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Evolution and The Position of Man in The Universe

The Darwinian Theory proposes that mankind derives from an apelike creature and is mainly supported by various skeletal remnants, and yet the total evidence still leaves the theory shot full of holes. The "missing link" has been sought in vain, and one particular facet was proved to be a hoax in regard to a certain skull fragment. The controversy between the Darwinian enthusiasts and those adhering to the Biblical continues. Neither is correct. Some chapters of the Bible shed some light on the problem, particularly in The Book of Genesis if it is read in an allegorical sense.

The most satisfactory version for the metaphysically inclined is to be found in "The Stanzas of Dzyan", and commentaries in "The Secret Doctrine" by Helen Blavatsky. There are several hundred stanzas preserved on imperishable material in the fastnesses of the Himalayas, hopefully still hidden from the chinese military. Only a limited number are described as pertinent to the esoteric history of humanity and its preceding phases. During the geological upheavals of the earth the continents have changed many times, so that much of archaeological evidence lies below the sea-bed or mangled beyond recognition in the convoluted layersof rock. The early stages of prehuman existence were of an ethereal substance and so left no possible traces. According to This Ancient Tradition, the earliest Root Race was of a highly spiritual nature, conscious of its divine origin and lived for thousands of years, and in all probability inside the earth when it was still in a semi-gaseous state (this is according to Rudolph Steiner). These beings had spheroidal energy bodies, in an envelope of ethereal substance. They reproduced by budding a replica of themselves, making them virtually immortal during that particular epoch which lasted probably for the duration of the first globe in the series of the seven globes of this chain, even as the next two root races related to the second and third. During the second phase it seems that individual "buds" were left to mature in the rays of the sun and formed a hardened shell-like covering, to emerge after some years. It was not until the third cycle (round) on the third globe of the earth that an androgenous being evolved, that is after recapitulating the previous stages. These creatures were still only conscious in a very rudimentary sense yet on a spiritual level inconceivable to us. It was not until this, our fourth "earth"( or globe), that the separation of the sexes occurred, and only after the mandatory recapitulation of previous stages, whereupon it becomes apparent how the whole process accelerates from globe to globe and millions and millions years are encompassed in the early stages of development.(The phylogenetic stages distinguishable in the developing human foetus is well known, and shows unmistakenly the progression of life on earth* ).It was still much later that the separation of the sexes occurred, and something resembling the human form developed. And so, the Lemurians and then the Atlanteans huge in size and mental capacity they were, much of which today is hard cognition and thought was instinctive to them, which made them magicians par excellence. It is regrettable that some glorified themselves to the degree that they refused to recognise their divine origin and tried to perpetuate their existence indefinitely. This was the beginning of black magic on this earth and resulted in the destruction of both civilisations in atomic wars between the different factions, and very lengthy periods of mutation and barbarism in between. This feature is the prime cause for the present day distress as part of Karmic Law, compounding the effect of destroying our previous planet in the course of atomic research for complete conversion of the power resident in the atom, whereas it is only possible to safely access a fraction of one thousandth of one per cent. The asteroid belt is all that remains of what was once an earth-like world .

Evolution proceeds regardless of hiccups and temporary reversals and is built into the manifestation of objectivity and its laws. There is no escaping the eventual emergence of intelligent life from the three lower kingdoms, and nothing to stop the metamorphosis of the human phase into the superhuman. This is analogous to that of the caterpillar into a butterfly, but for man takes thousands of different lives, each with its particular persona, and allows their integration into superconscious units as the lower becomes united with the higher. At this stage freewill is abandoned as a useless and selfish thing, and the whole essence of action is to sense and assist those lives linking the lower levels of the evolutionary path, which serves cosmic evolution. The superhuman condition is by far of greater duration in our part in the Cosmic Plan, during which there is an ever increasing integration of groups, into bigger and bigger groups until there is a stage where some of these, go to form the Logos of a Planet. This is the condition of the Logos of The Earth incorporated in the forty- nine different spheres all in the same volume of space.To continue this idea further, it is envisaged that Planetary Logoi eventually, after millions and millions of years, which may well extend into successive cycles of creation, become Solar Logoi. Look up into the night sky and see the myriads and myriads of stars, which in a timed exposed photograph of a small area, reveals an even greater condensation of stars and galalaxies. Therein lies the remote destiny of humanity, firstly to achieve interstellar travel, patrol and investigate the galaxy and beyond, but also in the vague and inconceivable vista of eternities the prospect of being up there, - shining .


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