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Evidence of Extra-Terrestrial Technologies

Evidence of Extra-Terrestrial Technologies in ancient India and Egypt

Evidence of very advanced technologies thousands of years back in India and Egypt is becoming evident as we reclaim the realms of technology. The number of temples in India is so large; it is impossible to believe that they were created with primitive technologies. Some of the Indian temples have been replicated by the contemporary rich industrialists of India. But it took enormous amount of resources and thirty years or more to complete even a part of the same. That gave rise to the concept what technology did the people in India and Egypt possess that made so many of these structures possible.

Granite is one of the hardest materials known. The Ancient Egyptians and Indians could cut it from the bedrock and shape it as if it were wood. Granite is very heavy yet the Ancient people of Asia could manipulate blocks weighing 50 tons into position 180 feet above ground level, having already moved it 600 miles from its quarry. They could drill and sculpt granite yet we are told the only tools available at the time were made of copper.

In the 21st Century, with the best of modern science, we cannot duplicate the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians and the Indians. We do not understand how they worked or why they created what we see in Egypt and India today. These were people who lived at the dawn of our known history using work methods we would find very helpful today if only we knew what they were.

A group of Indian and Egyptian scientists recently investigated jointly these magnificent architectures. They found something that made them really astonished. The structural foundation and load bearing architectures are exactly same. The inner granites not exposed to weathering and atmospheric friction retained their sharp edge. These edges are just impossible to create unless laser type or even more advanced technologies were used.

Literature in both the countries point towards Gods from the “Heavens”. In Indian epic Ramayana, a bridge connecting India to Sri Lanka was created over the ocean to carry soldiers and war supplies to Sri Lanka. Even today that kind of effort is impossible to achieve with 21st century technologies.

According to historians in Egypt and India, the two countries were not in touch with each other. What really created all these miracles and similar coincidences so many years back? Scientists are slowly concluding it is possible that Extra-Terrestrial “Gods” were involved in creating these structures all over the world. The Mayan and other civilizations that could understand the meaning of "zero" and "infinity" also had similar structural foundations.

There is a theory that human beings evolve together in parallel all over the world. But that does not answer why the structures created by people in different continents thousands of years back will have similar foundations.


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