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Harmonic Concordance and ... systemquake

In a dream of mine, a few days ago, I saw the Earth jump to a higher level of energy. "She", our beautiful planet Earth, appeared as a translucent, magnificent ball of Light which was falling down, at a slightly lower level, and, soon after rebounding at a higher energy level than "Her" present one. My dream was a clear message, explaining why we are now involved in a lot of urgent "duties" to be prepared for the cosmic event that may coincide with the Harmonic Concordance on November 8, 2003.

At 8:13 PM (New York Time) on November 8, 2003, a geometrically perfect six sided (Star of David) configuration appeared in the sky, linking and balancing the energies of six astrological bodies: the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon. In addition, there was an eclipse of the full moon at this time. The interaction of this significant planetary alignment at the moment of the eclipse combines to produce a powerful alchemical transformation offering the opportunity for both personal and planetary shifts in consciousness. The name that has been given to this particular energetic window of time is the Harmonic Concordance. It goes from November 5th through the 11th with the peak at 8:13 PM on November 8th!

According to James Gilliland, ACETI Director there are "Earth changes in the next 4 months ... There will be a shift... Another renaissance period in the next four months. This is to assist the consciousness to catch up. What is called the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th is the peak of this event. We are preparing to join the rest of the universe. The end of war, disease, and restoration of the environment are what is waiting for those who have the courage to stand up for it. The help is here, we have to initiate it, welcome it, pray for it and do our part to bring this to fruition... "

The harmonic concordance is a new extra-energy of the Force all sages have spoken about, throughout history, scientists discovered, in the 70's, christened Electroweak and... "forgot". This Force is eternal Life, which makes every body alive; It beats the rhythms of the nuclear matter, which composes any terrestrial or celestial body, the human one included. This is not a brilliant, but vague hypothesis. The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a diagnosis, which actually shows the effects of the Force on the nuclear matter composing the human body. There are actually many other clues that might confirm the intelligent and living nature of the Force. According to my view, the Force is also the Cause of all the hundreds of hormones our endocrine glands produce daily, particularly in the early morning. And hormones are what we feel as humors, attitudes, emotions, consciousness, inner truth; they compose the daily bread, which actually nourishes our human body

Thus the harmonic concordance might be the extraordinary opportunity to let humans download a "new" extra-energy that is mainly a new upgraded hormonal information.

The harmonic concordance also coincided with an electromagnetic solar storm that also had its peak on November 8, 2003. The Force has two sides, as scientists have shown; the former side is what all people know, the electromagnetic field, and the latter side is instead what nobody knows, the weak nuclear field which also affects the nuclear matter of any human body. The weak side is what we humans feel as emotions, humors i.e. hormones, in my view; if we realized it, we might also explain astrology, from a scientific point of view.

The Force is also suggesting what we humans truly are: immortal cosmic citizens who are in this world, but are not from this world; It is showing that this world is a matrix, just one of the many possible ones. The true "power" of this absurd world is its official "knowledge", which pretends to ignore the Force... Not by chance. The Force is going to make any power collapse; It is the creative and soft inner power every body can use for her/himself and for contributing to the transit towards the New World, gifted with true justice, individual freedom and collective harmony.

The Earth is an alternate Terra; "She", that is our beautiful planet, is entering a new galactic Season. Cosmic Spring is beginning, and Cosmic Winter, which has lasted 13 thousand years, i.e. the entire human history, is finishing . The Force is revealing Its Cosmic Intelligence to humans, who are imbedded in this dual, tragic matrix and still believe its cultural, social, political and economical system. The next harmonic concordance might produce earthquakes, according to a few; it will mainly produce a brainstorm, which reawakens many humans from their millenary hypnosis, according to me.

It will be a systemquake or a "knowledgequake". However we should be aware that the system is not our "enemy". We, ourselves, are the system as long as we believe in its values and/or behave as if its values were valid. Thanks to the harmonic concordance, humans might finally make all the cultural and political barriers vanish, realize that the Force is everywhere and within every body. Looking at the experimental data, the Force is the greatest Resource, much greater Energy than all the industrial needs of the entire planet. No limits exist, even energetic ones. Looking within, we might also learn how to use the Force, which cannot be exploited, sold or bought. We can only love the Force, so meaning, that we can love ourselves and respect our inner truth, at last.


We are at the dawn of a New World.

We are catching a glimpse of a new way of being and feeling life, oneness, need for justice, truth and the well being of everyone. The organic consciousness is like a cosmic Sun emerging within and growing day by day within the young and the not-so-young, men and women gifted with intellectual integrity, sincere and authentic interest in a world capable of respect and friendship.

A new world is being born, full of prosperity, abundance, willing to do away with the squandering of human and natural resources caused by hatred, lack of understanding and divisions among men. There are multiple signs indicating the approach of a turning point in history and they are mostly inner signs.. A great many people feel that we are near the end of an age steeped in violence and outrage, and at the beginning of a new era, full of joy, well-being, prosperity and harmony, an era that will witness the disappearance of all manner of power.

Some will find it hard to believe: wars and conflicts everywhere, "democratic" governments ignoring the will of the people, economic crises, growing madness, environmental disasters; all these signs were prophesied, notably in the Gospels and the Apocalypse. We are presently experiencing the revelation of the organic oneness of infinite universes, all alive and endowed with intelligent observers. These are invisible universes, but they are anyway present and connected with the small visible portion we have been seeing up to now. It sounds like science fiction, doesn't it? Yet, it is not. It is what we are living and science might explain if it gave its discoveries simple, human and meaningful names. The greatest discovery of the XX century has been forgotten, hidden under a false name; it concerns the Force, already known by the great poets. The Force is "the love that moves the sun and the other stars" by Dante Alighieri, "the unique Force, Love, which unites infinite worlds and makes them alive" by Giordano Bruno.

The Force reveals the organic oneness of infinite universes, the true essence of Nature, that magic the sage has always felt and the poet always sung. It is cosmic Life, the Intelligent Force which provides the beat, rhythm, form and functions to every body and bestows upon Man a special role: that of the protagonist and co-author of his reality, both individually and socially.

Today the "veil of illusion", the millenary deception at the base of all human history, is fading: it is the dark side of the Force, i.e. electromagnetic light, which is only reflected by luminous matter. And, as satellite data now show, luminous matter is just a tiny portion (no more than 5%) of all existing mass. This tiny portion has instead been mistaken for the totality. Humans ignore that electromagnetic light is like a dim candle that just illuminates a tiny portion of every body and leaves the rest in the dark; it is the tiny portion we call the " world ".

A New World is not only possible, urgent and necessary; the New World already exists. Infinite parallel worlds do exist. Man cannot see them with his eyes and scientific instruments, since they do not interact with electromagnetic light; yet he can feel, imagine, even plan and create them. Today the true Light, which illuminates everything, is revealing Itself; It is the Force every human being can feel as love, consciousness and organic unity with the entire cosmic, living Nature.

There is actually a growing awareness that goodness is either for everyone or for no one. The mechanistic paradigm, which tears the world apart, is declining, and an organic paradigm, which is peace, joy, harmony and the well being of all, is arising.

A new culture is emerging, the true one which conjugates itself with the verb "to be" and not with the verb "to have". The new organic culture will be the fabric of a just and wise society, rich in freedom and respect. This is the dawn of a new world, capable of recognizing and satisfying individuals' real needs, solving the many social problems in a simple fashion and such as to guarantee the prosperity, well-being, joy and dignity of everyone, as well as, obviously, justice and social harmony.

And the dawn can arise only after the decline of the Old World.

Today we are going through a phase transition; the labor of childbirth expected for millennia. We are right in the middle of the road between the Old World and the new one, a journey in time the living Earth is completing and, with Her, all of us who long for justice and freedom. Today we are in the birth canal; we are coming out of the uterus, that is, we are leaving behind the illusory horizon of electromagnetic light. We are moving towards an exceptional event which is the new genesis, the advent of an evolved human species, conscious of unity and, therefore, such as to perceive and make real the new world; an event announced and predicted in many prophecies throughout history... Is the universe a mechanism or an organism?

The question is not rhetoric. To a conception of the universe corresponds a conception of Man and society. However, what universe are we speaking of? The universe we observe is only an image, actually, a set of images, transmitted by electromagnetic light which "illuminates" only a tiny portion of the vast Universe...

Scientists describe it as a mechanism, filled with tremendous energy, shaken by violent, sudden explosions, including all the terrestrial and celestial bodies, but excluding love, emotions, intelligence, dreams... So they are excluding the light side of the Force, the so called "weak" nuclear force that is not at all weak.

The visible universe is not isolated... There is one force, which links the visible level with all the invisible ones: it is the light, "weak" side of the Electroweak Force that is cosmic Intelligent Life... The revelation of Cosmic Organic Intelligence is a cultural revolution without precedent in history; not a "mystery", but a Force of nature, an Intelligent Force that physics has discovered and... continues to ignore.

The Force is Life, the "weak" Light, the unique, true Light that illuminates everything. On the other hand, electromagnetic light is but Its shadow.... Electromagnetic light is the deceit which separates the visible and the invisible, what we see and what we feel, on the basis of the mechanistic paradigm men adopted without proof, so reinforcing their same deceit. Whatever is rational and/or "scientific" is glorified, whereas everyone's intimate bond with the weak Light, that is Cosmic Intelligence, is denied.

Where does intelligence come from? From Man or from the universal forces? Science cannot separate a body from the cosmic forces, which penetrate it; therefore, it cannot tell whether intelligence comes from Man or from the forces...

The revelation of the cosmic Organic Intelligence is an inner and peaceful revolution, both individually and culturally; and it will become, before long, a social and political revolution for the benefit of everyone, none excluded... The political system, on the other hand, is isolated, separate from cosmic Intelligence; armies, heavy and pharmaceutical industries are its "prime motor"; oil and finance are the fuels that make this "motor" work. Yet there is another "fuel" it absolutely needs: humans' false belief that this world is the only possible one. We cannot win the system, but we can all make its power vanish if we finally act as a great master, Jesus Christ, has actually taught us. We just need to be "cunning like a snake and innocent like a dove"...


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