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Great White Brotherhood

What is the Spirit of the
Great White Brotherhood?

The Ascended Masters of Wisdom Speak on the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood

Note: The term "Great White Brotherhood" refers not to race but to the Aura of White Light that surrounds the Ascended Masters, Who having risen from every race and walk of life, have chosen to Serve and Minister to the evolutions of the Earth.
"The ENTIRE Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood" refers not to the Conscious Being described below, but instead to the impersonal combined Causal Body Momentum of all Members of the Great White Brotherhood, forming a Glorious, Luminous Sea of God Life and God Fire - a Cornucopia of Supreme Abundance!


"The Great White Brotherhood has a Spirit, even as Shamballa! This Spirit was born when Sanat Kumara first conceived the idea of helping the Earth and its attendant evolutions toward redemption.

"As Sanat Kumara is a Great Being of Solar Light, the Spirit born from His Heart was naturally conceived, nourished and externalized in PERFECTION. The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood lived in Shamballa, nourished by Sanat Kumara and His helpers, until it grew strong, radiant and magnetic in the atmosphere of Earth.

"When the first individual (Lord Gautama) responded to the magnetic pull of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, that Spirit was happy indeed! It welcomed Lord Gautama and, shortly thereafter, Lord Maitreya, into Shamballa and into the Presence of the shining Lord of the World. Every time these Two Pioneers returned to Shamballa to learn more of the Law of Love, they left something of themselves to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and thus It grew in grace by each such visitation!

"As the long ages rolled by, many others responded to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and, when they went forth on missions they always brought back the harvest of their service to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, adding to the Enthusiasm, Joy, Illumination and Constancy of that pulsating Spirit. Thus age after age this Spirit has become a more and more potent Power in the affairs of mankind, through the ministrations of those who love and serve that Spirit along the seven constructive lines of endeavor which it is My privilege to guide, guard and protect.

"Accept the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood (the full-gathered conscious momentum of all . . . who have blessed this Earth) and allow that Spirit, through YOU, to stimulate the manifestation of your part in God's Divine Plan.

"As NOTHING OF LASTING BENEFIT TO LIFE IS ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT UNITY OF PURPOSE, DESIGN AND ENTHUSIASM, I thank God for the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. I, too, responded to the call of Love and entered Shamballa, became imbued with the Love of Sanat Kumara and filled My cup (consciousness) from the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Thus I have been sustained through ages in a seemingly endless task, the redemption of destructively qualified energies through LOVE!

"None of Us has ever brought to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood anything of an imperfect nature. All of Us have given to this Spirit Our ALL, without reservation for Love's sweet sake! Thus, We (having complied with the Law by not attempting to despoil the Beauty of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood) have received from that Spirit all the impetus We have required from time to time as the need arose for greater assistance than Our personal momentums could give. The wonderful selflessness of this Spirit is truly beautiful. It gives ALL to anyone whose motive is pure and unselfish and It asks nothing in return but greater opportunity to express for the benefaction of the entire evolutionary scheme. Would that man could find such UNITY in himself, his family, racial, national and planetary life!"


"THE SPIRIT OF THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD IS LIKE THE SUN IN ITS IMPERSONAL OUTPOURING OF BLESSING. YET IT IS AN INTELLIGENCE THAT CAN AND DOES RESPOND TO THE CALL OF ANY INDIVIDUAL DESIRING TO SERVE THE EARTH'S EVOLUTIONS AT THIS TIME. It is particularly important for individuals seeking to sustain constructive activities in these seemingly chaotic times, to learn to know this Spirit and to call upon It for help. Light is always triumphant over darkness but, as unascended helpers of God serve mostly in the astral realm, they require more than ordinary assistance to sustain their faith, constancy, love and patience in such service.

"Here, it is suggested that you become acquainted with the actual PRESENCE of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, Who is like a Silent Watcher over all those desiring to maintain a constructive balance for man, elemental, four-footed creature and every living thing. You will notice in your group activities and in your personal applications, that there will be LESS STRAIN AND EFFORT AND MORE BUOYANCY AND ENTHUSIASM IF YOU CONSCIOUSLY INVITE THE SPIRIT OF THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD INTO YOUR MIDST! TRY!"


"One of the greatest joys in serving the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is the absolute selflessness expressed by every Divine Being to serve a particular cause that requires immediate attention. Solar Lords, Cosmic Beings, Archangels, Archaii, Cherubim and Seraphim, as well as the Ascended Host, have such diversity of interest and momentum of service.

"Yet, the very instant the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood signifies there is a requirement to be filled, ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION OFFER THEIR GIFTS, TALENTS, POWERS AND VIRTUES TO FULFILL THE REQUIREMENT OF THE HOUR. There is no discourtesy of 'changing' the design, no infringement of personal opinions, but the refreshing UNITY to ACCOMPLISH 'ALL FOR GOD'! That is, naturally, the particular service of the Third Ray and We do invoke that Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood NOW into all constructive activities until It enters into the conscious minds of men and women everywhere and self is put aside in the Name of God to set this dear Earth free!"


"Every Intelligence which has offered to assist the Earth is connected to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood by a line of Energy from this Spirit's Heart. Along this line of Energy the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood pours whatever the particular Intelligence requires to assist it in constructive endeavor.

"Conservation of energy and reverence for life are so great in the Realms of Perfection, that NO ONE would even think of using this Energy except to fulfill the Divine Plan. In the case of well meaning unascended beings, however, unfortunately that is not always true. Thus there is provided a 'shut off valve' so that if the chela were to be inharmonious, he is temporarily disconnected from this Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and no tinge of impurity can ever enter into its great Presence. When the chela becomes harmonious again, this 'valve' is opened and the Life Force of the Brotherhood flows freely to bless the earnest one seeking to do God's Will.

"Even little undines, who have accepted Neptune's offer to make up the waters of the Earth, come under this rule. While they faithfully perform their services in the rising and falling of the tides, they too have a tiny 'life line' from the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that flows into their little hearts. When they become discordant and floods and tidal waves ensue, the 'shut off valve' disconnects them from the PEACEFUL PRESENCE OF THIS SPIRIT. This is true of the gnomes of the Earth, the sylphs of the air, and the salamanders of the fire element as well. Knowing this, the conscious chela can call in emergencies dealing with disturbances of nature, for special dispensations to allow the free-will of the forces of nature to be set aside so that the PEACEFUL PRESENCE OF THE SPIRIT OF THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD may hold the balance so needed in these times.

"It is also a great Mercy to make this call for your fellow workers when, due to certain pressures upon them, they have 'shut-off' their inflow of Vitality from the Brotherhood. It is then, more than ever, necessary that they have the sustaining Power of that Spirit. It also tends to create a greater TOLERANCE in the chela's feeling world for, rather than condemnation, he is invoking restoration of another's peace! TRY!"


"The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is such a marvelous scientific example of the dual power of centripetal and centrifugal force. WHEN REQUIRED, ALL THE POWER OF THIS SPIRIT CAN BE DIRECTED ON AN INSTANT TO ANY POINT IN THE ATMOSPHERE OF EARTH TO HELP RENDER SERVICE. When the requirement is fulfilled, the Power is drawn back into the Heart of this Spirit where it builds to fulfill future demands. ALTHOUGH IT IS USED HOURLY, IT NEVER LOSES IN POTENCY AND POWER BUT RATHER GAINS IN STRENGTH THROUGH SUCH IMPERSONAL USE. You might say this Spirit is like a 'Trustee' or 'Guardian' of tremendous powers which, at its discretion, it directs into the world of an intelligence endeavoring to promote peace on Earth and good will toward men. This Spirit, being an Intelligent Being, sees and knows the motive of every individual and acts, according to the sincerity of such motive, to help such a one in a good cause.

"Let us take a Cosmic example. When Lord Maitreya (now the New Buddha) signified to the Great White Brotherhood that the cosmic time had come for the birth and mission of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood gathered into Itself ALL BEINGS (DIVINE and human) who could help Jesus in the fulfilling of this mission. This Spirit endowed them with added Strength, Grace, Constancy and Enthusiasm and when, in the course of human events, the pageant of Jesus ministry was finally thrown upon the screen of life, this Spirit not only sustained Jesus, Joseph and Holy Mary, but also the lesser developed but earnest disciples throughout the course of their lives.

"Let us take a human example. When an individual desires to benefit the human race, without personal motives of any kind, the same Spirit pours more and more of Its Love and Light to such a one helping him, in the face of the greatest odds, to complete his service (invention, humanitarian benefit, or whatever it may be).

"Thus any individual who is serving on this Earth to expand the Light of the World is literally sustained by the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood which Spirit lets such a one finish his course honorably and give to the race the fruits of his labors. Without such invisible but potent aid, no unascended being could or would be able to so do. Therefore, bless the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood wherever you see some good man or woman performing work in God's Holy Name, for that individual is literally and practically sustained in those works by this Spirit and Its generous sustenance!"


"We have been asked, this Holy Season, to speak about the mighty Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. I, Myself, and those close to Me, most certainly benefited by the protection and blessing of this Spirit which gave so lavishly of Itself in helping us to fulfill Our mission.

"Remember, beloved ones, THIS SPIRIT RECEIVES ALL THE FULL, ACCUMULATED GOOD THAT ANY ONE, HUMAN OR DIVINE, ACCOMPLISHES IN THIS WORLD OF FORM into Itself. Thus each year, It grows in Grace and Beauty and Power. This is only just. As Cosmic 'Trustee' for the investment of more than ordinary Spiritual Energies through any lifestream, that lifestream's momentum of good is automatically the property, one might say, of this Spirit. For instance, in My case, innumerable Angels and Divine Beings were sent by this Spirit to guard, protect, warn and sustain Us through the long and trying experiences of My final Earth life. At the request of this Spirit, They gave a tremendous amount of Their Own Life, to the cosmic cause (establishment of the Christian Dispensation).

"Thus, the fruits of that dispensation belonged to and were freely given into the keeping of that Spirit, not only during My Earth life, but even up to the present day. So, anyone with a pure, selfless motive may invoke all the full gathered cosmic momentum of the Christian Dispensation to flow to, through and around them or others whom they see are doing the work of the Christ in the world of form (or in the inner levels of consciousness where souls, not wholly free, are still working out untransmuted human karma). Anyone may, in like manner, invoke the full-gathered cosmic momentum of Lord Gautama's service to, through and around sincere unascended lifestreams who are continuing in His Name to spread the doctrine of the Middle Way.

"It is only in the human octave that personality seeks to hold onto the power, the glory and the benefits of works well done. THE TRUE 'DEVOTEE' OF THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD DOES THE WORKS IN THE FATHER'S NAME AND GIVES ALL CREDIT, AS WELL AS ALL FRUITS OF THE HARVEST, BACK UNTO THE SPIRIT OF THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD SO THAT IT CAN BE UTILIZED AGAIN AND AGAIN TO HELP OTHERS SEEKING TO DO THE SAME TYPE OF WORK IN A LATER DAY. The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is the Cosmic Trustee, appointed by God Himself, to hold the fruits of works well done (and the feelings of accomplishment generated in doing these works) in the atmosphere of Earth so that all who desire to hasten the freedom of Earth's evolutions may have easy access to these Powers and Graces.

"Personally, I do bless this Spirit for Its sustaining Power in Gethsemane's Garden and on Golgotha's Hill. I AM rejoiced that this Spirit has sustained the harvest of Our endeavors and I AM always delighted when anyone chooses to partake of Our humble gift to the Earth which the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, upon request, makes available to any sincere and unselfish lifestream! Invoke this shining Presence into your services and feel the Power of Its Presence acting through you! I know whereof I speak!"


"The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood has many Messengers in the Divine Realm, for every Perfected Being is only too willing to respond to this Spirit and serve on any level of consciousness where there is a need for more Light. The Angelic Host are particularly Messengers of this Spirit and that is why, in this New Era, it is part of the duty of the Seventh Ray to bring a closer understanding to the outer minds of mankind as to the nature of the Angels, Their Reality and Their Desire to serve the Earth and her evolutions.

"As Chohan of the Seventh Ray, I AM engaged in helping to bring this understanding to people who can and will accept the assistance of the Angels. The co-operation of the Angelic Host with enlightened human beings is part of the New Era which it is My Joy to bring to Freedom's Star. You may well ask what sustained the Holy Innocents and people of Light before the coming of the "laggards" and the creation of maya which caused Sanat Kumara to come to Earth and to create the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. I will tell you. It was the Spirit of the Cosmic I AM Presence whose Vibratory Action was and is so high that the present consciousness of even the most spiritually developed people on Earth today could not reach it!

"It was to 'step down' this Cosmic I AM Presence to a Vibratory Action that could be assimilated by the sluggish souls of men that Sanat Kumara created the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood (a Child, you might say, of the Cosmic I AM Presence). In the same Mercy, the physical Sun 'steps down' the Vibratory Action of the Great Central Sun and your own Individualized I AM Presence 'steps down' the Vibratory Action of Itself into the Holy Christ Self. This does not mean that any of the processes of slowing down the Vibratory Action of God allows imperfection to register! It is only perfection, moving more slowly for the benefit of those consciousnesses that cannot reach the subtle Vibratory Action of the Cosmos. All acts according to Law, even as your great electrical currents are consciously magnetized and "stepped down" in frequency so that they may be used to illumine your homes and temples.

"The speed of Vibration of any God Gift is always determined by the receptivity of those who can be benefited by it. The frequency of this Vibration is always under the control of Divine Intelligence and never impinged upon by impurity. Only in the human octave does the frequency of vibration become tinged with impurity because it is not under the conscious control of the individual directing the frequency of the manifestation. You can have a very slow, but perfect, frequency, when the intelligence directing the electrons to move at a certain rate of speed, consciously directs them so to do for an impersonal and God directed reason. Thus, when We manifest through Our Radiation and Our Instructions, We consciously lower the frequency of the Vibratory Action of Our Instruction and Radiation to a point where the brain consciousness can receive it.

"However, We are Masters of that Energy and Its Movement. As mankind's outer consciousness is quickened, the speed of that consciousness (the etheric, mental and emotional worlds) will, of course, be accelerated and We will not have to use so much Vital Energy to perform this 'stepping down' of the Graces which We desire to give. Thus to 'quicken' the receiving stations (outer consciousnesses of the people) will mean a tremendous conservation of Our Energies, as well as the Energies of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood as a whole. When Earth has become Freedom's Star, this Spirit will remain as the Silent Watcher of the Earth! Hasten that day!"


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