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Extraterrestrial UFOs cross the blackhole

How do extraterrestrial UFOs cross the blackhole point of singularity to visit our physical universe from the parallel universe

Scientists are slowing understanding the mechanism by which extraterrestrial UFOs pass through the Blackholes to visit us in the physical universe from the parallel universe. The passage through the point of singularity in the Blackhole is not easy and straightforward.

The effects of a black hole's gravity as described by the Theory of Relativity cause a number of peculiar effects. An object approaching simple Schwarzschild-type (non-rotating) black hole's center will appear to distant observers as having an increasingly slow descent as the object approaches the event horizon. This is because a photon takes an increasingly long time to escape from the pull of the black hole to allow the distant observer to gain information on the object's fate.

From the object's frame of reference, it will cross the event horizon and reach the singularity, or center of the black hole, all within a finite amount of time. Once the object crosses over the event horizon, light will no longer escape the black hole, and the object can no longer be observed outside of the black hole. As the object continues to approach the singularity, it will elongate, and the parts closest to the singularity will begin to red shift, until they finally become invisible. Nearing the singularity, the gradient of the gravitational field from head to foot will become considerable, will stretch and tear because of tidal forces: the parts closest to the singularity feel disproportionately stronger gravitational force than those parts farther away. This process is known as spaghettification.

Then how does an extraterrestrial UFO cross the point of singularity in the Blackhole without traditional spaghettification?

The answer lies in controlling and manipulating the gravity waves within the Blackhole. The advanced alien civilizations have mastered the process known as gravity wave neutralization across universes. Without this technology, no one can ever move to the parallel universe from the physical universe. As the extraterrestrial UFO passes through the blackhole, it continually neutralizes gravity wave. The biggest trick is in being able to generate negative gravity in the beginning and then quickly but smoothly shift to positive gravity wave at the center of the Blackhole. If an entity like an extraterrestrial UFO allows the point of singularity to get hold of the object, it will get subjected to spaghettification. But if the objectís computer model smoothly varies the gravity wave neutralization effects, it will have no problem crossing through the point of singularity. It is that critical point of singularity the UFO has to cross smoothly.


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