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Extraterrestrials control galactic asteroid paths

Extraterrestrials control galactic asteroid paths – what does that mean for the survival of our civilization in 2012 when terrestrial polar reversal takes place?

In the last ten years no less than eight times, asteroids have missed the earth by a miniscule distance in cosmic scale. In many cases out technical capabilities could not even detect these till they went past the earth.

Scientists are perplexed but do try to explain such dangerous happenings with many theoretical scenarios. Some now have started investigating the possibilities that extraterrestrials control the traverse path of these asteroids and the asteroid zone of the galaxy. They now believe that we do not have the capability even to detect the massive asteroids. Definitely we cannot stop one hitting earth causing fatal crash even if we see it coming. NASA and other space agencies of the world are ready to send a probe to shift the path of an asteroid. But the problem lies in the fact that earth’s gravitational effects, Suns electromagnetic radiation and unknown effects from dark energy may quickly bring the diveryed asteroid back into a collision course with the earth.

The logical question comes how can they really control the asteroids especially the large ones. The answer lies in controlling the resultant force, velocity and acceleration from gravitational effects in the galaxy, electromagnetic radiation from Sun and other stars in the Galaxy and the strange phenomenon associated with the dark matter that can produce the antigravity effects in the Universe.

Recently computer models have been able to combine these into a model of dynamics of a standard asteroid. The unknown factor of the dark energy still creates ambiguity in the model. However, it is clear that someone can have a clear idea about the resultant dynamic path and can exert artificial counter forces to control the trajectory as well as the path of the asteroid.

Simply put if the forces that make the asteroid go in a specific direction is modeled accurately, it is possible to control the asteroids.

Between now and 2012, the earth will go through a terrestrial as well Solar Polar reversal. That will attract massive asteroids towards the earth. The science and facts of polar reversal in conjunction with a solar reversal is so unknown to the scientific community, no one really knows what the net effect can be.

Any computer model predicting the path of an asteroid can easily fail because of the Polar Reversal process of the Earth and the Sun simultaneously, That means we will not even realize that an asteroid will hit us till the last moment.

The extraterrestrials may hold the key to our civilization then in 2012. They can only model the trajectories of these asteroids and divert the same to miss the earth.

The million-dollar question then is – will they save our civilization? Millions of years back they did not save the earth from the asteroid that hit the terrestrial crust to wipe out the Dinosaurs. Again the question is – will they save the earth this time?


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