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Human civilization is part of a Type III alien civilization

Human civilization is part of a Type III alien civilization trying to escape the eventual collapse of the Hyperspace?

Scientists are struggling to explain who we are. Once scenario is that we are really monobots of a Type III super advanced alien civilization that escaped to the Hyperspace from a Universe. According to this theory, a very advanced alien civilization escaped to the Hyperspace with the help of super advanced levels of their technological achievements. After that they got confused experiencing the Hyperspace. They understood that the Hyperspace would also eventually collapse into the big chill Universe or Flat Universe below it.

At that point the Type III civilization decided to implant our physical Universe with humans – an intelligent version of the type III aliens who are eventually capable of attaining Type III level of advancement in science and technology to again escape the Universe to the Hyperspace.

Interestingly, there is another more probable scenario that is a slight variation of the above. In that scenario, the type III civilization escaped into the hyperspace. They realized that ZPEMs (they included)- the zero point energy modules are the life forms that must recycle through various universes in the Hyperspace to elevate into a state where the ZPEMs can survive in the chilled universe or flat universe lying under the Hyperspace. The ZPEMs must attain that space before the Hyperspace collapses into the chilled or flat universe below it.

Recycling ZPEMs in unknown universes are like traveling into the Wild West. The advanced type III civilization crated an environment or the physical universe where they can systematically recycle themselves to elevate themselves to a level where they can not only survive but prosper in the ultimate chilled universe. Being part of the chilled universe, the ZPEMs ultimately control the evolving and collapsing Hyperspace as well as Universes contained by the Hyperspace.

In other words, we are recycling ZPEMs belonging to a Type III very advanced alien civilization. As we recycle through a controlled environment – the physical universe of 3-D, we as ZPEMs continuously elevate in energy levels. Ultimately we attain state in which we can migrate into the underlying chilled universe void of quantum waves and all energy. Even if the Hyperspace collapse into the chilled Universe, the “qualified” ZPEMs will continue to survive and prosper. As a matter of fact that the ZPEMs (our indestructible forms) can eventually become the controlling factors in the Chilled or flat universe where the ZPEM really becomes indestructible.


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