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Unique wave signatures identify artificial wormholes

Unique wave signatures identify artificial wormholes – the address to the network of manipulated time and space

A wormhole when simulated on a computer no matter how it forms or is perturbed, whether by in falling matter, by gravitational waves, or via a collision with another object (including another wormhole), it will "ring" with a unique frequency known as its natural mode of vibration. It's this unique wave signature that allows scientists to identify and focus on a wormhole. This is the address necessary to access the network of manipulated time and space. It is similar to gravitational wave signature but is actually a combination of electromagnetic wave and gravitational wave signature.

The biggest challenge the scientists are facing in dealing with artificial wormholes is the identification of the wormhole so that an entity entering the wormhole can come back to the point of start. The wave signature provides that unique address to the network of time and space bent or manipulated for space travel, time travel and traveling to another Universe.

A complex algorithm can translate the wave signatures to space spatial that can identify the wormhole in terms of physical universe. In parallel universe though, the spatial structures are different. The wave signature is the only means to identify the wormhole. These wave signatures can travel very long distance and does not lose intensity while passing through a physical object. They do lose intensity in the physical universe while traveling long distances. There are means of amplifying this signal after certain distances. These “cosmic repeaters” can provide signature identification to wormholes all over the Universe.

Once an entity enters the wormhole and passes through the tunnel of bent space and time, the wormhole on the other side will have a similar but different wave signature. The wave signatures of the two wormholes at the two ends of the tunnel have different wave signatures but there is a relationship to each other. The exact time and space manipulation within the wormhole provides the relationship between the wave structures of the two wormholes at the entry and the exit.

The significance of this wormhole signature is significant for time travel and space travel. With time travel one using this wave signature of the wormhole, one can come back. With space travel, knowing the two wave signatures one can plan the space shortcut more effectively. The wormholes are multidimensional and have presence of higher dimensional spatial.

The wave signatures help identifying the wormhole.


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