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Extraterrestrial UFOs tell all human

Extraterrestrial UFOs tell all human beings what to do using a cluster of unknown technologies

We have just started fiddling around sound waves in the range of 200 to 220 KHz and are busy filing patents on the same. The sound can be targeted to a human being and a new audio engineering is evolving called hypersonic sound.

But according to scientists in many different parts of the world, extraterrestrials are communicating with every human being all the time at much higher frequencies all the time. At those frequency levels you cannot call it “sound” any more. It is more of targeted communication of mind than anything else.

All human beings, animals and plants also communicate at some higher frequency levels. Some say as we learn and use “Technology of Human Civilization”, we are not focusing any more on those frequencies. The fact that animals all left the Tsunami regions for higher ground and so did the primitive tribes of Andaman and Nicobar islands says that some level of communication exists.

Scientists and researchers are convinced that human beings are guided, and communicated by the extraterrestrials all the time. The UFOs all around the world monitors various technologies in place.

According to many researchers involved in earth’s evolution and its life forms agree that previous extinct animals and human civilization harnessed capabilities of mind power and some different types of intelligence. Human intelligence is based on pattern matching in isolation. In the evolutionary chain that may not be the ultimate thing that happened.

Extraterrestrials influence humans through minds control techniques with many technologies unknown to us. We do have some clues to these though. One of them is communication through ultrasonic frequencies. Many believe human dreams and communication to the passive part of the brain is what the extraterrestrials use. Many believe they use mass communication techniques to all the humans and even animals.

The other technology that is known to our civilization is creating charged ions in the environment that influences human brain.


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