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Aliens, Extraterrestrials and The Way to Perceive Them

Aliens, Extraterrestrials and The Way to Perceive Them

Humankind on Earth is quite isolated from different Planes and Dimensions based on the imbalanced degree of evolution we have reached. Slowly we are becoming ready to make conscious contact with other Dimensions, who simply lie inside of each of us, even beyond our 3rd dimensional body, perception and reality.

Now, the time is ready for our Integration into the Confederation of Planets. The Pleiadeans, Sirians, the ones from Orion and the Zetas are helping us directly and indirectly to perceive the other Realities related to different Dimensions.

Often mentioned is the Intergalactic Confederation, an energetic consciousness-group which does coordinate the lower dimensional activities we are part of here, but membership in which we are still unconscious of. This will change after the shift and balancing with respect to other planets in our local solar-system takes place.

The UFO Phenomena is just one way of bringing our encounters with the Intergalactic Confederation into our daily-consciousness, besides Out of Body Experiences, Meditation (Higher-Self or Multi-Dimensional-Self Integration), Channeling and other ways to have an encounter or meeting.

Before you get into details, you may consider reading the following texts first:
Galactic Family - An Overview of Genotypes (Germane - Lyssa Royal)
A somewhat specific view on different ET races
Human and ETs Common History (Unknown)
Another perspective
Report On The Star Knowledge Conference, June 1996 (Richard Boylan)
Report On The Star Visions Conference, Nov 1996 (Richard Boylan)
Native tribes and ETs, another approach to extraterretrials

Often the question arises, why would you assign ETs to particular physical star-systems or planets when some ETs do not relate to the physical plane but only to more subtle dimensions?

There are many starry gateways; some, such as Pleiades, Sirius and so on, have physical representations but some don't have physical appearances and only exist in more subtle planes . All stars represent certain qualities, and are part of the diverse expansion of creation. The astrology is a way to perceive the affection and influences of those entities we call planets. On the other hand, entities who incarnate on particular planets (join a planet's aura or energy body) are dedicated to integrating those energies. Such an incarnation doesn't need necessarily to be done on a physical plane. In that case, then, we perceive it more as astral-traveling because we feel more movement than when we are here now on the physical plane. I will write later more specifically on this relationship in an article about Interdimensional Traveling.

Star Systems, Planets and their Qualities

Here is an overview according STAR SYSTEMS and Planets their energetical and quality aspects:


Doorway Complex (Form and Creativity)
3rd/4th dim. beings, ie. Meier's Semjasa
4th/5th dim. beings, ie. Marcaniak's Pleiadians


Quality: Collectivity 3th/4th dim. beings


Doorway Complex (Humanoid and Dolphin related)
4th/5th dim. beings


Doorway Complex (Expansion)
3rd/4th dim. beings (based on Meier, Lyssa Royal)


3rd/4th dim. beings (based on Meier, Lyssa Royal)


Quality: Guidance
4th/5th dim. beings, very advanced civilization


Doorway Complex (Duality of Good & Bad)
4th/5th dim. beings


Quality: Responsibility
4th/5th dim. beings, Sector-Head of Confederation of Planets


4th/5th dim. beings
The Santinians, an Alpha-Centaurian civilization


4th/5th dim. beings


Major doorway complex (Time & Space)


Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto Sun, Moon ...

4th dim. beings, live in Astral-Planes of their planets
3rd/4th dim. beings Astral-Planes, Inner Earth)
A wide variety of forms (animal and humanoid)



3rd dim. beings, technologically developed

Epsilon Eridani

The Ataien

The Ummites (Ummo)
Another thought, the different cultures are body-related assignments, but they are still very limited assignments. Different bodies force or intensify specific qualities, but the souls of consciousness-unities require bodies to experience realities. On Earth we may have been native American, Chinese, European, Japanese, etc. and experienced different (earth)-cultures. We may have experienced one star-family, as evidenced by the way we entered this section of the universe as Pleiadians, Orions, Sirians, etc., because those are identities related to bodies as well as star-systems.

Extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth since the beginning of time. There were the electrical wars in pre-Lemurian times and later, in Atlantis and Egypt, extraterrestrials visited in great numbers. In Atlantis they helped with crystal technologies and with the building of the great crystal, which was the power source for the entire civilization of Atlantis. Extraterrestrials have come from our galaxy as well as from distant galaxies. It is important at this point to say that I believe, based on the guidance I have received, that ninety-five percent of all extraterrestrial contact with humans is of a positive nature. Most of the civilizations are far beyond humanity on technological and spiritual levels. One of the basic laws they follow is that of respecting the free choice of humans and never interfering unless they have been asked for help.

One of the reasons there have been so many sightings of UFOs in recent years is that the inhabitants of Earth have moved into a fourth-dimensional consciousness, and the planet has moved into sacred status. These are system-wide events. Each of the planets of this solar system could be likened to a chakra of the Sun or the being that ensouls the solar system, Helios. When one chakra goes through a major transformation it affects all the other chakras. The extraterrestrials are aware of this transformation the Earth is going through and are very interested in watching it and in helping humanity to move into the new age. Many of the great advancements in Earth's past evolution have occurred because of extraterrestrial help.

One important thing to understand is that not all extraterrestrials have a human appearance. This particular kind of physical body is called the Adam Kadmon type; there are many other types of bodies that God has created.

Also let it be remembered that in past lives when humans have incarnated on other planets, they have inhabited some of those bodies themselves. Humans need to get beyond their egotistical attachment to this particular form and realize that humanity is a part of a galactic, universal, and cosmic family of intelligent life forms - most of them far more advanced than this civilization.

One of the reasons extraterrestrials are not more overt in their visits to Earth - why they don't make a landing on the White House lawn in full view - is that Earthlings have been too warlike. Despite technological advancements. Earth has been a spiritually backward planet.


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