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Genetic warfare

Genetic warfare, the DNA bomb and deadly RNA interference – the advanced warfare

If a genetic bomb was developed, it could contain anthrax or the plague and be tailored to activate when it identified a certain group of genes — indicating membership of a particular ethnic group — in the infected person. It deadly targeted warfare that can wipe out the adversary in no time without the adversary even knowing that they are party to an active warfare.

The genetic warfare has started silently. Scientists are trying to understand how genetic characteristics can be used to trigger viral agents.

More dangerous is the DNA bomb. Here is a scenario where a terrorist or assassin plans to take out a head of the state. Assassins seek to take down a world leader, but they won''t need to risk using bullets or bombs. Instead, they stand on a receiving line and shake the leader's hand, coming away with a genetic sample—a fleck of skin, a stray hair—that reveals his secret vulnerabilities. Then they engineer a pathogen that will attack only the dignitary. The next time he addresses a crowd; one terrorist simply coughs, releasing the pathogen-loaded virus into the air. It circulates silently, a contagion harmless to all but its target. Within hours, the leader is dead. The DNA bombs can target a specific person.

Genetic engineering can clearly contribute to make classical biowarfare agents more effective, it can ease access to them, enable the construction of novel biowarfare agents and opens the avenue for a broad array of new types of weapons. It is of crucial importance for scientists and policymakers around the world to address the increasing threat and redouble efforts to strengthen the ban on biological weapons and to control critical technologies.

RNA interference can be even more deadly. RNA interference could shut down vital genes. If the sequence of the target gene varies between two different populations the technique could be used to interrupt key body functions in one population and not the other. If as little as 10% or 20% of a target population would be affected, this would wreak havoc among enemy soldiers on a battlefield or in an enemy society as a whole.

The genetic and DNA bombs in conjunction with the RNA interference are deadly weapons that can wipe out large populations. Future missiles will be loaded with these kinds of stuff instead of nukes. The warfare is going into a twilight zone when the human civilization can really be wiped out without harming a country or the earth.


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