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An Invitation To Healing

An Invitation To Healing

With Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of Healing. He wishes to extend
an open invitation to anyone who would like to work with him for
their own personal healing, or for that of another.

Each person is capable of healing themselves and assisting others to
heal. Mother/Father God supports you in your intentions of healing
and there are many Angels and Masters who can assist you directly
with healing and guidance, if you ask them. All that you need to do
is be open to their help and loving energy.

Each person can readily work with Archangel Raphael and all of the
Archangels, Angels, and Masters here to support us. They have
unconditional Love for us and wish to help us live our lives to our
highest potential.

Asking your Higher Self to join you in the healing is a very
important component. Your Higher Self is your soul, who you are on a
spiritual level. Working in unison with their energies and intentions
can expedite the healing process. Please note the when you do a
healing on others it is always with the help of their Higher Self,
whether it is a hands on healing, or a long distance healing.

To work with Archangel Raphael and your own Higher Self and angels
all you need to do is invite them in and state your intentions. It is
best to ask for healing in your highest good. That way any underlying
problems are healed and you are not just concentrating only on the

The best way to ask Archangel Raphael and your angels to work with
you is from a meditative or quite state of mind. To prepare you might
want to take a few slow deep breaths and say a prayer to
Mother/Father God to help you be as open to the healing as you can
and ask Them to please join in with the healing work and support you
through your healing process.

When you are ready to begin the healing say Archangel Raphael's name
either in your mind or softly out load and ask that he come in to
assist in your healing. At that time you can also invite in your
Higher Self and your own angels. You do not need to know their names,
they are very aware of you, all that you need to do is direct your
thoughts to them and say "Please help me heal" or "Please join with
Archangel Raphael in my healing process".

To Work With Archangel Raphael for Your Own Healing

After getting into a relaxed or quite state of mind and inviting
Archangel Raphael in: Try to picture Raphael standing near you with
his hands outstretched over your head. See the healing energy in the
form of White Light flowing from his hands down through your body.

Try to relax and feel the energy. You may not be able to feel the
energy at first, but after you work in this manner for several
sessions (if needed) you will probably begin to become more sensitive
to the energy. Most people feel the healing energy as a warmth, or a
tingle. Some people feel it as a soft and loving current running
through their body.

It is best to do this overall healing first to open you to the
healing energy and prepare you on all levels to accept the healing.
This initial step can last for several minutes or until you feel that
it is time to move on to the next step.

You can now work on specific areas of your body.

If you can, place your hands over the area that you would like
healed, picture Raphael's hands over your own and see the White Light
flowing through his hands to your own and on to your injury or area
of illness. Your hands may become very warm from the healing energy
when you do this.

If you cannot reach the injured part of your body visualize
Raphael's hands over that part and picture and try to feel the energy
flowing there. It does not matter if you are good at visualizations,
or whether or not you can physically feel the healing energy, your
intentions and the assistance of Raphael, your Higher Self, and the
angles that you are working with are what enables you to heal. This
method works with injuries and illnesses equally well.

You may repeat this work several times a day if necessary, or
whenever you feel that you need it. In many cases once you are use to
working with Archangel Raphael, your Higher Self, and your Angels in
this way it is easy to establish a good connection with them fairly
quickly for relief and healing. This is especially true if the
situation is chronic and they work with you many times throughout the
day or week for healing or symptom management such as pain relief.
But even when you are use to working with them throughout the day it
is best to go through the process and picture White Light flowing to
the area that needs healing. Your conscious participation in the
healing work is very helpful. Find what works best for you. Some
people like or need the extra focus and visualizations each time.

Please remember to thank Archangel Raphael, your Higher Self and
your Angels for their help. They really appreciate the acknowledgment
that you know they are their working with you. You can also take the
time and opportunity to talk with them, either telepathically in your
mind or out loud. They do hear what you say and acknowledge it in
ways that they can, even if you cannot hear their responses back to
you in words yet.

Working With Someone Else For Healing

Anyone can work with the healing energy to assist in another person's
healing. You do not need any special training to do this type of
healing work. You are offering your assistance by acting as a channel
for the divine healing energy. All that is needed is your intention
to help the other person in their highest good. You cannot do any
harm. The healing energy can only help. Raphael, your Higher Self and
Angles, and the Higher Self and Angels of the person you are doing
the healing work with are directing the healing. Your main job is to
be a physical conduit for the divine energies.

Ask the person you are going to be working with to either sit in a
chair or lay down. It is very helpful at that time if both of you
take a moment to take a few slow deep breaths and say a prayer to be
open to the healing energy and to the highest help and support from
your Higher Selves and the angels that you will be working with. It
is also very helpful to include in the prayer a request to
Mother/Father God to join in the healing work, and for support for
the person throughout their healing process. When this is done take a
few more minutes to ask to be readied to accept the flow of the
healing energies through you. As you are stating your wishes your
Higher Self will begin to open your chakras so that you can be a more
efficient channel for the divine energies.

When you are ready to begin you can both invite Archangel Raphael
and your own Angels, and your Higher Self to begin work with you.
State your intentions clearly for the healing. You can include a
statement that you wish to assist in the healing in the person's
highest good and the person being healed can state that they accept
the healing in their own highest good. All of this can be done
silently, if you like. The person being healed doesn't necessarily
have to participate in the prayers and invitation. But it is very
helpful if they do take a more active role in the healing and know
that their own Higher Self and Angels are participating at their
request. It is also important that they know that they can call in
those Beings of Light at any time themselves for healing or symptom
control such as pain management etc.

The first step when assisting someone in healing: Place your hands
on or above the person's head. Picture Archangel Raphael standing
behind you working through you, or in front of you working with you.
Try to picture and or feeling the healing divine energies flowing
from your hands to the person you are working with. Your hands may
become warm from the energy. After several minutes of this you can
move on to specific areas of the body where it is needed the most.
Trust your own feelings and guidance as to the length of time to
spend on each area and where to place your hands. Don't be surprised
if you feel that you should work on areas that seemingly have nothing
to do with the areas of disease or injury. Sometimes there are
underlying causes in other areas of the body, or even an unrelated
need for healing in that area of the body.

Working with the healing energy is truly that easy. The healing is
done by your intention and willingness to work with Raphael and the
Angels ministering to you or the people that you are working with.


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