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Intellectual Revelations

Intellectual Revelations

The act of revealing or making a striking disclosure is what we know as revelation. The way that we as human beings create ourselves to be, our long history of repression, is symbolized by the concept of Hell, Eden, the value judgment of paradise and separation from "All That Is"- God. Heaven and Hell are states of being. If we trace the root of the word Hell, we find that it is derived from old English helan, meaning to cover over or to hide from consciousness. When we cover or hide the truth, we forget it, we fall asleep. The unconscious is then created in order to place ideas and concepts we are unable or unwilling to deal with because of these subjective value judgments of the physical world. This "falling asleep" is symbolized by the tilted axis of Uranus. The rings of limitation at Saturn are facing the conscious mind reflected in our brightly shining Sun. Uranus is the polarized version of the creative force--submerged and denied. The aspects of brilliance and genius we deny because of the beliefs in difficulty and limitation encoded into our psyche the moment we are born to a society with these repressive beliefs. Magic and miracle are the norm, not the exception. The Biblical knowledge of "good and evil" was the metaphor for this falling asleep and denial, because good and evil are subjective value judgments. The focused Saturnine dream of forgetting and believing that the self we are--is all we are. There are only the positive and negative manifestations of energy. Positive being the integrative and expansive energy, negative being segregative and limiting energy.

While we repress our own genius and insight by believing in negativity, these beliefs remain in an unconscious state, and we vibrate on a lower level; we do not see or understand them. As we seek to understand ourselves and truth through the integration of these aspects unknown to us (integration) our vibrational level rises, individually and collectively, which opens the door to the higher self, striking disclosure, (re)dis-covery, revelation and reintegration. We re-member or bring aspects of ourselves long forgotten about, back into conscious commandment. Uranus reflects dis-covery (anti-helan) and appears as revelation. Awareness equates to vibration. This vibrational change occurs as the effect of examining these unconscious beliefs. How? You cannot experience anything that is not a part of you on some level. Noah Webster puts it well;

"He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition, will waste his life in fruitless efforts and multiply the griefs which he proposes to remove."

Here, for those metaphysically inclined, Bashar explains:

"Vibration is the impingement of consciousness upon the homogenous field that creates physical reality, or that is created to create physical reality. It is a reflection of the ability to create distinct, or as your physicists say, discontinuous reality, so as to have the ability to create many different ideas of reality that can interact in the same basic universe, while not necessarily occupying the same time frame or space referential point. It creates the idea of being able to be out of phase with something else so as to not interfere with it, so that it can be a parallel reality existing in the same basic referential place and time, but not experienced to be doing so." "The New Metaphysics" Bashar and The Association Light and Sound communications 1987.

We have a choice, we play a part. The recognition of choice that we create our reality by what we believe and have been taught to believe is true, is reflected through the sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus. When we real-ize the equality and validity of all beings as all the different ways that "All That Is" has of expressing itself, then the Age of Aquarius begins. The Internet and computer interaction reflects the beginning of this age.

Jupiter reflects expansion. Expansion can be realistic or unrealistic. But the issue of a greater, more inclusive reality is always positive. Uranus reflects the avant garde, meaning the forward observed. Astrologers are the forward observers. They are the "gatekeepers" of revelation. When these two planets come together there is always intellectual revelation and application in the mental field upon the planet. This occurs approximately every 13-14 years and cooperates with the Saturn quadratures (to themselves--see Saturn Opposition Saturn). The conceptual intellect of Jupiter, and the forward thinking and intuited logic of Uranus combine to create big ideas, big business, sweeping technological changes, philosophical and social awareness, sudden quantum leaps in consciousness in scientific discoveries and metaphysics--it is the harbinger of genius. It is the expansion and integration of forgotten unconscious knowledge that makes these leaps possible. Remembering is the mark of genius. Because time and space are illusions of the 3rd dimension. Everything "actually" exists all at once, right here, right now. We experience it in frames because of the degree of focus we choose to create on aspects of the ALL. It is through acting on our bliss, inspiration, and excitement, and our most cherished imaginings that catalyzes the access to that knowledge. Here I will give a short explanation of each of these revelatory conjunctions from the 20th century.

At the beginning of the century we saw the power of this conjunction at 10 degrees Sagittarius opposition Pluto.

This was the forward observation of the revelation in transportation and profound communications acceleration. Our perspective (Pluto) regarding mobility would never be the same. The trine to Mars in Leo indicates the tremendous creative extension the next period would yield. In this year there were only 4,192 "horse-less carriages" produced. By 1965 there were 75,000,000 cars on the road in the United States. The opposition of Saturn to Neptune showed us that the pitfalls would be an enormous focus on petroleum products and the future of air pollution problems. The moon applying to the square to Neptune indicates the work ethics that would totally transform. By 1903 the Wright brothers had made their first flight which broadened our scope of travel.

The last one in Aquarius in 1914 saw the first scheduled airplane airline begin as a new beginning in short travels (Moon at 0 degree Gemini).

Einstein's theories of relativity, although they were published in 1906 (first with special relativity, followed by general), would not be comprehensible by the academic community until their consciousness had "caught up" after this conjunction in 1919. And like the one that occurred on February 15, 1997 (following the Uranus/Neptune Conjunction--soon to be on this site as well), this one occurred immediately following a major Uranus/Neptune quadrature. The scientific and technological communities would never be the same. The dissolving blending of a metaphysical bent to the rigid scientific perspective that moved us into physics. Einstein was a Pisces and was this Uranus/Neptune opposition. The Sun is square Saturn. The developmental tension to overcome communication limitations and expand into the sea of the unknown-- was great. The U.S. Congress approved airmail service in 1916, but did not begin until 1918 because of the war.

By the next conjunction of 1927, Charles Lindbergh had completed the first flight from San Diego to New York, and solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic.

The preoccupation with security (Sun, Pluto, and Mercury in Cancer) was the effect of the illusion of powerlessness in an emerging technological society (Mars conjunct Neptune in five) and the conjunction was expressed by only those headstrong and innovative enough (Aries) to ignore the depression. This one expanded forms of competition, and therefore challenged the collective to alter the sense of "survival issues." The pioneer must be self assertive, act spontaneously and trust in the security of living.

By the conjunction in Taurus in 1941....

we see that technological prowess used for war (Mars is disposed of by Uranus) is in extreme developmental tension (square) with issues of subjective value judgments, the selfish need to prove superiority, and self worth (Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction!) that brought world war 2, and the atomic bomb that was promptly dropped on Hiroshima. Mars is in the sign of co-creator interaction. This brought us squarely into the recognition of the possibility of world destruction and the recognition of choice in the creation of our reality. This discovery of the application of creative resource (Taurus emphasis) to the dominance of other peoples (Mars in Aquarius), is what lead to the influx of alien visitation (another Jupiter/Uranus effect) first in the form of foo fighters in the war, to the crash of the Roswell craft in New Mexico in 1947. A revelation was needed in values, broader humanitarian values. This de-structurization of value judgments, has been the theme of my Earth changes predictions and will culminate May 5, 2000. This period WILL be critical, because it is the opening square to the February 5, 2000 eclipse conjunct Uranus.
The conjunction of 1954 brought that revelation, and shifted perspective to innovation in identity consciousness.

With the conjunction in Cancer square Neptune in Libra the striking disclosure was that the self we thought we were, was perhaps not all we were. Emotional security could no longer be supported only by physical prowess, but by ideological content. This is the classic aspect of the dissolution of artificial psychological constructs. The ignoring of unconscious truths would end. And it was this generation that would rebel against the established perspective of material and ideological dominance, that was necessary to infuse the final Apex square of Uranus/Neptune which coincided with the conjunction.Issues of the feminine, relationships, material security and inner self concerns would be radically transformed. After transiting Neptune completed its transit of the U.S. Pluto in 9 on November of 1997, this reflective socialization transformation was complete. It must be to fulfill the potential of the next conjunction that occurred in 1993.

The conjunction of 1969 begins to give us some insight into the profound conjunction of 1997, and the importance of critical degrees.

Most can easily recognize this day as the exact day of man's first walk on the Moon! The Moon is conjunct the conjunction! This marked the first (0 Libra) real excursion into the unconscious to awaken the greater relationship to the "All That Is" via the inner reaches of outer space. Technology reflects our state of consciousness, it does not cause it. The Sun is the exact degree of the last conjunction. The revolution in state of consciousness by the generation of the previous conjunction allowed this walk to occur! The Cancer/Libra emphasis is repeated and most obvious. The philosophy of an individual or culture is not just an airy-fairy idea it is the foundation of the creation of its world!

The conjunction of 1983 in Sagittarius at 9 degrees brought the acceleration of the last conjunction to a critical point (29 degrees) regarding social interaction (Pluto @ 29 Libra, Sun @ 29 Aquarius) and the political views and beliefs of different cultures and persons (Neptune @ 29 Sagittarius). This was reflected through shorter marriages(z), the crisis in air travel(c), and the advent, proliferation and establishment of the home computer (b). The need to dissolve and breakdown our barriers to interaction is now reflected through the dis-ease of AIDS (Venus/Mars conjunction in twelve-Pisces square Neptune) which also begins to proliferate. The expansion of perspective to begin interaction with other worlds is shown by the first satellite to leave the solar system and continue into space as Pioneer 10 passes Neptune and continues to infinity. This conjunction brought the Soviet Union's demise, reunification of Germany, revision of Roman Catholic cannon laws, the Challenger explosion, Solidarity in Poland--as the world momentum is toward unification as all one thing prepares us for interaction with other worlds.
This brings us to the conjunction of February 15, 1997, in Aquarius 6 degrees. Aquarius reflects the uniqueness of the individual, the co-creation and interaction of beings within the Universe (the externalization of Leo) and contributions to the greater good based on the originality of resources of the individual, alien and other world interaction as a result, and the intensification of the importance of mind as it dis-covers its own genius.

(In 1995 I wrote) The conjunction forms an exact wedge pattern with Pluto in Sagittarius (belief interaction and higher self functioning), Mars in Libra retrograde (the repressed need to prove the self through social acceptance, and the merging with greater aspects of the self), and Saturn in Aries (the saturation with a tremendous fear of a lack of ego importance). A change in thinking supports the need for a resolution of identity. The infusion of higher mind functions will replace selfish motivations. This is a case of the spirit is willing and the flesh will follow suit. The death of the negative ego and convention does not have to be painful. The interaction of mind (conjunction to Mercury) and matter as one thing now finds its place as the resolution to the identity and ego crisis man will no doubt have to face during this period. Physics will become Metaphysics as the mind is linked back to matter. We will begin to recognize through scientific and metaphysical revelation that we are the reality we previously thought we existed within. Work will begin to be more closely linked to individual contribution, and the mind will be linked to locomotion through computers. It will be through the recognition of the holographic universe that space travel will be recognized as feasible. Evidence for extraterrestrial life is becoming a very concrete reality with the discovery of planets around a star in the constellation Pegasus.

What happened? More planets discovered, we land on Mars. The primary revelation was the first cloning project when Dolly (the sheep) is successfully cloned and announced shortly after this conjunction. The Internet expanded at a profound rate, and the Hubble has completely revolutionized our view of the universe. The Genome project is one of the most accelerating issues at this time.

What is next? This conjunction of 2010 announces the Paradigm Shift of 2012!

This conjunction will most likely reflect the dramatic changes in our perceptions of our place in the universe. This is the polarized conjunction reflecting the Moon landing of 1969. This one expands, revolutionizes, and awakens the populace to the shift of consciousness from externalized "affect" to self, and collective empowerment. Just what defines the concept of identity will be difficult to initiate. The will be major adjustments that must be made in the way we formulate analysis. The expansion of mechanistic identity will be applied to the manipulation of material world, electronically. We will begin to learn to grow our own homes. The push will be to return the Earth to as natural a state as possible while maintaining cyber and electronic convenience.

This co-incidence with the paradigm shift, will bring us into the realm of other dimensional interaction. The discoveries at this conjunction will be the crucial sign of how that interaction will proceed. We begin communication with other beings. When the populace is ready, the teachers appear. Having been born with the exact conjunction of Jupiter/Uranus, I can guarantee that mechanical propulsion will not move us across space to visit them, or anything else of mechanistic transport. Because mind is matter --we only move through the illusion of space/time with the revelation induced velocity of an accelerated and changed mind.

"The irrational fullness of life taught me never to discard anything, even when it goes against all our theories . . . It is of course disquieting, and one is not certain whether the compass is pointing true or not; but security, certitude, and peace do not lead to discoveries. "


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