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Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology

Just like everything in this Universe of moving or vibrating energies, Astrology is nothing more than one of the many manifestations of wave physics. As you might very well know, the space between the planets is not empty, but is filled with the irradiation of the Sun (the measurable and non measurable solar wind). As the Sun rotates, it pours life-energy into space which spreads in a spiral-like motion .

The planets, while rotating and orbiting around the central star, capture these energies with their own magnetic fields and with the attraction of the poles of their subtler bodies (planets and stars have, besides their visible and measurable form, vehicles made of the substances of the Seven Planes of our Solar system, just like we human beings possess). These energies are then caught into planetary vortex and are given new and different motion.

If we could speed up these movements, we would see the energy (in any form you want to see it, be it as plasma, charged atomic particles, etheric matter, etc.) taking shape into many different patterns, colors and luminosities, probably looking like petals in a flower and just like the Chakras in the etheric body, which are nothing more than subtle particles spinning and orbiting at such speeds that we can see the shapes they build.

Waves of energy are constantly being created by the motions of planets and stars, and as we roughly explained in the section related to the One, the Frequency, Shape and Amplitude of waves (click here for reference to these parameters) create the difference between types of energy, forms and even dimensions. The understanding of wave dynamics is a key that opens the door to many of the great truths.

For example, lets examine the wave that an hypothetical (?) point located in the equator of our planet would create when interacting with the matter present all over the Solar System.

By changes in the parameters of rotation speed, orbital speed, angle of the axis, and diameter of the planet, different waves (in terms of shape, frequency and amplitude) are created which sweep the planets' own "bodyspheres" (the spheres made with matter of different planes, including the physical) as well as the matter that originates on the Sun, and which envelops the whole Solar System. And these differences will have important repercussions in the nature of the astrological and astrophysical influence of the planets.

Another very important wave-forming phenomenon is the motion of the planets and their moons along their orbit around the central star, and the motion of the star itself around the galactic center, carrying with it all the smaller moving bodies. The image below gives a graphic representation of both cases.

The wave-shapes created by these motions are easier to calculate and to traduce into waves that can be perceived with our senses (audio and light waves, for example), and which could have their own particular effects over subtle and dense matter. In the future, Astrology will evolve into the scientific application of different waves of energy proportional to those created by the planets for healing purposes and for producing certain effects of which we know yet nothing.

What appears to be "dense" is nothing more than oscillating particles repeatedly occupying the same space, so tightly grouped together and moving so fast that we cannot find that moment when there's a "hole" (that is, if we imagine that we, for example, could throw a microscopic ball between two atoms given enough time). On the other hand, when vibrations increase their Frequency, matter becomes more energy-like and thus more evasive to the senses.

We could say that the Universe is just one primordial energy in various kinetic states. Motion creates attraction, cohesion and radiation, and is also the cause of disintegration, dissolution and decay. Not in vain the Supreme being of all, The Absolute Brahman, the Energy Alpha-Omega, is described in the Isa Upanishad as follows:

"The Spirit (Brahman), without moving, is swifter than the mind;.... Standing still, He overtakes those who run." (Isa Upanishad. 4.)

The following quote from The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky clearly resumes that which I am giving only certain details about:

"...Its one absolute attribute, which is ITSELF, eternal, ceaseless Motion, is called in esoteric parlance the "Great Breath," which is the perpetual motion of the universe, in the sense of limitless, ever-present SPACE. That which is motionless cannot be Divine. But then there is nothing in fact and reality absolutely motionless within the universal soul.". (Vol. 1, Page 1. Proem.)

I've described previously the Supreme Deity as the fastest vibration in the Universe. A vibration that adding new harmonics to Its original Frequency, Shape and Amplitude (which basically remains unchanged) gives form to everything visible and invisible.

Astrology currently studies the influence that the planets exert when they are placed in different orbital positions, but it does so mostly from a geocentric point of view and without considering parameters like rotation speed, inclination of the axis, orbital advance, and how vital these are in terms that all movements combined produce particular waves in the energetic body of the solar system whose shape and frequency change periodically.

Our own zodiac is calculated by the (slowly shifting) position of the equinoxes, or the points where the orbital plane of the Earth intersects the plane of the equator (in the image below, these points are referred as 0 degrees Aries and 0 degrees Libra).

The influence of the planets is normally considered by their position relative to our Zodiac, but the fact that all the other planets also have their own equinoxes, and as a result, their own Zodiacs, is not taken into account. The influence of a planet would be more accurately predicted by studying its position along its own Zodiac.

In general, Astrology studies planetary phenomena from a geocentric point of view, forgetting the fact that the Sun is the center of our system, and that all the planetary motions (and other elements) are conditioned by its influence and cycles. Heliocentric Astrology should have priority over the geocentric approach, and new Zodiacs should be considered, for example, based on the intersection of the planets' orbits with the solar equator.

The truth is that Astrology still has a long way to go, and has to begin by releasing itself from the ancient geocentric point of view, which is something inherent in our race's mass consciousness, and is so deeply rooted (and we can blame the forces of planetary evil for much of that) that we still have doubts about the possible existence of other civilizations in the Universe.


Even though we don't know much about changes in the planets' influences which depend on their own cycles, we still have good information regarding the basic nature of these cosmic entities, who are self conscious and at the same time they are only integral part and energy centres of larger cosmic beings, like our solar system and our galaxy.

Like everything in this Universe, planets can be considered as being triple in nature, and existing in three separate realms simultaneously, just like our own planet does. We call these three "dimensions":

1- The Physical World. It includes all planes from the Physical Plane to the higher Mental Plane. This is the plane where most of Humanity and the lower Kingdoms of Nature have their being. While our consciousness is focussed on this realm, the influence of the planets over our material nature and circumstances will be very strong, until that time where the aspirant learns about planetary cycles and tries to flow along with them and to make the most of these inevitable changes. By the time this is pursued, the aspirant is obviously making use of his higher mental faculties and is developing his intuition, which has its origin in the World of Souls (below).

2- The World of Souls. The Spiritual Triad. The higher Mental Planes, the Buddhic Plane and the Atmic Plane. This is where the Hierarchy is focussed. When the aspirant reaches this stage of development, he knows well the secret of his own Ego , the fact that planets are also self conscious entities and that everything, in all levels of existence, is interconnected. By "electrical affinity", the now predominant vibration of the aspirant's Soul will resonate with that aspect of His planet and other cosmic bodies that belong to the same sphere of existence. The effects of the planets over his material existence dissipates, and only that which is related with the balancing of past individual Karma (and planetary Karma as well) will have an effect on his material existence. At an advanced stage, the Initiate has contact with representatives of the different Planetary Logoi, and gets first hand knowledge about their natures.

3- The World of the Spirit. The Monadic Plane and above. This is the reign of Shamballa and the sphere of the fully awakened Monads. I have said many times that the state of being which is characteristic of Shamballa is beyond the comprehension of even advanced Initiates. One of the keywords is "Identification", a very high perception of the unity that pervades all existence. The Masters that have reached this level of "self perception" live on those spheres where the Divine Will holds sway, and they consciously cooperate with the Purposes of the different Planetary Logoi, as well as with the Solar Logos.

He have to emphasize the notion that the solar system is a living entity, and that the visible and measurable portion of it is only the physical vehicle of expression of this marvelous being. The physical Sun and planetary bodies are the physical counterparts of its energy centres, and are analogous to the chakras in the human form that we all already know so much about thanks to the popularization of sciences like Raya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. The most important centres in human or cosmic beings are those which are the receptors of each of the Seven Rays, and as you can infer by now, there is a particular connection between certain planets (systemic chakras) and specific chakras in the subtle bodies of living entities like human beings.

The Seven most relevant systemic centres have their physical counterparts in:

The Sun.

I am not sure yet if I will concentrate on a detailed analysis of each of the planets above, but a few things are worth mentioning:

The seven major systemic centres are also called "The Sacred Planets". In previous esoteric literature, a non discovered planet called Vulcan was considered among one of them and the Sun was treated separately. Vulcan was supposed to orbit around the sun even closer to it than Mercury, but all attempts to detect it were unsuccessful. The existence of Vulcan was theorized on the late 18th. and early 19th. centuries because of certain abnormalities in Mercury's orbit, but around 1915 Einstein explained this phenomenon and other similar ones with his Theory of Relativity. For that reason, I've excluded Vulcan from the list of sacred planets and included the Sun (which without any doubt is the most important energy centre in the system) in its place.

We have elsewhere considered the importance of the Sun as the center of Life for the whole solar system, and gave some information about the Solar Logos, the super-being behind the manifestation of the whole system, but we can add a few things to that information. At any level (and every astrologer will agree), the Sun is the heart of the solar system. In the same way that the heart in animals and human beings constantly pumps blood to the whole body, the Sun is pumping energy in various states which reaches the furthest corners of the systemic body only to return back to be processed and pumped again (see the solar wind). The cyclic phenomenon called "solar spots" is analogous to the opening and closing of the valves in the heart. On a more spiritual level, the "deep cave of the heart" is also supposed to be the seat of the inner individual God, call it the Soul, the Christ Within, the Atman, the Monad, the Spirit or whatever you wish. At the same time, there's a sphere of being which is called "The Spiritual Sun", which is the equivalent of our planetary centre Shamballa, and which is the place where the Will of the Highest is focussed and distributed.

I've said that every planetary entity is triple (and then septenary) in nature. The three aspects of the Sun are usually referred as:

The Physical Sun Third Aspect
The Mother or Holy Ghost Shiva Ray 3

The Heart of the Sun Second Aspect
The Son Vishnu Ray 2

The Spiritual Sun First Aspect
The Father Brahma Ray 1

The planet Jupiter occupies a very interesting position in this scheme, having a particular relationship with the Sun. It is the second energy producing cosmic body in our system and radiates more energy into space than it receives from the Sun. For certain instruments (like radio telescopes), Jupiter is "bright" as a star. Dual solar systems (with two suns) are something very common in the Universe, and Jupiter would have been the second star in our system if it had gathered more matter around itself initially (it is said that it would need at least 80 times its current mass to initiate nuclear fusion in its interior, but I also read that 12 times would have been enough). Still, Jupiter is more than twice as massive as all the other planets combined (318 times Earth), and is just about as large in diameter as a gas planet can be. If more material were to be added, it would be compressed by gravity such that the overall radius would increase only slightly. A star can be larger only because of its internal (nuclear) heat source. Jupiter was called by the Egyptians "Amon-Ra", which can be translated as "Hidden Sun".

The numerical position (7) of Jupiter in the solar system is equally interesting, and further indicates a special relation with the Sun.

Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Asteroids Jupiter
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
I am considering the space occupied by the asteroids belt as one where (by certain formulas, like the Law of Bode) one would expect a planet to exist. The asteroids belt could well be the remains of a planet that was destroyed, or that for some reason wasn't able to retain the matter that initially gathered. Its number (6) is also consistent with a process of disintegration, related with cosmic forces that stimulate discrimination, selection and purification. The esoteric meaning of the sign of Virgo is related to these phenomena. In any case, the area where the asteroid's belt is located is the focus of some of those systemic currents and forces related with the creation of planets, or systemic energy centres.

If we consider this arrangement a little further, we see that other relations between planets emerge.

S. M. V. E. M. A. J.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The connection between

Venus and Mars, who can be considered opposites (with the Earth in the
middle) and at the same time complementary, and whose symbols are employed
as graphic representations of female and male respectively, becomes
apparent. However, Mars is not one of the Sacred Planets.

The Earth has a very peculiar position in this diagram, similar to everything represented by the number four in a septenary division. Reading the Fourth Ray, and the Buddhic Plane can throw much light on the nature of our planet, referred sometimes as "The School of Pain", and where so much suffering seems to prevail. But with this I am not necessarily suggesting that the Fourth Ray is the major Ray of Earth, which is not a Sacred Planet either. The reader must always remember that self-concious entities (planets included) are influenced by three major rays:

The ray of the Personality.
The ray of the Soul.
The ray of the Monad.

The latter is, of course, the most important of all, but which one prevails depends on the evolutionary stage of the entity in cuestion.

The diagrams and arrangements that I've just exposed can be further expanded so that more planetary relations become apparent, but I will leave that up to those dedicated students who would care to resolve the rest of the puzzle for themselves. I already gave all the clues (maybe more than I should). Keep in mind at all times that we are dealing here with energy centres.

Three other planets are considered to be particularly important as being the centres which represent the Holy Trinity. They are also called "The Planets of Synthesis" and "The Custodians of the Three Fires". These planets, and the aspects they embody are:

Saturn Third Aspect
The Holy Ghost Shiva Ray 3
Fire by Friction
Neptune Second Aspect
The Son Vishnu Ray 2
Solar Fire
Uranus First Aspect
The Father Brahma Ray 1
Electric Fire

The Three Fires mentioned here (and elsewhere in this web page) are just different esoteric names for the Three Major Aspects, but the scientific minded reader may be able to see an analogy between these terms and three different heat producing phenomena:

The subjection of matter to friction (Fire by Friction).
The combustion of flammable elements (Solar Fire).
Differences in electromagnetic potential which create electric sparks (Electric Fire).

It is curious how either the first or the third process can trigger the second, which cannot be "self-initiated". For example, to ignite the tip of a match you have to rub it (friction), and electric sparks can initiate combustion (a lightning bolt on a piece of wood, for example).

It is also worth mentioning that Saturn has the fastest rotation speed of all three Planets of Synthesis (and is only second to Jupiter in the solar system), and higher rotation means increased friction. And, according to traditional astrology, Uranus rules over electricity.


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