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How life forms exist virtually

How life forms exist virtually in Physical Universe how ZPEMs (Zero Point Energy Modules) of Hyperspace manifest as Aether

The ZPEMs (Zero Point Energy Modules) are basic life forms that are indestructible and continue to recycle in Universes from the Hyperspace. Scientists have wondered for a long time how the ZPEMs of the Hyperspace really exist in the 3-D space of the Physical Universe.

ZPEMs cannot exist in the hot universe with Kelvin radiation our 3-D Physical Universe. Then the question is how do they exist in the Physical Universe?

For answer to that question, we need to understand Aether.

The term "Aether" is the space-time (or more accurately, space-resonance) manifestation of ZPEMs. It includes mass, charge, geometrical shapes, and is driven by a massive, dynamic Gforce. The Aether is clearly identified and shown to have an active part in maintaining the existence of the physical Universe.

ZPEMs take the shape of Aether in the Physical Universe. Aether is the real existence of life forms in the 3-D Physical Universe while ZPEM is the real existence of the life forms in the Hyperspace.

Aether surrounding physical matter is active and dynamic, contributing to the maintenance of subatomic particle angular momentum. The quantum Aether unit is a unit of rotating magnetic field. Thus fundamentally all life forms exist in our Physical Universe of 3-D space as electromagnetic angular momentum.

That is why it is so difficult to measure the presence of life forms and its manifestation in the Physical Universe.

That is why scientists believe even the alien life forms that visit the Physical Universe from the Hyperspace or from another galaxy (they also have to come through the Hyperspace) have to exists in the physical universe as Aether unit or so called electromagnetic angular momentum.

Extraterrestrial UFOs that travel through the wormholes from the Hyperspace have a massive task of converting the ZPEMs in the spaceship into Aether units and vice versa while departing our physical Universe.


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