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Galactic Federation of Planets

Galactic Federation of Planets

The information in this database are mainly based on information from the spacepeople, using different telepathic methods of communication. The intension of the base is to make people aware of the existence of the spacepeople and their presence here. The base is a small part of a bigger plan which goal is to merge the Earth civilisation with the Galactic civilisation. The base also contains some UFO pictures, and pictures from other planets/dimensions received with technical equipment based on alien technology.

Information about The Galactic Confederation

The galactic confederation is a term for an organization that is a joining of the civilizations on many different planets. It acts like an interplanetary united nation system. Within the galactic confederation all members share their technology, art etc. Most of the planets within this organization don't have any money system. Therefore the trade are based on freely exchange of goods between the members without any payment. Things who are based onthoughts and intellectual works are absolutely free for all.

The galactic confederation are therefore strongly against any patent and copyright system. Most of the members within the confederation are communicating telepathically and are therefore sharing their thoughts and ideas with each other's without any personal gains of that in mind. The galactic confederation also has a common defence system that are defending their members against civilizations on aggressive planets and against other space organizations with aggressive military goals. Beside that the organization helps other planets, which are not advanced enough yet to join the organization.

The galactic confederation has known the existence of your planet earth for a very long time. Your planet is considered being a special place within your galaxy. On other planets it is most often only one country and language for all citizens of that planet. It's very rare that a planet consist of more than 3 countries. Now the situation on your planet is at a critical face within the development of your civilizations.

The government on your planet has refused to receive help offered by us in developing non-polluting and free energy technology etc. Instead some secret organization structures within the governments in certain countries has tried to shoot down our spacecrafts, and have used technological information they have found in crashedspacecrafts for developing more advanced weapons for their military. Some people within this secret military group have plans for using their weapon technology in overtaking other planets when the earth is so polluted that the living condison on earth becomes difficult.

This scenario will not be tolerated by the galactic confederation and it has been taken steps to prevent it. Since the governments on earth is unwilling in having relationship with the galactic confederation and are suppressing the knowledge of this organization existence from the general public, the galactic confederation has taken steps to gradually becomes visible for the general public on your planet directly. A factor within this campaign is to transmit advanced geometrically patterns to your cornfields known as crop circles. Some of this patterns are so advanced that is impossible to make them by normal earth technology.

The pattern is often containing important information for you in pictogram form. For those of you who understand these pictograms, it will be possible for you to understand the deeper principles within the cosmos. You can also use this information to make non-polluting free energy devices etc. By doing this it's hoped that the general people will begin to think. The authorities have therefore starting a campaign to ridicule the crop circles.

One who study the crop circles closely will see that the corn within a genuine crop circle has changed its structure at the molecule level, and that this can not be achieved just by stamping the corn down. Besides the crop circles a large numbers of spacecrafts in formations has become visible in some of your countries especially in South America. This event is withheld from your international news media. Only local media in the actual countries are referring these events.

Many agents who work for the galactic confederation are placed on earth. Most of them are reborn in earth bodies with memories from other planets. (For members within the galactic federation the reincarnation principle is scientifically proved). Others are born on other planets and space stations and are taken to earth by spacecrafts for working here. Within a few years from now it will become possible for the planet earth to join the galactic confederation. By downloading and spreading the information about genuine crop circles and UFOs with this letter, the joining process between the earth and the galactic confederation could speed up.


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