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The final frontier of stealth

The final frontier of stealth using parallel Universe as cover for invisible propagation – a reverse engineered concept from extraterrestrial UFOs

Defense scientists and engineers in look for the ultimate military stealth is finding interesting answers in parallel universes and more than four dimensions. Using the theory an object can be made to disappear like a miracle and then brought back in no time.

It is true that extraterrestrial UFOs have the capabilities to disappear all on a sudden. Then can also reappear all on a sudden. In many religions miracles are practiced using mind power to make an object disappear and then brought back like magic.

Theoretical physics is finally finding some answers to this strange phenomenon. If gravity can naturally leak to the parallel Universe in our close vicinity, then can we make any other objects leak to the parallel Universe, hide it there for a while and then bring it back when we need the same?

Paranormal activities are believed to be happening in the parallel Universe. Experts call it the final frontier of science to be able to interface with a parallel Universe in much higher dimension from out four-dimensional Universe. Many believe that may be altogether impossible. It is almost trying to model sound waves with the help of light waves (which is actually possible)!

If a military vehicle can be hidden under the cover of a parallel dimension, it can be totally invisible from all technical means in this Universe. It can then be brought back in this Universe at the right time to cause massive havoc in the adversary’s military infrastructure and apparatus.

A massive military satellite or space module can hidden completely this way right above or next to the enemy with their no knowledge. Then it can be brought back to this universe at the right time. It is the same concept of having stealth nuke submarines in deep water, which can never be found easily, and the adversary is worried always about its presence somewhere in the vicinity.

This also explains why extraterrestrial UFOs are invisible most of the time and can create a complete illusion any time. The extraterrestrials are probably thousands or millions of years ahead of us and have mastered the use of parallel Universes, which exist at higher than four dimensions.


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