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We are going to "create" and "build" an inner Temple of Light. We will create this sacred inner space with ETHERIC and ASTRAL MATTER. Before giving you the details of this mental creation, I would like to say that the BLUEPRINT and archetypal model of your temple of Light exists already in your psyche and Soul as a sacred "SEED". Hence, by meditating on your sacred center you are automatically concentrating and gradually unfolding your own DIVINITY. You do this through visualization and meditation.

With visualization you unfold your INNER SACRED SPACE and with your deep emotions and feelings your create the ATMOSPHERE that surrounds you and uplifts you to a higher plane of consciousness. This technique is to help all your senses to participate and become part of your meditation. By meditating on a regular basis within your sacred center you will be able to become conscious of dramatic changes in your level of consciousness. This is because through your inner work, you will be starting to purify your etheric, astral and mental bodies. Creating an Inner Temple of Light is the KEY that reveals and opens a new DIMENSION within your consciousness. The purpose of these exercises are simply to help you unfold your own divinity and spiritual qualities.

For those of you who work or are familiar with Kabbalah, we would like to say that the Temple of the "Uncreated Light"will reflect on the ETHERIC and Higher ASTRAL PLANES, both at the same time, because as you work within your sacred Temple you will be affecting the two ZEPHIROTH of YESOD (the foundation) and TIPHARETH (BEAUTY).



1 - Always start with a relaxation exercise and a few deep breathing

2 - enter your sacred holy place within…

3 - get in touch with the ENERGY and INNER QUALITY of the Tarot card the HERMIT.

4 - Once you have a "feel" of the archetypal energy of what the Hermit represents for you… then integrate "his/her" quality and energy within your being… and become the Hermit yourself…

5 - Then prepare yourself to take a long journey…and follow a narrow path, try not to be distracted by things around you… just feel your determination to reach your TEMPLE OF LIGHT… you might see it in the horizon, you might fly towards it, accept the way that feels natural to you. When you reach your destination just wait and relax... remain calm and ask yourself the question if you are ready to be invited in this sacred and holy precinct... facing the entrance, or gate of the Temple, wait for the guardian to invite you in.

6 - you can from then on visualize your Temple of light as you wish… first feel that it is a safe place and protected from all sides from outside intruders… Know that this sacred place is visible only to those who can "vibrate" to its high level of energy. Visualize that this inner Temple is surrounded by a large garden and protected by very high walls…at each corner of the walls (there are four corners) visualize four tall Towers erected at each corner of the walls. Special mystical work are carried in each one of these towers. You will be invited at an appropriate time in participating in the spiritual work with Invisible Masters. Two of these Towers will be described to you later, when you have reached and created your Temple of Light and constructed with mental and astral matter, your private CELL... Later, you will be invited to join in and take an active part in the sacred work carried in this holy place. However, for the moment, you are not allowed to visit the four Towers.

7 - Once you have a vague idea of where your Temple is placed, look at it from far... then fly over it... look at the details...You can create your Temple in the way you feel is right for you, but always allow your intuition to be your guide.

8 - When you have finished creating the "outside" walls and the building of your Sacred Temple enter into the heart of your Temple and look around...
Add whatever will uplift your deepest feelings and thoughts... Use all your senses, to hear, touch, sense, walk around, and observe all the details of this holy place, making the whole Temple come alive.

9 - Now imagine that there are cells running all around your Temple of the Light. Choose a "CELL" which will become your private cell. This symbolic "cell" is part of your permanent Central Axis, the axial pole of your being, the fixed center of the "I AM" and the Middle Pillar of Consciousness.

This place might look like a monastery, but it does not have to be one, it can be a Celestial City of any kind where incarnated and disincarnated higher Intelligences meet.

10 - You may add whatever you want in your private "cell" but make it as simple as you can since whenever you are visiting this holy place, you will be "inhabiting" the qualities of the a humble HERMIT.

11 - your return to the outside world should be done in the same way as the way you came in… In other words, let your higher Intuition be your guide, and remember that whatever you do with simplicity and purity comes directly from the goodness of your heart.
Try to remember and do all your mystical work from within your temple of Light and personal cell... You will gradually understand the importance of it and appreciate the results.

After a few weeks of practice, you could if you wish send me an email with your results.


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