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Angles are the framework for all creation. They are responsible for the existence of material objects and living beings, and also for intangible areas of manifestation like individual experiences, and the relationships between people and shared events. The only way this can work efficiently is for all angles to be predestined.

The only way Humans can only exercise their freewill is through the conscious interpretation of angles, by deciding which route through life to take, which angular opportunities to use and which to ignore.

It is through man’s choice of how he uses the angles of life that has given birth to the idea of freewill. He can only choose how to employ his angles by adjusting his conscious response to them. This does give him a very great choice, but it also explains why he can apply his right of freewill without disrupting the workings of the universe. The physical world man inhabits is an integrated angular structure, based on precise mathematical formula, and he has no way of changing the overall pattern. He merely has the ability to manipulate minor aspects of the pattern through his consciousness responses: the cosmos creates the angles, not man; man can only choose his response to the angles.

This has to be, because angles exist in the cosmos independently from Humans, the Human involvement is only necessary to continue with the Absolute’s Great Plan. Because the angles exist in their own right, through the Devic and Elemental evolutions, they cannot work independently from the system they are part of ~ they cannot collide into each other or suddenly reverse and go back the way they came.

This same situation applies when translated into Human terms as events; the angles that become ‘eventforms’ are part of a huge cosmic pattern that doesn't allow for unpremeditated chaos, only ordered chaos. So, when Humans exercise their right of free-will this is only in the application of their conscious energy towards already existent angles. They can change the type of event, even stop an angle becoming an event, but they cannot diverge from the path laid down by the whole scheme of cosmological angles. This is the truth of man’s free-will. He can only interpret, strengthen or ignore angles, but he can’t change them or create them, except when he takes it upon himself to act as god, the god he is destined to eventually become.

Humans have access to choice in the path they will take through life by exercising this gift of freewill, which gives us the ability to progress our own evolutionary and spiritual development. THIS FREE-WILL IS A FUNCTION OF OUR CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, giving us a choice of how we interpret and fulfil our life obligations to our Divine Spirit.

However, this idea of choice between two or more alternatives is itself illusive. The truth is it is our Divine Right not to have choice in anything we do, because choice is again an angular function, and therefore a constraint on our supreme Human spirituality.

There is a very instructive phase in Buddhism which can apply here: “I AM THAT”. This illustrates the three Primaries in operation through our Human conception of our environment, with each word relating to a Primary. “I” is the First Primary; “AM” is the Second Primary; “THAT” is the Third primary. We do not need the Third Primary to live in our pure condition of Beingness: “I AM” is enough, “THAT” is the choice we do not need to make. To do the Divine Will of the Absolute is to take the singular path of true spirituality through life, which is straight, and without forks. It is called Tao.

A Human has freewill because his essence exists above the realms of angles, he is a being of consciousness with the ability to choose the angles he wants to utilise for the benefit of himself and his species, and the world as a whole. The main quality of consciousness is creativity, therefore as creative beings who exist above the level of angles Humans have the ability to create their own life circumstances and the life circumstances of other beings on our planet.

When an individual functions from this point he is above the level where he is pushed from his true course through life by planetary influences. Here man can truly exercise his free-will, and learn to tread his own path of destiny for his and Humanity’s benefit. The person who can work solely from this point has conquered karma, the Third Primary karma that is Devic, angular and planetary in origin. The nearest we can get to accessing this part of ourselves is through our imagination, which is still angular but acts as a bridge to the purely creative force of consciousness that is our eventual and inevitable birthright. This is when we achieve true freewill, once we exist above the level of angles.


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