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How does it feel inside an Extraterrestrial UFO

How does it feel inside an Extraterrestrial UFO belonging to a very advanced alien civilization?

Time and space are modes in which we think and not conditions in which we live, said Einstein. That is exactly what it feels inside an Extraterrestrial UFO belonging to a very advanced alien civilization.

According UFO researchers the alien civilizations can 100 years or thousands of tears or millions of years more matured than ours. But most researchers believe the alien visitors are many thousands of years ahead of us. They have cracked the mystery of multiple dimensions. They travel from one parallel Universe to another. They can project their mind to make things happen in higher than four dimensions. They are just advanced beings. If you see them you will feel they are creating miracles all the time. But it is just that their mind is free to perform things that need application of controlled and programmed energies. Out mind is also capable of doing that but we cannot just let it go. If we do, they call it we are creating magic or miracle.

So how does it feel inside an Extraterrestrial UFO belonging to a very advanced alien civilization? It is all in higher dimension. We will enter a world of perception, conceptualization and visualization. It is the world of dream that we cannot retract or even remember for long. It is a world of parallel Universe where time and space do not exists in the form we know. All our sciences an physical existence hard facts fail. Things happen there with the help if mind and soul the source of very powerful unleashed energy.

The most interesting feature inside a UFO of that advanced nature, according to UFO researchers is the process and mechanism by which they transform existence and conceptual phenomena to the three dimensions and time. Their mechanism allows them to operate in a higher dimension but let the effects happen in the four dimensions of our Universe.

The gravity, propagation, navigation and stealth all are part of our four dimensional Universe. They can transform their existence and though processes into our dimensions.

A simple example of such an experience (though very crude example) will be a dream of flying an UFO into outer boundaries of the Galaxy.

Simply put they can see us but we cannot. This is because they exist in dimensions that we cannot perceive yet. Think about an ant trying to look at a runway where aircrafts are taking off. What does the ant see? It does not even care. It is just busy making a living in the ground, which seems a difficult task given all the constraints any way.


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