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This spell is intended to make you invisible in the sense that people will not notice you.
It will not work if you decide to deck someone. If you touch someone or talk to them, the spell will wear off.
Close your eyes and imagine a sphere of white light around you.
Imagine that the light begins to get blurry
It then takes on the shapes and colors of the environment around you.
Visualize yourself fading into the light, becoming part of it until you completely disappear into
the camouflage of the light.


Components Required - You need 4 candles (yellow or white do not mix colors)
- You need a quiet place to begin.
- You need a down feather ( The smaller the better)
First you must place the candles in a circle one in each direction.
Perform a cleansing ritual and center yourself.
Hold the feather in your non dominate hand (left if you are right handed, right if you are left handed).
Feel it's life force its gift of lightness. light the candles. Start in the East and work Sun-wise (clockwise).
Enter the Circle and sit in a comfortable position. Facing the north. Now, you must chant the following 9 times:
In the light I see, In the dark I am blind. In the world I walk, In the circle I fly.
Next call to your spirit guide or God to aid you.
Then clear your mind the feel the feather float in your open hand and lift with it and now you levitate.
Helpers to the Spell - Performed at dawn - Performed outside -
Add your own components and touch to the spell (it is just a guideline)


Components Required - You need a rod or staff
- You need a place YOU can focus best in
- You need a Crystal (white quartz or obsidian)
First perform a cleansing ritual. place the crystal on the ground in front of you.
Hold the staff or rod out in front of you horizontally. Recite the following spell.
As stone is to earth
So staff is to stone.
Death and rebirth
Heart and bone.
May light fly, I call away stone.
I summon you sky. Call me on.
visualize as you see fit the pushing and pulling. And now you levitate.
Helpers to the Spell - Performed at dusk - Performed outside
- Use a staff and stone special to you
- Add your own touches to the spell (it is just a guideline)
The previous spells are hard at first but in time you will soar with eagles.
Be Careful not to forget the Cleansing It is very important.


chant nine times,
bright light,
dark night,
cloak me in light
as dark as night.
this is especially useful at night time if you don't want to be seen.


1 part Fern leaf, dried
1 part poppy seed
2 parts slippery elm powder
1 part Myrrh
1 part Marjoram, dried
3 parts Dillweed, fresh if possible
Grind all together, mix well. Add 9 drops almond extract, w/ enough spring water to make
everything barely moist. place in ceramic bowl spread thinly as possible and dry the mixture
over low heat, stir occasionally until lightly browned. Grind again chanting:
Things seen, and things not seen,
Let me walk here between.
When finely powdered store in glass container. it will keep for years.
Sprinkle A little bit on yourself, objects or in a place to be made invisible.


This is when you come upon a stale green light. It should make it stay green just long
enough for you to get through it.
Count of one, this spells begun,
Count of two, all lights in tune,
Count of three, all lights stay green for me
Tap your seat three times and say: So mote it be


if you follow this formula, you will become invisible in that people will not notice you are there,
they will look right through you. Relax and become conscious of your body. Feel your skin.
Relax, and feel the light hitting your skin, a rain of warmth. Chant:
Light pass through me and around me
Nobody can see me.
Feel the light start to pass around and then through you until you dont feel it anymore.


This is a good technique to use when you want to quietly fade into the background, such as
when you have to walk through a group of cat-calling yobs, or you're at work and the boss is
on the warpath and looking for someone to pick on. I used to practice it on the tram on the
way to work, until I began to notice that the conductors weren't selling me tickets. I'd be sitting
there holding my money out and they'd walk right past me! It's a simple procedure. Ground and
centre yourself. Start with creating a shield, with whatever technique you find most comfortable.
Then visualise that the shield is a little bit fuzzy, so you seem a bit blurry to anyone watching.
Gradually blur the shield, and begin to blend it, and yourself, into the colours and shapes of
your surroundings. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's like visualising yourself as changing colour
to suit your surroundings like a chameleon. The shield acts like a veil which makes you less
visible because you don't stand out from your surroundings as much. If you normally like a
mirrored shield, you can make it bounce back light so it mirrors your surroundings visually.


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