to those periods that stand first in the experience of the entity in the present, as well as those sojourns in Egypt and Atlantis and those activities that brought the lack of consideration of those that were - STILL in THOSE experiences in Egypt and Atlantis - with their beast appendages, their hindrances; which made for that which has been and is so much a part of the animal, that has signified and does signify the very natures of same.

24. Those the entity abhorred, as in the present - yet so little apparently gained, yet how great in the soul's developments itself!

25. The name then was what would be termed in the present Alta, that meant a NEW life!

26. In the application of that experience in the present sojourn, the entity will find its desire to bring the greater consciousness of the healing forces within the body-mind and consciousness of individuals to aid themselves. And from the divine within rather than from the outer forces; while the outer forces are divine when and if they are applied with the glory to the Creator rather than to the self-knowledge of man!

3934-2 14. In the one before this we find in those days when the first peoples came to the country now known as America. The entity then among those first Norse people who occupied that country afterward settled by the Puritans. Then in the name Oflaeiof, and the entity then among those who gave the first conception to those peoples, then found in that country, of the study of religious rites. Hence the love, in the present, of those things, those conditions, those truths, as pertain to rites, as to ancient, medieval and present religious worship, see?

3126-1 Before this the entity was in the Norse land, when the early explorations told of the finding of a new land.

Then the entity's activities were with one Eric the Red. (These would be associations of note, should there be the possibility of same in the present; provided the entity could learn AGAIN to take orders, as then.)

Through the experience, as On-Olson, the entity gained and lost; and much of the characteristics of that period may be seen by others through the emotional self in the present; the humbleness of the entity at times and then at others such self-assertiveness as to become one wished away.

The entity learned much of strange places, strange happenings for the day. And still there is the innate search for adventure. For, then the entity visited the land of the present sojourn; journeyed far to the central portion of this new-found land.

As given, the entity then gained and lost; gained when there was the calling on and the applying of those tenets - or fruits - of the spirit of truth. Not truth itself, yet the symbol or the sign of the seeking of the one applying same.

1949-1 34. Before that we find the entity was in the land now called the Norse land. There we find the entity was among those who were mighty in power, as in physical strength, and those who made for the great expansions into the unseen or unknown lands in that experience.

35. The entity was among those who set about for finding the manner or means of communicating with those who were separated by the varied activities of the groups to which the entity entered for material action.

36. There we find the entity then forming the signals, the codes, the means and manners of lights and sound, and noise, and quiet. These were a part of the means for signaling or communicating.

37. Hence we find those things pertaining to the sea, and the manners or means of an activity over same for interpreting the needs as well as the helpful forces in the lives of others, were a portion of the experience of the entity - as Oslon.

38. The application of self from same has been and is seen in the present experience. This needs rather to be paralleled with, or comparisons drawn as to those that have been of a more ecstatic (?) or of a more secular nature.

3000-2 22. Before that the entity was in the Norse land, when there were the earlier expeditions into other lands for the seeking out of activities.

23. The entity then was a seafaring individual, a man in that experience.

24. Thus the love of travel, of adventure, of those things having to do with interests and interesting facts about individuals or peoples; factualities regarding organizations or activities, all become a part of the entity's experience in activity.

25. Then in the name Sarahdevien, the entity acted with those various groups in meeting the problems when there were those changes to the sea-faring activities. Thus we find the entity making contributions to its own land.

2125-1 8. In the appearance, then, before this we find in this present land of sojourn, in that then known as the Vinland. The entity then among those peoples who came as settlers in the first portion of that development.
These came, as we find, from the Norse land, or with the Norse PEOPLES as gathered in that experience. The entity then in the name Odens, GAINED through the experience in this sojourn in the developments, through the aids and understanding given those the entity labored with during those physical hardships in the land.

Waiting - waiting - waiting - was EVER that expectancy of those peoples, for the return of those who never came. Hence, as has been innate in the present experience of the entity, an innate feeling that all WILL be well, will the faith, the hope, the understanding, be kept.
While this has often made for that of a pessimistic, with a shade of optimism through same, as the understanding of those of the occult forces, of the spiritual awakenings, have come to the entity, a holy spirit of optimistic influence shades over the entity's present experience. These make for that affability of the entity's associations with others, makes for that safety as is felt by others in the experience of the entity's presence. This also brings in the present experience that to the entity, wherein those things whether good OR bad are often kept to self; not as a recluse, not as one that would keep FROM others those things that should be known, but rather that self's COUNSEL has been well kept in many things. ONE woman who can keep a secret! One that finds in those influences from that experience, the love for the outdoors, yet a fearfulness in numbers, in groups, and in associations in large groups.

2157-1 39. (Q) In the Norse land experiences, how often and in what years did I cross the ocean?

(A) In 1552, 1509 and 1502.

40. (Q) What was accomplished in that life, either for my own country or for this country?

(A) In this country there were the settlements in the northwestern lands; portions even of Montana were reached by the entity, - because the entrance then was through the St. Lawrence, through the Lakes.

Hence the west always has a call, still, for the entity, - and yet the dread of it.

41. (Q) Are there any proofs to be found now in this country, that might prove it?

(A) They have just been uncovered by a recent expedition there in Wisconsin!

42. (Q) What would I find there that belongs to me personally?

(A) Among the knives and stones that were found, one of those was Eric's!

2157-1 16. Before this the entity was in the Norse land, and among those who were the daring, as the sailors; and the entity was Eric [See 2157-1, Par. R13 giving Norse incarnations for entire family.], as called through that experience; journeying to or settling in the land of its present nativity.

17. Yet with the experiences through the latter portion of its sojourn, and the activities from which it returned in the period or interim, the entity in the present - as indicated - is averse to water, waterways, water carriers.

18. Hence the daring now is exhibited more in the air, or in ships of the air, - arising from another sojourn, as will be seen.

19. In that experience the entity gained, the entity lost; for there were periods of defiance of not only its associates and companions but of its home life, and the superiors under which the entity acted or labored.

20. Hence there are the needs in the present for the closer counsel as to choices of associations or activities.

1431-1 22. Before this we find the entity was in the Norse land, during those experiences when there were the journeyings of many to what is now the land of the entity's nativity.

23. The entity then was in the name of Patricia Hellenwurt.

24. In the experience the entity MENTALLY suffered much, waiting waiting for those that had been as the experience through which much of those activities were to make for the material sojourns or activities in that experience.

25. For the entity was betrothed to Eric the Red, and yet was left in the land.

26. Hence there is the disposition for the entity to oft find disappointments with its experiences or its associations with those of the opposite sex. Though there is not an abhorrence to same, there are those doubts and fears and questionings of the activities and purposes.

27. Remember that these arise from the emotional. If these are judged rather from that which is the IDEAL of those associations, then there will come a much better understanding with those of the opposite sex.

28. Again we find the doubts and the fears as from the environmental forces and surroundings.

29. Hence again periods come when, with the astrological influences, the entity so oft gives expressions to others as well as to self, "O, what's the use - it doesn't make much difference anyway!"

30. These come from the lack of the emotional forces as from those experiences in the Norse land, or Norway.

31. In the experience the entity gained and lost and gained.

32. Hence as has been indicated, the lessons learned - and the lack of patience - makes for those which if applied in the present may become stepping-stones for greater development for the entity.

33. Types of music may be a part of the entity's experience, but rather pipes than strings; and any type of horn or reed the entity may easily learn to play.

1373-2 26. Before this we find the entity was in the Norse land, during those periods when there were those venturous activities of Olsen (?) and Eric.

27. The entity was closely associated with those individuals, and thus came to know longings; the entity came to know adventures into strange experiences. These became a part of the entity during that sojourn; making for the desire for self-expression in ways in which there might be given the activities to express the longings of the heart as in relationships to others.

28. Thus in song did the entity then find a means of release for the emotions in self.

29. And there will be seen in the present experience the abilities especially in those characterizations of songs where the emotions of the heart, the emotions from longings, the emotions from fears that would come to the loved ones. These become those means or channels in which the greater expression may be made or had.

30. Hence the artistic temperament may be a portion of the entity's experience in the present.

31. The name then was Graciarr Olson (not "e").

583-3 10. In the one before this, we find in the name then Olse, and in the country near where the entity now sojourns [Chicago, Ill.], for the entity, then, as we see, came into this country from the descendants of the Norse peoples who first landed and settled the Northeastern coast of this country, during that time. The entity then of strong physical forces and giving much to the aid of the peoples in establishing the forts and the outposts of the peoples who joined later with that peoples in the country South of there, known as Mound Builders, see? The entity in this, we find, did not develop in the last of the sojourn, for the forces of might were used against the entity. In the urge as is seen, again the dislike of force or might used in rule with peoples, things or conditions, making the entity, then, as it were, accentuated against such actions in physical plane and turning, as it were, rather to the spiritual elements of life.

3651-1 13. Before this the entity was in the Norse land, among those who journeyed into the greater western portion or near to the central portion of Minnesota in the present land of nativity, when Eric the Red was among those active there.

14. The entity then, as Olsen-Olsen, became among those who journeyed there and remained to become a part of those peoples in that land. Thus were the northwestern lands made available when Clark made the expedition there, so that there were not the activities against those peoples at the time.

15. Thus may the entity use itself as a peacemaker among those of various groups, tribes, nations or countries.

1848-1 20. Before this we find the entity was among those who came to this land of present nativity, among the Norsemen with Ericson and Olsen.

21. There we find the entity was among those who were of that Norse peoples, and venturesome, - giving the assistance in the activities upon the sea, the building of the trustworthy crafts, - as well as one given to the establishing of, or the attempts to establish settlements in the land.

22. And there were the attempts made again and again to bring aid and help to that new-found freedom in a land in which there were plenteous opportunities of every nature, for not only the material attainments of the supplies for the physical but the opportunities for the mental and spiritual advancement which was sought in those activities of the entity then, - as Heth Erichlson.

23. In the experience the entity gained materially, gained mentally, gained spiritually, - through its attempts to make for the great freedom, and yet remembering much of that which had been and was a part of its developments for not only itself but for others.

24. In the present the application of same is that there needs be, not the venturesome activity and yet this is called or is a part of the experience, - daring to do that as the conscience bids as in relationships to making for freedom of thought, of activity, for others.

2124-3 9. In the one then before this we find in that period when there were the journeyings of peoples in that of the spirit of adventure, when those peoples in the Norse land journeyed into those of the westward land. The entity then among those that came into the land in that portion of same now known as the Vinland, or about that place now known as Rhode Island, Connecticut - in THIS PORTION of this land did the entity then journey, gaining in the experience, being in the capacity of those that were second in command, COMMANDING those forces as they established the first associations with the peoples, and the journeys were made back and forth to this land; LOSING in the hardships suffered in the journeys over the many waters.
Hence that as may be termed in the present experience as has to do with motive forces is of interest, that as of navigation is of interest, whether on land, in air or sea, yet that that is of the stationary nature, is that that calls for the activities of the entity in its carrying OUT of that as is innate within self.
In the name in this experience, that of Ericersonel. In the present we will find that those journeys of those peoples, those that make for the histories of that particular land, will be very interesting to, and beneficial to, the entity in the study of same, as to the understanding of self as in the relationships of individuals TO individuals, and to the mythology of the Norse land - especially that of Odin and Ymir (Ur) (?).

910-4 Before that the entity was in the Norse land, as indicated, when there were those becoming active in journeys to other lands.

The entity then was among those of the Olaf family, and saw the companion and those of its own household leave without returning. The desire to know their fate, to follow irrespective of what was said or given concerning others, soon brought the separation from the physical and mental to the spiritual forces.

It may be said that the entity gained and lost in the experience; GAINED because of devotion, lost because of that made in the experience of others - a selfish one. These become influences, then, that the entity must combat.

1468-6 8. But, a description of the entity's experience there: We find that the entity was of a peoples who were drawn to the ideas and ideals prompted from the great Odin, who brought a message as to the relationships of individuals with the First Cause, by the unusual inclinations or tendencies which bespoke those influences termed in the present as the supernatural, the supernormal, - not only because of the changing in the influences of the sun's activity upon the material blessings or material supplies and surroundings, but because of the purposes of individuals in their relationships to that portion of the then known world.

9. Know that these were expressions of that which is divine in the development of man's relationships one to another.

10. There the entity then was born, into a family of three children, to those who accepted those tenets of Odin, and brought into their experiences the attempts to materialize the mental and spiritual implications and tenets of that teacher.

11. The sire or father of the entity then was one who forged metals, one who made usage of the various iron and metal combinations.

12. The mother of the entity had been a weaver of reeds, as a decorator of abodes or homes.

13. Then, in that environment we find that the entity grew to a sturdy, steady activity for the carrying on of those tenets and principles that were established by the union of minds and purposes as indicated in a material as well as a social and home and economic experience of a peoples of the day.

2800-2 22. Before that the entity was in the Norse land, when there were those expansions and activities that brought about great changes; when there were those periods of the Norseman overrunning the lowlands.

23. The entity was among those of the ruling household then, in the name Emedene Odon. In that experience the entity almost became a tyrant, in its desire to rule those conditions; just saving itself by those activities that brought about the attempt to establish a leader to follow the companion at that particular period.

24. In the present we find that determination, that planning to have the own way, or to have things come about in such a manner that those purposes which are a part of self may be the experience of those to whom or for whom such is directed. These may be well, these may become great stumblingblocks. Be sure you are right, but judgements are of the Lord. Then walk in his ways.

371-2 17. Before that we find the entity was in the English land, as now known, during those periods of the early expansion of that land; when there were the turmoils with not only those of the Norse land but of the Huns, as well as those peoples who came from the southernmost portion of what is now called the European land.

18. The entity was among the Vikings, the peoples strong in might and power; giving to the peoples and to those activities many sons and daughters during that sojourn; in the name Sarah Shugonaught.

19. From that household arose the groups from which there has materially come the blood of those who are in force and power in that land today.

441-1 9. Before this we find the entity was during the period when there were the journeyings of those of the Norse country in the activities of a portion of the north country.

10. The entity then was among the sturdy men of the land that, with their families, journeyed into the land of the present nativity - that may be called the north woods. And from these activities the entity became a leader in establishing homes and settlements in the north land, and was in the name Odin.

11. In the experience the entity gained in the activities, both as to material and soul development; for, becoming a leader, the entity builded well in those lands in that north country, and gave much to the peoples in tending the cares of those that were needy in body, in mind, in purpose, in desires for pushing on; not only for their dependent ones, but for the love of the resistances necessary to meet the needs of the day.

12. Hence in the present, when there is determined or felt in self that the ideas and purposes to which self would push forward are right, the temperament is for the entity to be determined in that direction.

1272-1 11. In the one before this we find in the Norse country. When the peoples were coming as settlers to the new land, the entity among those of the peoples who came in the first groups and settled in the Cape Cod country. Then in the name of Laurel Golightly and the entity developed in that period, though of short duration in span of human existence after reaching the new land, yet giving much to the peoples that depended upon the entity for the guidance and directing of their future development in earth plane.

1437-1 16. Before this we find the entity was in the Norse land during those periods when the Norsemen were journeying to the land of the entity's present nativity.

17. The entity came only to the extreme shores of same, during that period when Eriksson and Olaf and Olenscen made those journeys into what was called Martha's land and Vinland, in those portions about Connecticut and Massachusetts as they are called in the present.

18. Hence those particular portions of the land have held for the entity an interest, in all of its experiences; as a land of mystery, as a land in which there might be discovered those forces that make for the material and the social successes.

19. And these have been the experiences of the entity through this particular sojourn.

20. The name then was Jessenson. In the experience the entity gained, as not only one well versed in the activities of the open sea during the experience and acquainted with navigation but one with the abilities to arouse within those under same the desire for a service in a purposeful activity; and the abilities to furnish for each and every associate that which would help them to keep in accord with the purposes.

21. Those made for gaining experiences, yet if they are turned into that Channel for self-glorification alone, they may become a stumblingblock in the present.

22. For with the abilities to entertain, with the abilities to give pleasure and to make for concentrated effort on the part of others by the very activities of self, unless these are given to others in a constructive manner or with the hope for other than the mere material or earthly pleasures, they become a boomerang, or as a Frankenstein in the experiences in the present.

1613-1 25. Before this we find the entity coming to the land of the present sojourn, from the land of its present nativity - or from the Norse land. Then from Flaverstock(?) did the entity come to the land of the present sojourn, during those periods of the early activities for adventure and the discoveries of things that made for greater conveniences in the lives and experiences of individuals. Also it was when those things pertaining to manner or means of exchange brought with same fame and fortune, for and through the very possession of same.

26. Then the entity was in the name of Eric Olsensen. In the experience the entity gained, the entity lost; and the entity is applying and has applied in the present experience the lessons from that sojourn. And the entity may gain the more by the greater application; as in those experiences when there was the journeying into hardships, yea turmoils, yet through them there became the greater awakening as to the possibilities, as to the probabilities.

27. For as thoughts take hold, and as Mind is the Builder, these then become the storehouses of knowledge - that is power, which if applied in CONSTRUCTIVE manner brings harmony. But if it is applied in the selfishness, in aggrandizements, in pleasure, it may only bring the husks of desire that may not be satisfied.

28. These the entity has learned, and is learning. And the more these are applied, the greater may be the peace and harmony that is being sought by the entity in its associations with its fellow man.

29. Few there be who have sought for an understanding of their relationships with the Infinite as experienced by self through its journeys into materiality and to the spirit forces; or who have accomplished and are accomplishing in self what THIS entity has done and is doing!

1650-1 47. There we find the entity, from the Norse land, came with those early settlers under Ericson - and among those groups who remained in that known as Vinland; or a portion of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts as termed in the present.

48. Hence there is a constant call to the entity for those portions of the land, and they appear oft as those portions in which only those things worth while materially are or may be accomplished.

49. This comes from the experiences and hardships through which the entity passed during those sojourns there as a builder, yea as a waiter; yea as one longing for those things that had been and were not, those lands and scenes and environs and surroundings from which the entity had attempted to escape and did materially - yet the mind, the heart oft dwelt there!

50. And these produce oft confusions in the present, deep in the soul and heart of the entity.

51. These bring oft unsettledness, the desires to roam, the desires to change.

52. Yet rolling stones gather little of the comprehension, or of the moss that rests in peace and harmony in the minds of those that would know peace.

53. Then - quiet thyself, even as ye did in the latter portion of that sojourn, in those environs which would now be nigh unto Hartford, Conn.

54. And in those environs may the entity, materially speaking, find some of the happiest, some of the most pleasing experiences. But it isn't the easy way that is always that which makes for the growth. For whom He loveth He chasteneth, or He allows those things to test - even as He.

55. As ye brought then harmony into the experience and environs of many, as Hansen Olensen, so - where thou ART - use that in hand! And as ye use that thou hast, that thou knowest to do today, TOMORROW may be given the greater things to thee.

56. For the Lord hath knowledge of thee, for thou art a portion, - yes, each soul! Ye become not aware of thy pulse beat until disturbances arise. So in the heart and mind of thy Maker, thy Creator, when thou art disturbed He becomes aware of thy disturbing forces.

57. Keep peace, then, in thy own heart and mind. And as ye apply thyself ye will learn, as ye did in the latter portion of that sojourn, that in giving out ye receive. As ye made for the educating and helping of those that were weak, those that were discouraged - in helping the discouraged ye found courage; in helping the weak ye became strong.

58. And so is the law.

59. Then ye were as an educator or teacher, or one who gave those activities in which not only the mind but the hands were directed in ways and manners to bring not only comforts and ease but conveniences in the activities of the experience.

60. Hence those things that are products of the field, products in which life is sustained, are a part of thy own being; the creative forces as in turning the simpler things into the supplying of elements of body and mind to those in a material world.

2005-1 Before this we find the entity was in the Norse land, during those periods when there were the peoples who journeyed towards other lands, and when there were the men who were spoken of as the daredevil, or who did the unusual.

16. The entity was close in association with, in the home of, not only the wife but the mother of many of those who ventured forth.

17. Thus we will hear at times those of positions, stands taken, or the staunch manners in which the entity will proclaim itself as to being in this or that influence or force, - arising from the experience of the entity there, as Mejel Hjdlensteflor.

18. In the experience it may be said that the entity gained. For not only patience but perseverance were a part of the entity's experience. But also loneliness and determination were a part of the entity's experience, that may be tempered.

2011-1 Before that we find the entity was in the Norse land, during those periods when there were activities for spreading.

33. Then entity then was in the opposite sex, and making for activities in which great undertakings were a part of the experience in the building of ships, in the searching for new lands and strange sights.

34. Thus the innate longing in the present activities of the entity for new scenes, new fields, new endeavors, new thrills, new activities; and still that which makes for a sociability with the opposite sex, and yet doubting most of them - from its own experience.

35. The name then was Zebun.

2034-1 Before that we find the entity was in the Norse land, during those periods when expansions were sought by many of the companions and associates of the entity.

45. Hence the sturdiness, - the abilities to meet situations, and yet the faultfindings arise in the experience of the entity from that sojourn.

46. Thus we find that THINGS, and conditions that pertain to such, are always of an interest to the entity.

47. The name then was Marlon Olson; and the entity gained, the entity lost, the entity gained.

2115-1 15. In the one then before this we find in that land now known as the Norse or Norway land, and in that period when there were those sojournings of many peoples to a new land. The entity then among those who with high hopes set out to conquer, and to establish a new ideal in a new land. There were many changes in this sojourn, or journey, and with the disappointments that came much bitterness was builded for a time in the experience of the entity; yet in the name Olinia the entity developed in the latter portion of the experience - but far from those lands to which the entity was first directed. Hence, as we find, there has been oft in the present experience those conditions wherein there is innately EXPECTED sudden changes. The entity has builded itself, as it were, to expect most anything to happen at most any time; yet ever does there come something of that as builded in the experience, that WHEREVER the efforts may be put forth, THERE may be ALSO builded much in the experience, as well as aid given those about self. In this there is much saving GRACE, as it were, in the adaptability of self to environ, as well as to circumstance. (These are quite different!)

3042-1 21. Before that the entity was in the Norse land, when there were the first attempts for the settlings in the new land.

22. The entity then was in the opposite sex, and making for those activities in the seafaring individual, and - as it boasted of itself "rough and tough," and made many of the excursions into the various ports and lands. And that which eventually came to be the short way across New York State was a portion of the entity's own concept, in the early periods of the settlings in that part of the land; then as Jonathan Sidewelle.

23. In the experience the entity gained, through the lending of self in being a security for others, and brought periods of activity that were disappointing in the material but that in the mental and spiritual grew through those periods.

24. Hence the gentleness, and the ability to aid much through the patience of the entity in the present; though the entity would declare that it was very short at times. These arise from the abilities through that sojourn as the man.

3271-1 12. The entity was among those hardy peoples of the Norse land who settled in what has been termed Vinland.

13. There the entity was among those who attempted to make the first establishments. And upon such may the entity draw for strength, even virility, in the present activity; whether for mental or physical attributes needed; provided the spiritual attitudes or ideals are held in their proper relationships to the other phases of the earthly consciousness - or the three-dimensional consciousness of earth activities.

14. The entity was active in establishing and building homes, the united effort on the part of groups not only for protection but edification and help in the various stresses that arose from carving homes and a livelihood out of the wilderness.

15. These brought experiences to the entity of strength, spiritual and mental, and they may be used and called upon the present in the activities of the entity.

16. The name then was Josephine Hordf, and the entity's activities bring strength for the present.


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