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We are genetically connected to the aliens

The fact that our mind can traverse the spatial dimensions of the parallel universe shows we are genetically connected to the aliens

The human mind and soul are complex source of electromagnetic energy. Recent mind exploring experiments show human minds can traverse the realm of spatial dimensions of the parallel universe. Two thirds of our brain is not under our control. It is guided by the entities in the parallel universe. We communicate using mind generated signals commonly known as telepathy with many other entities and even with ourselves in higher spatial dimensions of the parallel universe. The signals are electromagnetic flux projection and that is why it cannot be detected so easily.

What’s astonishing is the recent finding on aliens prospering in the parallel universe. They are able to travel in and out from parallel universe of higher dimensional spatial structures. They use the physical universe to elevate their source of internal energy. If the mind experiments are telling the truth, we actually are also able to move in and out of the physical universe any time. But we just do not know how we do that. And we cannot explain it with science. We do traverse the parallel universes with our mind all the time without physically leaving the Physical Universe. That part of the brain is not even in our control.

It therefore seems that we are connected genetically to some advanced life forms that can traverse from the Physical to the Parallel universe all the time.

The distinct difference between the human and animal world show very clearly that we are not only advanced genetically, we also possess a very sensitive and delicate brain.

Recent studies with autistic children have shown that a little overdose or influence of mercury on our brain can make us lose the delicate nature of the brain to function like a normal human being. But autistic children also use their subconscious mind to communicate with the parallel universe of higher spatial dimensions.

This just proves that the human mind is of higher order and is different in terms of sophistication to that of the animals. How did that happen if we evolved from the same one cell amoeba?

The explanation can be simple. We evolved the same way other animals evolved. At some point of time our genetic signatures were altered to make us very sophisticated beings capable of moving in and out of parallel universe.


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