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Halting and reversing time

Halting and reversing time – reverse engineered technologies from extraterrestrial UFOs

Scientists are busy finding solution to an age-old desire of human beings - halting and reversing time. Is it possible? According astrophysicists and contemporary physicists, it is not only possible but also happens all the time. The extraterrestrial advanced alien civilizations use - halting and reversing time techniques all the time.

Mathematically physicists have shown for many years, the multidimensional time dimension can be extracted out from the physical reference model in the physical universe. Mathematically speaking, the key to the time reversal procedure is the observation that Pauli matrices anticommute with each other and that they all square to one. But in practical world what it really means is that when some one enters the wormhole where a point of singularity can be established or simulated, the time dependence of the space spatial can be detached from multidimensional time dimension. At that point, space in the physical universe becomes independent of time as a dimension. The time dimension then can be reversed just like it can be artificially advanced.

Halting time is also an interesting phenomenon. As a matter of fact multidimensional time cannot be physically halted in the physical universe. However, what can be done is as follows: first, time can be detached from the space spatial in the physical universe. Then, time can be moved slightly forward and then equally backward making an effective time halt.

Time reversing and halting is not the same as time travel. Time travel is referred to travel through a wormhole where time and space are detached. The entity time traveling is embedded in space and time is allowed to float forward or backward. On the other hand time reversing is a phenomenon where time is actually reversed. One can literally go back to one’s past and traverse forward in time. It is not clear yet if anything can be changed in the past or future. Time reversal can allow one to go back in time and then come back to start point without any alteration of events.

Many of the UFOs that are reported are actually time reversing phenomenon initiated by our own future generation hundreds of years later. They can come and visit us, observe us but they cannot change any event. They cannot communicate and they are not real – embedded in space spatial with detached time dimension. Their existence depends on the presence of wormhole used.


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