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Cosmic Law Emotion

Cosmic Law Emotion

While the mind is the engine for creating reality, its fuel is emotion-energy.
As the mind becomes focused on an objective, emotion is
the energy that gets it there at a speed determined by its strength.
Low intensity emotion brings slower and unrefined results, while high
intensity emotion produces quicker and more definitive results. It's
the Law.

It's an important Law in terms of awakening people and changing earthly
institutions such as government, which has been the physical force
behind wars, genocide, torture, tyranny, and hundreds of other negative
scenarios over many centuries for a literal hell on Earth for
hundreds-of-millions of people.

Emotion is that part of the physiological makeup of humans that involves
feeling or sensibility. If an emotion is negative, such as anger,
hate, or revenge, it manifests in physical disturbances internally to
the body and externally to the environment through the oneness of all
life in the Universe Energy Field. Conversely, positive emotion-energy
is healing to all.

Offering unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness intellectually,
with an absence of emotional fuel to drive it as if only mouthing the
words, has little effect, but genuinely strong emotion for such
feelings, can quickly transform the external world, as well as an
individuals internal world.

Governments rise and fall on emotion-energy. Wars have been won
or lost on the basis of how much emotional fuel either side could gather.
The materially inferior force of North Vietnam, for example, overcame the
world's nuclear giant in the 1970's as American emotional energy ebbed
like an ocean tide.

National anthems, pledges of allegiance, patriotic speeches, flags,
parades, and various other techniques have been used historically by
governments to stir emotional support for even destructive policies, but
now with the focus of millions of positive minds united by new
technology, as well as by nonmaterial means, strong emotion-energy
facilitates dramatic governmental changes in the new millennium.

The bottom line is, enlightened government has strong and long-lasting
emotional support by standing on High Moral Values and Democratic
Ideals, and it is for these reasons that an AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION in
harmony with the natural Cosmic Laws of the universe is being advanced.


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