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Every galaxy contains a massive central black hole

Every galaxy contains a massive central black hole connection to the intergalactic subway of wormholes for UFO travel

How do UFOs travel thousands of light years and visit the earth from distant galaxies that we do not even know exist?

Results by astronomers using instruments like the Hubble Space Telescope now indicate that all galaxies harbor one of the dense blackholes. In all the galaxies studied, star speeds continue to increase closer the very center. This in itself indicates a center millions of times more massive than our Sun is needed to contain the stars. This mass when combined with the limiting size makes the case for the central blackholes.

The central blackholes are entry points to the wormholes that connect a massive network of subway type wormholes. The extraterrestrial UFOs travel through these wormholes from the other distant galaxies and visit the earth all the time.

The blackholes at the center of the galaxies are massive and the core of these massive black gravity beasts collapses into a point close to the point of singularity.

These are entry points to the internetworking wormhole highways or subways. Various advanced civilizations use these network of wormholes to travel from one galaxy to another.

The central blackholes also act as a dense gravity source to contain all the stars in the galaxy. It is the brain and soul of the galaxy. It is the capital or the nerve center of the galaxy.

The central blackholes are increasing in gravity intensity at its core.

A galaxy dies when the central blackhole becomes so powerful that it starts eating up the whole galaxy. The blackholes at that point of time absorbs stars from its galaxy and delivers them to spatial structures of the parallel universe. The parallel universe also has the mechanisms to give birth to new galaxies. The life and death just like stars continues.

Extraterrestrial UFOs use these blackhole entry points to traverse from galaxy to galaxy. Moving through a blackhole is not easy. That is where the alien civilization has surpassed the real technological barriers. The process is performed by controlling dense gravity with the help of controlled dark matter with varying intensity at the different positions of the black hole.


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