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Entering the Parallel Universe

Entering the Parallel Universe from our current physical Universe – science ready to over come the barrier but no one knows how to come back

Black holes connect the realm of parallel Universes with out three plus time physical universes. The intense electromagnetic force fields manifesting as the super gravity sucking in the surrounding provides the environment or the gateway to parallel Universes till out technology is not capable of creating the intense electromagnetic force fields.

Scientists are now planning to send a probe into a black hole to get a glimpse of the spatial Universe from the physical universe. As the probe enters the black hole, it will be initially stretched and compressed in a cyclic fashion. Highly elastic materials and technology that can survive this type of cyclical stress cycles are used. A camera from the physical Universe side will make it look like the probe has soon frozen in time. But the probe actually will be sucked towards the center of the black hole with increasing momentum and force. At that point, the probe will lose its three dimensional entity as it approached the door to the spatial structures in the parallel Universe. In the parallel Universe the probe’s spatial image in higher dimensions will survive while the black hole will hold the physical structure of the 3d probe frozen in time.

Scientists are investigating models for moving from our physical universe to the higher dimensional parallel Universe. According to researchers, it seems a one-way door as of now. The problem is no one knows how to find the gate back to our physical Universe.

One clue of course can be from studying the extraterrestrials. They are so advanced that they have mastered the path to and from the higher dimensional parallel universe. Their existence is primarily in the higher dimensional parallel Universe. Any advanced civilization will move their whole existence into parallel Universe since there is no question of physical hazards and cyclic destruction and reconstruction phenomenon.

Once we master the path to and from parallel Universe, we will reach the stage of immortality where the our physical existence can be preserved in the Physical Universe and we can exist primarily in the parallel Universe.


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