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HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project and has been surrounded with controversy since its inception in the mid 1980's. The authors of Angels Don't Play This HAARP paint a one-sided, but nonetheless fascinating examination of a secret government project in the out back of Alaska. At the heart of HAARP is a huge synchronized antenna array which can project tens of giga-watts of continuous or pulsed power into the ionosphere. So-called ionospheric heaters have been in use for years, but HAARP, due to its immense size and alleged capability has spawned a no-HAARP movement. (They project that 100s of gigawatts are the next step.)

HAARP is indeed enshrouded in mystery, if for no other reason than the arguments the no-HAARP people bring forth. According to this book, HAARP was born with a series of patents issued to Bernard Eastlund, a scientist with APTI, ARCO Power Technologies, Inc who suggests that lifting the ionosphere may be a good thing.

ARCO? The authors feel that ARCO's involvement was initially to find a use for 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves on the North Slope of Alaska. Since moving the gas to U.S. consumers was financially unfeasible, why not use the emmense reserves to power science-fiction-size power antennas. And that was the basis of the Eastlund patents. Eastlund's early research was DARPA sponsored under the project title, "Alaska North Slope Electric Missile Shield." Shades of my childhood dreams returned.

One of the early patents is entitled, "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere."

The claims of this patent include "causing . . . total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the Earth . . . missile or aircraft destruction, deflection of confusion . . . weather modification . . ." The authors make parallels to Nikolai Tesla's research into broadcast power: that is, sending power from point A to point B without wires. Using a theoretical technique called "electron cyclotron resonance," they imply that Tesla's claims of building a Chinese Wall around America that could melt incoming planes at a distance of 250 miles have been reinvigorated with the Eastlund patents.

One of the primary fears that the authors bring forward is that HAARP could be used either for intentional weather modification as a military weapon, or accidental corollary weather effects could be stimulated by massaging the ionosphere with terrific amounts of energy focused into very small regions of space. They sincerely worry that by injecting massive particle streams into the ionosphere, we could accidentally alter the protective layers of the Earth, send it into chaotic instability or trigger endless streams of butterfly effects. Poof! No more Ozone. Poof! No more life.

Eastlund's patents made a circuitous route that the authors' opine about suspiciously. Eastlund performed his initial work for APTI, which was sold to the super secret E-Systems which was subsequently sold, along with the Eastlund patents, to Raytheon. Thus "the technology is now hidden among thousands of patents within one of the largest defense contractor portfolios." The alleged applications for HAARP make the patent technology sound like a panacea for military strategists:

- Shut down world-wide communications, but still maintain a means of communications for those in control of HAARP

- Provide an ELF, extremely low frequency communications channel for long distance and underwater applications.

- Remotely activated and highly targeted non-nuclear electromagnetic explosions. (EMP Weaponry)

- Remotely disrupt weather patterns to make military operations easier.

- Over the horizon radar using oblique high-frequency atmospheric heating

- Remote aircraft, powered by HAARP-style transmitters. One such APTI test allegedly kept a surveillance aircraft aloft for 10,000 hours at an altitude of 80,000 feet.

- Detect aerial objects and determine which ones are armed and which ones are decoys or benign.

- Subterranean radar to detect underground facilities and arms compliance using earth penetrating tomography. From one point on the globe, properly tune and aim signals to bounce off of the atmosphere to a distant ground point.

- Nuclear weapons detection from a distance

On the other hand, the authors suggest that the government is not being candid with the true nature of HAARP. They suggest that HAARP could be used to influence the thinking and behavior of large segments of a target population by properly tuning the transmission's frequency and pulse characteristics. The conjectured "non lethal rays" fit neatly within many information warrior's paradigms of a low lethality conflict: disable an enemy's army or subdue an entire populous. Far from mainstream thinking, the history of electronic mind-manipulation is long, complex and shrouded in mystery.

The book discusses much of the research and effects of short and long term exposure to low power EM waves such as cell phones and power lines. It quotes scientists and researchers who are dismayed by the possibility of government controlled mind-manipulation and remind us that the power required to effect the brain directly is less than 1/50 of that of the earth's magnetic field. The specter of a new Mental Battlefield and telepathic weapons is a clear concern for the authors. They quote liberally from documents that talk about the effects on living systems of such devices including the overheating and damaging of animal tissue and affecting the nervous system.

HAARP was first integrated in December of 1994 through January of 1995. Performance testing began in February of 1996 and formal testing continued through April of that year. Testing of various HAARP functions continued through the first part of 1996 and then activities were suspended for evaluation and renewed funding. The authors point out that the initial testing was performed at low powers, but that the second phase of testing will radiate between 4,700 and 10,000 Megawatts of power. Not only will that cook a Poodle well-done in a nano-second, but aircraft have to be diverted for up to 500 miles during tests.

The environmental impact studies performed by the goverenment are insufficient according to this book, and they say we have much to fear by the arrogance of the operators of the HAARP project.>/b>


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