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How do you know

How do you know an extraterrestrial UFO is in the vicinity?

Scientists and UFO researchers are ever anxious to find if there are ways to find if extraterrestrial UFOs are around before being able to observe any signs with human eyes. Those who research with UFOs in many different countries have recently noted some very interesting observations.

UFOs use electromagnetic flux for armor at the first level and for stealth at the second level. When the UFO comes out of the wormhole for a very little time it is stealth-less though armor part of the electromagnetic change in field intensity stays. The first signs of an extraterrestrial UFO are unusually high change in electromagnetic field intensity with respect to that of the earth. It is almost like a huge dynamo running and dissipating the energy all over. This is the first indication of an extraterrestrial UFO hovering in the vicinity.

The time taken to put the electromagnetic stealth in place is tiny but still it can be as long as 15 seconds or so. During this time, it is possible to see glowing flickering lights surrounding the UFOs. When the electromagnetic flux is in full force, the UFO is invisible to all terrestrial technologies.

An earthquake normally generates extraordinary level of electromagnetic energy and flux. That nullifies the electromagnetic flux intensity and the glowing lights are visible which looks like disjointed large spots of Northern lights or Aurora.

If you really want to know if an extraterrestrial UFO is really near you, look at the animals and yourself. It is now scientifically proven that super high intensity of electromagnetic flux makes all living beings depressed. Our living soul is electromagnetic energy and it cannot tolerate an influence of an external very high intensity of electromagnetic flux that is uncontrolled by our soul. So all living beings become depressed and the thinking process gets difficult in the presence of extraterrestrial UFOs. When you find all animals are lethargic and you also feel the same, the possibilities are very high that one or more UFOs are near by.

If you are lucky to see an UFO nearby, then watch the lights. If the lights are static, it is terrestrial aircraft. If the lights are glowing and are pulsating in a very smooth sinusoidal manner, it is an extraterrestrial UFO. If the light is above some kind of water, look for a reflection in the water. Electromagnetic flux is not a light; it is aglow for the change of field intensity with respect to that of earth.

Normally the reflections are invisible. If it is visible, it will much less intense that the actual glowing light.


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