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Generalities about Tarot

The Tarot is an art and practice shrouded in mystery. Here, we
hope to answer some of the more common questions.

Do I have to be given a Tarot deck for it to work?
No. The power of Tarot lies in the fact that the symbols
contained in the deck work like computer keys to the psychic
mind. They are symbols residing in the “collective unconscious.”
Anyone can tap into these symbols merely by quieting the mind
and using the cards in a relaxed state of awareness during
which the mind is more receptive to information. Tarot does
not receive its wisdom from superstition but from the
universe. As such, you can find wisdom in the symbols of a
deck that you buy as easily as you can in one that is given
to you. Some decks may speak to you more than others, but
the heart of Tarot is in what the symbols make us feel.

Do I have to keep my Tarot deck wrapped in silk?
No. Some teachers of Tarot explain that you must keep the
deck wrapped in silk, and in a special box. In truth, you
use Tarot as a catalyst for your own psychic mind. While
it is true that the deck will inherit your own aura's
energy, or “vibrations,” such energies are not fragile. How
you interact with the world, especially on a psychic level,
strongly influences how you may want to keep your deck. If
you love finery, you may want to keep your deck in silk or
velvet. If you are inclined to the mystical, you may keep
a deck in a special box. I keep my Thoth Tarot in a
gorgeous egyptian stone box decorated with heiroglyphs.
My friend Shawn Poirier, a well-known psychich who has
read for many years, keeps his deck open on his kitchen
table, where he reads. His deck of Tarot is as open and
public as he is!

Is Tarot of the Devil?
No. Witches do not believe that there are evil gods or
entities responsible for bad things that happen in the
World. The concept of the “Devil” most people picture
is a Christian one. Witches are not Christians. We are
not Satanists (though we have seen Satanists inaccurately
referred to as Witches) and we do not knowingly harm
others. Witches know that Tarot works because it contains
universal symbols that access the part of the brain that
allows us to be psychic. The process is scientific,
psychological, and transformative. The “power” in Tarot
comes from its interaction with the psychic mind of the
reader and not from any outside entity, evil or otherwise.

Do you have to be psychic to read Tarot?
Yes. However, all living beings possess some degree of psychic
ability, though how far it develops depends on motivation,
determination, and practice. It is a combination of
practiced skill and inherent talent, much like other
disciplines, such as singing, painting, and swimming.
Psychic energy is a life force that flows through every
particle of the universe. Psychic work, such as divination
through Tarot cards, is a means to map out the influences
in our lives. All of us possess a degree of innate psychic
ability, If you dedicate and apply yourself to psychic work,
you will likely excel at it.


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