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Intelligent life in the form of plant

Intelligent life in the form of plant civilization

According to many psychics and remote viewers our human civilization is on the path of extinction. According to many of these future tellers who are by the way correct many times, we have another 300 years at most unless something dramatic happens and we are able to change the future. The world is now programmed for the end of human civilization in the next few centuries.

It was dinosaurs reigning earth millions of years back. What will replace humans? According to these remote viewers, it will be intelligent plant civilization on the earth that will thrive. The earth will be in such a condition that the echo system will serve the plants well and life has to be slow and static to survive on the earth.

According to extraterrestrial UFO researchers, plants in other solar systems and galaxies are extremely intelligent and are not all static. They can move around especially through the means of telepathy and so on.

Interestingly scientists are finding that mental capabilities of plants are far more than humans. Plants have the power to consciously communicate with other beings as well as other plants through the power of mind. It is inevitable that the next phase of advanced civilization will be the ability to use mind in a more effective way. And interestingly, plants have that capability.

Plants in the next of terrestrial intelligence evolution cycle will dominate the world using psychic and other capabilities of the mind. Plants already communicate with other plants using chemical and mind languages. Chemical secretion and mental telepathy make plants very advanced communicator in the evolution cycle.

With earth’s eco system changed with extra carbon dioxide and plants enjoying the environment, it will interesting to see how plant civilization will eventually become dynamic from current static mode.

At some point of time they will admire human mobility as they find human remains and project as how our civilization use to work.


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