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Extraterrestrial UFOs use fermions

Extraterrestrial UFOs use fermions connecting 3-D Physical Universe to the 5-D Hyperspace to tap the electromagnetic force fields

Electromagnetic flux is what the extraterrestrial UFOs use for navigation, armor, propagation and stealth. The strength of electromagnetic field used is so high that scientists wondered what was the technology behind such endless and high intensity electromagnetic force fields in these space modules.

Now scientists are getting early indication of what is behind these advanced alien ships in obtaining the electromagnetic force fields. The Physical Universe is connected with the underlying Hyperspace by some sparsely distributed particle size small windows called Fermions. These Fermions literally connect our universe with the 5-D Hyperspace.

The suction from the Hyperspace through the Fermions create the gravity and the electromagnetic force fields. The Fermions exist in 5-D and hence are virtual in 3-D space of our physical Universe. These Fermions are the opening to the Hyperspace from the 3-D space of our Physical Universe. The extraterrestrial UFOs can easily detect these Fermions since the alien space ships are also real in 5-D Hyperspace and virtual in 3-D space. They use the Fermions to tap the suction from the Hyperspace and divert the electromagnetic force fields towards its propagation, navigation, stealth and armor engines.

This really provides the extraterrestrial UFOs the endless source of electromagnetic force fields of immense intensity. Some space agencies have tried using super-cooled superconductors to create the electromagnetic force fields but got baffled at the result. Now it is clear to the scientists that the main source of electromagnetic energy is not the superconductor but the Fermions that overlap the Physical Universe and Hyperspace and connect the two through billions and billions of microscopic openings.

The extraterrestrial flight patterns show that the UFOs maintain steady flight navigation and propagation. They can accelerate and decelerate in a manner as if an endless electric motor with source energy supply is connected to them. What really happens is that the Fermions are distributed all over the Universe in trillions and the UFOs can connect to them all the time.

The mechanism works like cell phone or mobile phone technologies. One set of Fermions hand over the control to next set of Fermions as the UFO propagate and navigate forward in a 3-D space of the physical universe. In remote areas, cell phone companies install something called micro cells that act as relay mechanism. The extraterrestrial UFOs install artificial Fermions in areas where natural Fermions are not available. This provides the UFOs the propagation and navigation in remote areas like under earth’s crust and so on.


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