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Essene Teachings for Peace

Essene Teachings for Peace

The Kingdom of Peace Is Like a King

The kingdom of peace is like a king who raises an army to go off to war. He wins all of the battles, and the victory is his. He is filled with joy because he has crushed his enemies. But he soon realizes that many of his best friends are dead; and he sees, once again, the faces of those he has killed, with their blood still staining his armor.

He says to himself: "Do they, perhaps, have wives and children weeping for them now?"

His heart becomes filled with sadness; he knows that the real enemy has not been defeated. In truth, I say to you, there is never any victory in external wars. It is always man who loses. It is impossible to separate victory and defeat in this kind of war.

The real enemy is inside oneself; the person who triumphs over it elevates himself above that victory-defeat, to find the light of the kingdom that I am telling you about.

The Balance Between The Spiritual Life And The Material Life

These days, human beings are concerned only with their bodies and with external life. The spirit has disappeared and the consciousness is of no interest to anyone. This orientation produces an imbalance, an unconscious turmoil which is the cause of all wars. Peace is, above all, an equilibrium, a harmony, a fullness, a justice. Man can find this peace only by once again balancing the spirit and matter inside himself -- by using the sword of the consciousness.

The sword of the Archangel Michael, which Christ talks about, is the needle on the scale; it is also the virtue which allows one to distinguish what belongs to the spirit from what belongs to matter. Then each thing can be put into its correct place for the good of the whole. One must not neglect the spirit in order to only take care of the material side; but one must not neglect the body either, and take interest only in the spirit. Peace is never extremist; it results from a reasonable union of the two poles of the one-energy.

The Universal Key Of Peace: The Great Method

If you want to approach a deeper understanding of this teaching on peace, you can freely practice the following meditative exercises and methods which emanate from the initiatic current of the Cosmic Tradition and from St. John’s humanity of light.

Develop the good habit of feeling the ground under your feet, of feeling that the earth is carrying you. Even when you lie down in your bed to sleep, you can be aware that the earth is supporting you and that you give your body over to it with confidence.

Develop the good habit of feeling the infinite sky above you. You must acquire this perception of the immensity and the eternity of the highest heights.
Raise your eyes up towards the blue of the sky and consciously tie yourself to the divine spirit, to the Most High, to the Supreme One -- with a feeling of elevation, of ennoblement, and of unlimited perfection.

Just as you were able to realize that the earth is carrying you and supporting you, you must also succeed in feeling that the infinite immensity of the sky above you is elevating you, is attracting you upwards, is straightening you up, and is awakening you inside your true eternal being.

The third habit to be acquired consists of feeling yourself to be like a point of liaison between the sky and the earth, allowing the inspirations of the spirit to pass into matter and elevating the energies of matter up towards the spirit.

Whatever he does, an artisan of peace is aware of the earth, of himself and of the spirit, and also of his ability to make the spirit material and to make matter spiritual. For example, when he is eating, he is aware that he is making matter spiritual; and this is why he strives to perform this action with gratitude—inviting in the most elevated thoughts.

When he speaks, he is aware that it is the beauty of the spirit that is being manifested through his words; and he strives, therefore, to build up, and not to destroy. But these examples are poor compared with the profound discoveries waiting for the person who strives to acquire these habits in life. He will see, inside himself, that everything negative can be suppressed, and transformed by the power of the spirit -- and that only the awakened man can make it possible for the kingdom of peace to materialize inside the earthly reality, by adopting the new life of the spirit.

The Kingdom of Peace Is Like a Woman

The kingdom of peace is like an ordinary woman who loves life, her husband and her children, but who is always preoccupied by the many questions which create doubts and fears inside her soul.
Doubts and fears about life, her husband and her children -- to such an extent that she ends up living in a state of anguish and irritation, with a hardened heart and hurtful words.

On a day when she is feeling very sad, with a circle of questions whirling around in her head, she mechanically approaches a stream out in nature, sits down near it, and listens to its soft music. This music, through some mysterious power, moves her consciousness into her heart, opens it, and begins to talk to her and to give her all the answers.

Filled with joy, she raises her eyes and, for the first time, sees the sparkling sun, the green grass, the majestic trees; everything speaks to her of love and joy, and invites her to fullness.

In truth, I say to you, the person who lives on the surface of life can only find suffering and become a carrier of war. The external man always lives with questions, fear and unhappiness; but the inner man, who lives inside the heart, knows all the answers. Not ready-made answers which generate new questions, but living answers which lead to fullness and peace.
Only truth brings the fullness of life, and freedom.

The source of the truth lives inside your heart; and if you let its waters flow, you will find the purity of your true being and you will know peace. Fear, doubt, anguish and irritation are impurities which prevent the waters of the heart from flowing, and the true love from manifesting itself. Let your heart open up and let the waters of your heart flow; and all of the impurities will flee far away from you.

The external man cannot find the peace that he needs so much if he is cut-off from the inner man, from the heart. The inner man cannot find the fullness that he needs so much if he is cut-off from the source of the true being.
Therefore, each one is dependent upon the other; the angel of peace needs man in order to achieve peace on earth, and man needs the angel of peace in order to bring his life to fullness.


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