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Hi, do you feel that there is something special missing from your life? Do you feel that everything around you is slightly out of focus and that you just donít know what you should be doing in life? If so, read on.

The Journey Home. A Lightworkers and Starseeds Guide to Ascension, has been especially written for anyone who is looking for direction and purpose in their life. You can easily find that missing something, in your life. Learn how you can bring your life into focus. Learn how to create a personal belief system, based upon fifth dimensional spiritual values and live your life, in a personally fulfilling manner. Also, learn how to astrally visit Viridium, an ethereal city of Light and Knowledge, located upon the Moon, in the Sea of Tranquillity.

For each one of us, the journey started many eons ago. Across the vastness of space, it was decided by majestic angelic Beings, commonly known as the Family of Light, that humanoid, free thinking and self responsible individuals would inhabit this sector of the universe. The purpose of these humanoids was to explore and settle new worlds. And from these new worlds, they were to use their angelic gifts of Free Will and Self Expression, to experience an infinite number of different situations and events. With each experience being consciously relayed, back to the Family of Light and added to the collective conscious of the entire Universe.

It was decided that all life within this sector would originate from the Galaxy of Lyra. A group of stars currently seen from Earth, in the Constellation of the Harp. From these humble beginnings, a countless number of volunteers left their origins and ventured out, across the vastness of space. Slowly, but surely, each planet within this sector, was settled by these angelic volunteers. At first these settlers were ethereal in form and they lived within the fifth and higher dimensions. They only took on a more solid appearance and physical body, as and when they needed to interact with the lower fourth and third dimensions.

But, as time passed, the angelic gifts of free will and self expression, began to cause major social problems upon some of the newly inhabited planets. A few of the volunteers began to realise that they could now exert their personal will and power, over other individuals and obtain what they wanted. It was not long before these personal power plays, began to change the social structures of many worlds. On planet Earth, these dominating volunteers, quickly discovered that they could no longer freely move between the higher and lower dimensions. Through their wilful actions of control, they quickly contaminated their individual energies with negativity and gradually they became heavier and less ethereal in form.

By frequently leaving the fifth and higher dimensions of Unity and entering into the fourth and third dimensions of Separateness and Illusion, these wilful volunteers quickly created negative karma for themselves, that would need to repaid, at a later time. As this de-scension process continued, the wilful volunteers were forced to take on denser and denser bodies, until they resembled, what we now call, the physical human body. By this stage, those involved, had fallen from the higher realms to the bottom of the third dimension. The heaviest and densest of all the dimensions. On the way down, they also lost most of their angelic abilities, including their memories of why they had volunteered to come to Earth and experience life here, in reality. The Veil of Amnesia had been created.

As humanity had created it own existence out of free will and self expression, it was decided by the angelic Family of Light, that they would not interfere in the ascension progress of humanity or the planet. Basically, the human experience would be a unique one, in the universe. It would be a planet, where each person would have an enormous amount of free will and individuality. They would think and act as individuals and feel separate from one another. They would even believe, that the physical world in which they lived, was the only reality. And with their willful attitudes towards each other and life in general, many individuals would believe that everyone elseís life, evolved around them. They would also believe that their lives had no higher purpose or guidance and that the daily events that made up their lives, occurred in a random and unconnected manner. To this day, many people still think and act in a manner, that is consistent to a basic third dimensional belief system.

This is in distinct contrast to those volunteers who settled other planets and galaxies. They took a somewhat different approach, to the opportunities and experiences available to them. They too, were also, initially ethereal in appearance and lived within the higher dimensions, only taking on a more solid appearance and physical body, as and when needed. But over time, the more adventurous of these volunteers, also discovered that by taking on a denser form, they could interact better with their surroundings and learn more from their experiences.

As large numbers of these volunteers became involved with this new and fascinating procedure, with their combined powers of manifestation, they also began to create around themselves, the lower fourth and third dimensions. In reality they were creating around themselves, an existence very similar to what had already been created on Earth, except for one major difference. That was, each of these volunteers still remembered their angelic origins and the purpose of their current incarnation. In effect, they left the higher dimensions in a conscious and united manner. Also, individually they still retained a strong connection to their Higher Self and the Family of Light.

Since that time of entering the lower dimensions, ALL of the inhabitants of these other planets, have spiritually evolved and been able to raise themselves out the third and fourth dimensions. All of these other Off-Planet races are now currently in the lower sixth (6th) or higher dimensions and are well on their way, back to becoming united with the Family of Light. Humanity and planet Earth are one of only a small number, that have lagged behind.

When it was first decided that the inhabitants of Earth would be allowed to make their own way back to the higher dimensions, a new component was added to their consciousness. The primary purpose of this new component was to act as a basic survival mechanism. This was necessary, because in the early stages of living in the third dimension, many people were seriously injured and / or killed because they were not aware of the many dangers around them, on such a harsh, primitive planet. Since that time, this basic survival trait, has come to be known as the Ego. The Ego is the part of a person that is meant to take automatic control of their thoughts and actions, in times of potential or actual danger. Itís the basic Fight or Flight response. In times of danger, you either stand and fight or take flight and run away.

Initially, the Ego was meant to be only a small part of a person's behaviour. But, over the many millennium following its inception, it has gradually grown and adapted its self, to suit the less physically dangerous lifestyles of today. Today, the primary aim of the Ego is not survival, but control. The Ego wants control of the individual, all the time. To acquire this, the Ego will manipulate the person, in subtle and not so subtle ways. This includes, influencing what and how they think and how they behave. Because of the presence of an influential Ego, its not surprising to discover, that many people currently create around themselves, a lifestyle in which they obtain personal power, attention, recognition, praise and gratitude in their daily activities.

Once you begin to understand the intertwined effect of a strong will, a manipulative Ego and the instinctive need for individual supremacy, you should be able to understand why, humanity has become stuck in the third dimension. Basically, very few third dimensional thoughts and actions are based upon, the Divine values of Unconditional Love, Highest Intent and Unity. All of these are personality traits of a spiritually awakened, fifth dimensional person and lifestyle. Later on, we will discuss each of these spiritual principles in greater detail, including how you can continue to develop them in your own life. But, for now, we will continue with the discussion of the Ego.

This does not mean, that humanity has always been left to its own devices. In the past, Earth has been openly visited by Extraterrestrials (E.T.s) from many other worlds. Some of them have been enlightened races of Beings, who have desired to help humanity. On many different occasions these Off-Planet Beings, have been able to assist in raising the spiritual consciousness of large numbers of people, back to the higher dimensions.

Also, they have freely shared their knowledge with interested societies around the world, for advancements in Theology, Philosophy, Law, The Arts, Architecture, Geometry, Mathematics, Physics, Construction, Medicine, Agriculture, Astronomy and Astrology, to name a few. On many occasions, Earth has also become a recognized Port of Call, for some of these Off-Planet races, with open communication taking place, between those involved. While many of these ETs, have been visiting Earth, some of them have married and interbred with the natives. This is one of the reasons why, human Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is so complex. It a concoction of many different humanoid races, all originating from a common source of angelic origins.

But, on the other hand, there have also been a few unenlightened Off-Planet races, that have tried to control and manipulate humanity, for their own ends. These mainly include, the Alpha Draconi (the Lizzies) and the Zeta Reticuli (the Greyís). Even today, the negative influences of these two alien races, can be seen. Generally, the Greys are involved with most of the human abductions, currently taking place. Where as, the Lizzies are more involved in the covert manipulation of some of the Worldís major Institutions and Organizations. As you can see, direct alien contact can be both a blessing and a curse, it just depends who you align yourself with!

After many millennium of direct positive alien contact, it was jointly decided by those involved, that this process was not the most beneficial way, in which to assist the ascension process of humanity. It seems that once again greed, the lure of power, money and control, had caused some individuals and even entire civilizations, to seriously abuse the higher information given to them, by some of the Off-Planet races. In more than one case, it lead to the demise of vast, well established empires, such as Atlantis.

Instead, it was decided, that if an ethereal volunteer of the higher dimensions or an Off-Planet individual, wanted to assist in the ascension process of Earth, then they would have to be born in the body of a human and live out an entire life, on the planet. This process of incarnating onto Earth, is currently the way in which, many Off-Planet races are able to influence the planet. Each Off-Planet race brings with them, their own particular higher spiritual vibration, which is added to the collective consciousness of humanity. Slowly, this input of higher energy, helps to raise the entire spiritual consciousness of humanity and the planet.

Since, the early 1970ís, approximately 80 % of all those born on Earth, are Starseeds. They are spiritually enlightened Beings from the Pleiadian Galaxy. That is, they have incarnated directly onto planet Earth, after separately living various numbers of lives, on planets within the Pleiadian star system. This is why, many of them, donít feel at home here on Earth. They are more accustomed to the relaxed and gentle lifestyle, on the Pleiades.

On the Pleiades, they live quite natural lives. They have lots of free time to follow their personal creative interests. There are very few social restrictions and the elderly are respected, for their advice and wisdom. The entire Pleiadian lifestyle, is slow, gentle and unchallenging. This is in distinct contract to planet Earth, where life is currently much more challenging and harsh! If you would like to know more about the Starseeds, we encourage you to read another of our free ebooks called, " Starseeds and Star Terrans".

If you are a Starseed or Lightworker and have always felt, out of touch with the "Ways of Humanity", donít worry, you are not alone! There are many millions of other people just like you, spread around the world. They also feel, it is now time, to once more personally ascend and permanently move back to the higher dimensions. But, to do this, you need to get off the Wheel of Reincarnation of Earth. And the easiest and quickest way to do this, is to simply fulfil any promises, you made to your self, your Higher Self and your soul group, before accepting this current incarnation AND repay any negative karma that you have made for yourself, during your time spend on Earth.

Life and World Plans

Remember, itís never too early, to start fulfilling your part of the agreement. The agreement that everyone makes, before incarnating onto planet Earth, is more commonly known, as a Life Mission (Life Plan). Basically, a Life Mission consists of two separate plans. They are your Life Plan and your World Plan. Basically, Your Life plan contains a list of details and events that relate directly to You. These include such things as, which gender (sex) you will be. Who will be your parents. Your major personality characteristics. Personal abilities and natural talents. What jobs/occupations, you may take on. Who you will be given the opportunity to repay karma to and who will be given the opportunity to repay karma to you. Who you may meet, fall in love with, have sex with, marry and possibly divorce etc, etc.

While your World Plan consists of a list of possible personal interests, (such as an interest in the New Age movement) and how You can use your personal interests, for the greater good of humanity and the planet. A good example of this could be, you like working with animals, therefore on weekends, you dedicate your services freely, to your local cats or dogs home. In this way, you are doing something that you love to do, i.e. work with animals and your services are being used for the betterment of all concerned. As you can imagine, your Life and World Plans are much more complex and involved, than most people can ever imagine.

To try and understand just how complex they are, ask yourself the following question, that is:

"How many personal decisions have I made in my life, so far?"

If your answer is something like, "I donít have a clue. Tens of thousands, I think".

Then you can begin to understand, that each decision that you make, effects your entire future. Arguably, some decisions that you make, are only small ones, like "What do I have for breakfast this morning?" While others are possibly, big, life-changing decisions, such as "Should I leave school at 16 or go onto higher education?" With each decision you make, you are directly affecting your future, the future of humanity and the entire planet. As it's been said, many times in the past, "No man is an island" and this is nothing but, an under statement.

Once you realise that everything in the entire universe, is connected to everything else, you can then begin to understand, just how important YOU are, in the bigger scheme of things. It does not matter if you are currently reading this ebook, on your monitor screen, in London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Calcutta, Kuwait or Moscow, your physical location, nationality, language and attained level of education, do not matter. From a spiritual perspective, the only thing that does matter is:

How are you living your life?

Are you trying to live every moment of your life, for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned?

Basically are you living your Life and World Plans to their full potential.

If you can honestly put your hand on your heart and say, "Yes, I am living my life in a manner, that is for the highest good of all concerned" then youíre a very fortunate person! What a kind, inspiring, wise and compassionate person, you must be.

But, if you are like most people and you believe that you can do more, then we strongly encourage you, to start discovering and living your Life and World Plans. For more information on these fascinating subjects, please visit our website. We have been told, by many different Ascended Masters, that a single Life Mission, is so complex, that even if you synchronized all of the computers, in the world today, they still could not work out the list of probable outcomes involved in an average persons life! How amazing is that?

But, please donít let this deter you, from finding your True purpose in life. From the many Billions and Billions of possible directions, you can take in your life. Only one of them is perfect. The secret to Life, is finding that single Path of Light and living it.

To many people, this may sound like an impossible taskÖÖbut it is not! It is possible, anything and everything is possible. Therefore, donít let your own doubts and fears stop you, before you get started. This is because, once you begin to search for your Path of Light, then personal growth and change, must occur and your Ego will try and prevent this, from happening. It will try and influence you, to go back to your old ways, where IT was in control. Always, be vigilant of how your Ego is trying to negatively influence you and keep you limited, in all areas of your life.

Perhaps, one of the simplest and best ways, to find your Path of Light in life, is to each time, you have to make a decision, ask yourself,

"Is this for the highest good of all concerned?"

If, after carefully thinking about the situation, you decide on a course of action and if that course of action flows, if there are no hindrances along the way, if you intuitively feel deep within your heart and your mind that you have made the right decision, then the decision that you have made, was the right decision for you, at that time. If you practice this simple decision making process, as often as you can, you will quickly transform your entire lifestyle, into one of inner peace and harmony. Also, by making personal decisions that are based upon the spiritual truth of , "for the highest good of all concerned", you will be ensuring that you do not create any further negative karma for yourself, that would need to be repaid, at a later time.

It is envisaged that as more and more people around the world, begin to awaken to their True purpose in life, that of living their Life and World Plans, to their full potential, then everyone and everything, will benefit. There does not have to be winners and losers, in life. Everyone can be a winner, it's just, that we have to stop fighting amongst ourselves and start working together, for a higher good. Unity is the name of the game, in the 21st century.

Extraterrestrial (ET.) Contact

In the distant past of Earthís history, each one of us, alive today, was a part of a magnificent and highly enlightened way of life. We all existed in the higher dimensions of Unity and Peace and Heaven had truly been created, upon the Earth. It was as if, on mass, we had transported large parts of our Off-Planet worlds to Earth and created around ourselves, a home away from home, type of atmosphere. Many of us, still have vague memories of these ancient lives, swirling deep within our unconscious minds. We, The Abbotts, hope that by you reading this ebook and other material on our website, it will help to reawaken these past life memories, deep within you. Happy Memories!

Also, during these ancient times, many of us had both positive and negative personal contact with Extraterrestrials (E.T's). And Zeta Recticuli (Grey) contact was especially common. This is another reason why, so many Lightworkers and Starseeds have incarnated onto Earth, during this current time frame. You were there, when Grey contact was common and you want to be present, when it occurs again. Itís as if, the whole scenario of Angelic Volunteer and Grey contact, will have come full circle. Also, during these forth coming extraterrestrial encounters, both the Greys, the Starseeds and the Lightworkers, will be given plenty of opportunities, in which they will be able, to finally release large amounts of negative karma that they created, from these earlier encounters.

It all started long ago. It was during long and involved visits by the Greys, that large numbers of willful people, in our ethereal society were coerced into believing, that they, (the Greys), had ALL the answers to their personal desires. And it was soon decided, that a significant number of volunteers, would partake, in seemingly harmless biological research programs. The volunteers were told that their participation, would greatly assist the Greys with their genetic research, needed to ensure the survival of their dwindling population. It is true, that the Greys did have and still do have, a dwindling population and a very low birth rate. But, what was not told to the volunteers, was that their DNA, would be permanently altered and these changes, would adversely affect, all future generations from that time onwards.

In a nutshell, what happened, was that the volunteers DNA, was genetically reduced from 12 strands to 2. To this day, humanity still only has 2 DNA strands. This enormous genetic reduction, has further added to the problems of humanity raising its self, out of the lower dimensions. Basically, what happened was, that with each consecutive generation that followed those initial volunteers, their personal psychic and spiritual abilities were slowly diminished and their mental abilities were capped at around only 5 to 10 % of their potential. Over a long period of time, humanity slowly became animalistic in behaviour, only thinking and behaving in an instinctive manner.

This is why some people are much more susceptible to current day abduction than others, they are a direct, if very distant, descendent of a volunteer involved in the initial research program. If you are currently, an abductee, or think that you are and you are being taken against your will, you may like to know there is a solution to your terrible dilemma. The answer is simply, raise your own spiritual vibration to such a height, that you naturally overcome your genetic limitations. To do this, begin to live a life that is more spiritually inspired.

Start, by bringing the four aspects of your life into balance. That is give the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of your life, equal amounts of time and effort. Once you have brought about balance in these 4 areas, continue to work on increasing the spiritual aspect of your life. You should aim to live a lifestyle that is consistent to fifth dimensional thoughts, beliefs and actions. To do this, begin to incorporate the recommendations mentioned in this ebook, into your current lifestyle. Once, you are steadily living a balanced lifestyle and consciously raising your personal spiritual vibration, then you will be free, from all forms of Grey interference and abduction.

When the Greyís, finally do come out of the shadows and openly approach the influential governments of this world, for assistance, they will most likely try, the old trick of offering technological advancement in exchange for our cooperation. Collectively, we need to be aware, that we have been tricked and manipulated by the Greys, before. And this is something that should not happen again. Slowly but surely, as humanity raises it vibration from the upper third into the low fourth dimension, collectively, we are slipping away from the bony grasp of the Greys.

Their next attempt, at direct communication, will be a last ditch attempt to try and stop humanity's ascension, before it is to late. Therefore, when the time comes, we need to be careful and not throw ourselves at them and believe that they are demi-gods. This does not mean, that we do not assist one another, but it does mean, that any arrangements and transactions agreed upon, must be carefully worded and strictly adhered to. Neither side, must try and manipulate the other.

To finally dissolve the karmic ties, connected to the earlier genetic research program, it is inevitable that humanity, will once again assist the Greys with their work, in the area of biological research. It is also highly likely, that the two races, having a common genetic heritage, will interbreed. But this time, it must be done in a kind, loving, respectful and voluntary manner. The result of human/Grey interbreeding, will be a race of Beings known as the Whites. We have been reliably informed, by Lord Ashtar, the Ascended Master and a member of the Family of Light, that in approximately 100 years time, there will be about 3 million Whites, living upon the Earth. They will initially, live in isolated communities, but as people become more accepting and tolerant of them, they will begin to spread out and merge into main stream society.

Some of the possible benefits that humanity will gain, from trading with the Greys, will include, new, safer abundant forms of energy, new, improved medical procedures and solutions, to our ever increasing environmental problems and natural/man made disasters, amongst other things. The Greyís will benefit, by ensuring the survival of their race. Also, with the Whites contributing a large amount of thought energy to the Greys collective consciousness, it will help to raise them, the Greys and the Whites, into the fifth dimension. Finally, after countless millenniums, the Greys will have to accept the Universal Truth, that a Supreme Power does exist. This is currently a belief, that they do not acknowledge, let alone accept.

On Earth, most people know this Supreme Power as God or a God like figure. It is impossible to enter into the fifth dimension and live a fifth dimensional lifestyle, accepting all of the benefits that go with it, if you do not believe in a Supreme Power of some type. Only the fourth and third dimensions of Illusion, work on the principle of separateness from the Source, all of the higher dimensions work on the principle of Unity or the Oneness of ALL things.

Starseeds and Lightworkers

If you look back, at the recent events of modern history, particularly over the last 50 years or so, you should notice that across the industrialized world, enormous social improvements have occurred. This has been predominately due to the mass arrival of many millions of Lightworkers, from various Off-Planet Home Worlds, who have incarnated on to Earth, between the late 1940ís and the early 1970ís. Its pretty good odds, that if youíre an older Starseed, born in the 1970ís, that you have been born to one or both Lightworker parents and if youíre a young Starseed, its fairly likely that you're a second generation Starseed, i.e. a Starseed born of Starseed parents. In reality, it does not matter if both of your parents are Lightworkers, or not. It does not really matter, what your parentage is. The only thing that does matter is what are you going to do about your future?

What are you going to contribute, towards the greater good?

Remember earlier on, we mentioned how important everyone is, in the Divine Plan of Things. Are you just going to be like a spiritually unawakened person and live a mundane, repetitive life and only accomplish a tiny 2 or 3 percent of their intended Life Mission? For this tiny percentage, is the average amount of spiritual progress made by an unawakened person, who lives an entire life on Earth! Never forget, what you donít do this time, youíll have to come back and complete, another time. In other words, this means that youíll have to take another ride on the Wheel of Reincarnation! Therefore, unless you wake up and start living your Life Mission, to its full potential, you will have to stay on the wheel of Reincarnation and return, many more time to Earth. If this does not appeal to you, then the answer is, to begin to manifest around yourself, the lifestyle that you should truly be living.

Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle

Basically, you need to create around yourself, a fifth dimensional existence. This higher, more spiritual way of living, is interpreted slightly differently, by everyone. It has a lot to do with your predominate Off-Planet influences. But, whatever your Home World origins, the first thing to do, is to have a clear picture in your mind, of exactly the type of lifestyle that you want.

To do this, it helps to ask yourself the following questions, they are:

1. What inner feelings do I want to experience, while I am living my dream life?

A few hints include:

A. Inner peace and serenity.

B. An inner feeling of Unity with my immediate surroundings, other people and the world at large.

C. An inner feeling that I am conditionally and unconditionally loved, by my partner and immediate family.

D. An inner feeling that I am unconditionally accepted and unconditionally loved by everyone.

2. What activities do I what to pursue, in my dream life?

A few hints include:
A. Living my Life Mission to it's full potential.
B. Painting.
C. Drawing.
D. Creative writing.
E. Dancing.
F. Singing.
G. Socializing.
H. Developing my psychic and spiritual abilities.
I. Pursuing my current hobbies and interests.

3. Who do I want to share my dream life with?

A few hints include:

A. A partner, i.e. boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife.
B. Children.
C. My parents / my partner's parents.
D. Extended family members, i.e. grandparents, uncles, auntys etc.
E. Close personal friends.
F. People with similar interests.

4. Where do I want to live my dream life?

A few hints include:

A. In a new age / alternate lifestyle town / village / settlement.

B. By the coast / seaside.

C. On a mountain.

D. In the country.

E. Near a river.

F. In a forest / woodland area.

G. In a city.

H. In an area, close to other people with modern services, i.e. close to shops, video stores and fast food outlets etc.

5. What job / career do I want to have in my dream life, to help me contribute my part towards the greater good and how much time do I want to dedicate to it?

A few hints include:

A. Working with animals / wildlife.
B. Working with sick, injured or disadvantaged people.
C. Working in a highly creative environment.
D. Performing a job, that includes my favorite hobbies or past time.
E. Working in the hospitality industry.
F. Working with computers, the internet, Information Technology (IT.) etc.
G. Working in the local environment / gardening / landscape gardener etc.
H. Working in the fields of psychic, spiritual, paranormal, ufo, extraterrestrial, new age healing, past life regression, etc research, development, and / or promotion.

And I would like to work;

A. Full time.
B. Part time.
C. Casually.
D. Seasonally.
E. When I feel like it!

By, now you should have answered the 5 previous questions. You should now know, where you want to live, who with, what you will be doing there and how you will be feeling. What picture does this create in your mind?

Now, to bring the picture that you have just created in your mind, into reality, along with the lifestyle that goes with it, we are going to perform a basic manifestation exercise. Please note, this exercise can be used at anytime, for any higher, spiritual purpose of manifestation.

Firstly we want you to spiritually protect yourself by saying aloud, if possible,
"I ask the Divine Spirit, to protect me and all those present, with a Divine cloak of golden white light"

Then say aloud,
"I perform this exercise, knowing that all future events, experiences and outcomes that occur in my life, will be for my highest good and for the highest spiritual good of all concerned".

Then, mentally (silently) "call in" your personal guides or Higher Self and ask them if they will assist you with this exercise.

The following exercise can be performed, in one of two ways. For those people that are reading this ebook on their own, carefully read through the following exercise, then practice it, with your eyes closed. For those people who are performing this exercise with someone willing to assist them, take it in turns and read it to each other. Remember, as with all spiritual and psychic exercises and meditations, to obtain the best results, perform this exercise in a calm, relaxed, drug free manner.

Now, focus on the picture in your mind, of the fifth dimensional lifestyle that you want. Imagine that your picture is a long way away from you and you can barely see it. Then, slowly and confidently, feel yourself walking towards the picture. With each step, notice the picture getting larger and larger, until finally you are directly in front of it. Then take a deep breath and step into your picture. Look around and begin to touch and feel, whatís around you. Feel the sun beating down upon you. Feel a cool, refreshing breeze, pass by you. Hear the sounds of your partner, family and friends, close by. Bend down and touch the warm ground, below you feet. Then when you are ready, continue to explore your surroundings, to your own satisfaction. When you are finally ready to leave, gently step out of the picture and open your eyes.

If possible, explain to your partner or a friend, what you have just experienced in your meditation. Or alternatively write down some of the major points that you would like to remember from this wonderful experience.

We strongly encourage you to perform this same exercise, at least once every two weeks. This is because, on each occasion, you will be adding more positive energy to your desired lifestyle. This in turn, will help to manifest it in the higher dimensions and bring it more rapidly into your physical life.

An important point to remember here is, that once you have decided on what you want in a perfect fifth dimensional lifestyle, i.e. location, companions, activities, career choice etc, the above exercise can be adapted to suit your ever changing needs. This is something that often occurs in our work, that is after getting a client to look at their desired lifestyle, they then change their mind on exactly what they want. So please, donít think that your wasting your time, thinking about you want would like to manifest in an ideal lifestyle. This is because, how can you manifest something, if you donít know what it is? Spirit, also needs clues as to your ideal lifestyle preferences!

Twin Flame Partners

This is also true, if you would like to manifest a Twin Flame partner in your life. Do you really know what you want in a partner? If so, do you have these same qualities? If you donít, start working on improving yourself, until you do have the qualities that you desire in a partner. Manifesting a Twin Flame partner into your life, takes, time and effort, so start now and begin the process. Remember, the Universe works on the principle of "Like attracts Like". What are you like? What will your partner be like?

Synchronicity Ė The Spiritual Clues of Life.

By learning to use the ability of manifestation, you can begin to take control of your life. No longer do you have to be swept through life, by a torrent of chaotic events. Everything in life happens for a higher reason, it's just that most people are unaware of whatís going on around them. They are totally unaware of synchronistic events. That is, they donít recognize when their personal guides (or Spirit) are trying to help them.

Synchronistic events occur in many different ways, here are a few of the most common examples.

A. You hear the same song, several times in a single day.
B. Each time you enter a certain shop, a single book catches your eye.
C. You have the same dream each night.
D. Whenever you read a book or surf the internet, you unconsciously end up on the same page or site each time.
E. You meet the same person, in several different locations in one day.

If you cast your mind back a week or so, can you remember any of these things happening to you? If so, what do you think your personal guides were trying to show or tell you then? What do you think you can learn from those synchronistic events of the last week ?

Now, that you have a clearer understanding of how your personal guides will use synchronistic events, to assist you with your future spiritual growth and help you create an ideal lifestyle for yourself, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. Begin to look at each situation and event that you find yourself in, from a higher, more spiritual perspective. Take note of the little synchronistic clues, your personal guides are presenting to you on a daily basis and learn from them.

The entire process of deciding what you want, completing the above exercise and manifesting your desires into reality, are rarely instant. This means, to get your desired outcome, i.e., your ideal lifestyle, will take some time and physical effort on your part. So pick up and follow the synchronistic clues given to you.

A good example of this could be, you have completed a manifestation exercise and you have decided that you would like to live on the coast / sea side. A few weeks later you see an ad in a local paper. A hospitality company based in your ideal location, is looking for people to come and work for them, during the summer months, as waiters and waitresses. As it happens, you already have all the necessary experience. So YOU give them a telephone call and hey presto, THEY discover that YOU are exactly who THEY are looking for and YOU get the job. This new summer job, might not be exactly what you were thinking of doing this summer, but at least you have followed the synchronistic clues and manifested for yourself, a small part of your dream lifestyle,- the ideal location. By recognizing and working with this initial synchronistic event, you are making it very clear to your personal guides that you are willing to be flexible in your approach to life and how you obtain your desired outcome.

The next step is, that you move to your ideal location and from there you can begin to put more time and effort, into obtaining the rest of your ideal lifestyle. Perhaps, you would like to make new friends in the area. So you take the synchronistic opportunities given to you by your spirit guides, to make new friends. You accept any party invitations offered to you. You begin to visit cafes, pubs / hotels and other social venues, where you think the sort of people you would like as friends, already attend.

You should be able to see that now, a picture is emerging of how you can quickly and easily manifest your ideal lifestyle. That is, take one step at a time, take the opportunities given to you and put in the effort needed to change your current lifestyle into the one that you want. Spirit has told us on many occasions, to achieve anything in life, you must take the first step, then they will take the second step for you. Basically, what you want spiritually out of life, is only limited by the amount of time and effort you put into it. If you are attempting to live your life, to the best of your abilities and everything that you do is for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, then you canít go wrong.

Intent and Personal Beliefs.

The second part of creating a fifth dimensional lifestyle for yourself, is what do you currently believe in? What are your core beliefs, and how do you put these beliefs into your daily activities?

Lord Sananda has told us that a person's Intent, is by far the most important factor in how they live their life. By this we mean, what is the person thinking of when they think about and perform an action.

Basically, a person's Intent can be positive, negative or somewhere in between. A good example of this could be, the Intent of a local red cross volunteer is positive. Where as the Intent of a con-man is negative. While the Intent of a person who does nothing to contribute to society, is somewhere in the middle. But, donít forget that these three examples only cover, one area of these people's lives. You never know, that when the con-man is at home, with his wife and family, he may help look after their children in a kind and compassionate manner. Therefore, while he is at home, he has the right Intent. So as you can see it is easy to have the right Intent, in some areas of your life, in some actions of your life, but it is much more difficult to have the right Intent in all areas of your life, all the time.

This is why it is so important that "Highest Intent" or "Right Intent" needs to become a foundation stone of your basic belief system. A good way in which to judge if your thoughts and actions include "Highest Intent", is just before you say something or do something, think to yourself,

"Does what I am about to say and do, feel like the right thing to say and do? And do I feel deep within my heart and my mind, that it is the right thing to say and do?"

If after thinking about this, you can honestly say to yourself, "YES, my thoughts and actions do include Highest Intent", then you have made a wise decision. But then on the other hand, if you answer "NO", to any part of the above statement, then we strongly encourage you to reconsider your proposed comments or actions.

Personal Intent and Karma

Many, people are unaware that it is the Intent of a thought or action that creates negative karma, as much as the action itself. If the Intent of a person, is of the highest calibre, that is if they are trying to work from Highest Intent and Unconditional Love, in all that they do, then they wonít be creating any negative karma for themselves. The repaying of negative karma is very important, if you want to live a fifth dimensional lifestyle. This is because, unless the karmic ties that bind you to the third and fourth dimensions are dissolved, you can not ascend into the higher dimensions. And youíll continue to go around and around on the Wheel of Reincarnation.

It's as if you are walking around with a suit of armour on and the people that you owe karma to, are holding large, powerful magnets in their hands. In time, your personal guides and Spirit will ensue that you are drawn together.

But what you do when you meet each other, is up to you. You can either,

1. Not recognize the fact that you have meet this other person for karmic reasons, in which case, you will only have to meet them another time, in another place, perhaps even in another lifetime, to repay the outstanding karma. or
2. You can totally ignore the fact that karma exists between the two of you. In which case, once again, you will only have to meet them another time, in another place, perhaps even in another lifetime, to repay the outstanding karma that you did not repay this time. or
3. You can recognize the fact that karma does exist between the both of you and try and do something about it.

Positive and Negative Karma

In reality, there are only two types of karma. That is karma is either positive or negative. When we use the term negative karma, this means, that at some time in the past, someone has said or done something to someone else with negative Intent and/or action, i.e., You physically or emotionally hurt someone, in a past life.

Where as, the term positive karma, means that in the past someone has said or done something to someone else with positive Intent, i.e., You saved the life of someone in a past life.

Therefore, it is negative karma that you need to become aware of and repay. Remember, with negative karma, You are the one who owes the other person a good deed (or two) to neutralize a negative act that you once performed against them, in a previous time. And, perhaps, one of the greatest difficulties faced by many people who are consciously trying to repay negative karma, is that, they are not sure how to recognize karmic situations. To answer this dilemma, we have found that one of the best ways in which to discover if a synchronistic meeting with someone, is karmic or not, is that on your first meeting with them, is to mentally (silently) ask yourself "What do I instinctively feel towards this person".

That is, you will usually instinctively "feel" 1 of 3 ways towards them,

1. Positive and confident in their presence. or
2. Neutral and unbiased. or
3. Negative, unsafe and even outright hostile.

If you feel Number 1. positive and confident in their presence, then the meeting is most likely a positive karmic situation for you. It is highly likely that the meeting has occurred, to give the other person the opportunity to repay you a karmic debt. This normally occurs by them consciously or unconsciously, doing you a good deed. If this happens and if it's appropriate, gracefully accept their offer. This helps to neutralize their karmic debt to you and releases you from any future involvement with them. That is, unless there is more karma to be repaid to you by them.

If you feel number 2. neutral and unbiased in their presence, then the meeting is most likely a neutral meeting for you. And it is possible that neither person owes the other any karma. Enjoy the meeting and continue to make all your decisions, "for the highest good of all concerned". This is because, if you donít, you may make yourself new negative karmic ties to this other person.

But, if you feel number 3, negative, unsafe and even outright hostile to the other person, then it is highly likely that you owe the other person a karmic debt. If this is the case, then you should try especially hard and overcome your negative feelings towards them. Also, try and be extra kind and helpful to them, whenever given the opportunity. However, do not place yourself in situations of potential or actual physical danger. If necessary send the other person, positive thoughts and healing energy from a safe distance. In this way, you are much more likely to repay any negative karmic debt you owe them. Your positive Intent and kind actions will greatly help to put an end to this particular karmic tie. That is, unless there is more karma is to be repaid by you.

But, if in any of the above examples, the other person shows resistance to your positive actions, do not be discouraged. Your intent has been of the highest and this has helped to dissolve any karmic obligations from your end.

Remember, with each karmic tie neutralized, that you are one step closer to living the fifth dimensional life style, that you want.

Unconditional Love and Personal Beliefs

The second core belief that you need to include in your life, if you are to manifest your ideal lifestyle, is Unconditional Love. Currently, many people are unsure of its true meaning. To us, we think of it as meaning, "I love everyone and everything, as I love myself". This means that you have respect, for everything and everyone, no matter what their gender (sex), nationality, race, colour, creed or religious beliefs. And you see them as being your equal, for in the Divine scheme of things, we are all equal. Itís that we just appear different, to one another.

Living in an unconditionally loving manner, also means that you give assistance to whom ever requires it, in an unconditional manner. This means, that you do not put any type of emotional, moral or legal obligation, on the assistance you give. Therefore, you donít say to someone, "Of course Iíll help you, if you will help me the next time I need help". Or put another way, you donít help someone, thinking to yourself, that they now owe me, a favour!

Therefore, the challenge we now put before you is, for the next few weeks, give assistance to anyone that asks you for it, but give it in an unconditional manner. And begin to notice, how much better you feel within yourself, for living this Universal Truth. Also begin to notice, how other people are beginning to assist you, in an unconditional manner! Just think to yourself, what a wonderful world it would be, if everyone lived in an unconditionally loving manner. All wars would cease, the starving millions would be feed, clothed and housed. And everyone would have access to free medical care etc.

Donít you want to live with your children and your grand children, in a world of love, peace, harmony and abundance? If so, bring Unconditional Love into your life and let it radiate out from you, like a glow of golden white light. Bring it into your every thought and action. Have Faith and Trust in your personal guides that they are aware of your kind and loving actions and that they will provide everything that you need, but not necessary everything that you want.

Creating an easier Life for yourself.

You will find as you make "Highest (Right) Intent" and "Unconditional Love", the foundation stones of your personal belief system, that your entire life will take on a more positive and dynamic energy. You will begin to notice how your life, seems to be getting easier. And this is exactly what will happen. Your life will become easier, this is because you have learn two very important Life Lessons, those being Highest Intent and Unconditional Love. As a result of this, your personal spiritual vibration will rise and on this higher level, you will receive easier Life Lessons. This does not mean that you will never find yourself in any more difficult situations in life, but it does mean, that you will be able to deal with these problems, in a higher, more spiritually wise manner.

Unity and Personal Beliefs.

To further assist your spiritual progress, we strongly recommend that you also, make "Unity" another part of your personal belief system. From a spiritual perspective, Unity is living with the belief that "everything in the entire universe is connected with everything else". And that "everything interacts with everything else". To many Lightworkers and Starseeds, this is a very easy Universal Truth to understand. They, have a natural liking of Unity and all that it promotes. This is also one of the prime reasons why, so many millions of Lightworkers and Starseeds, have recently incarnated onto planet Earth. Their purpose is to increase the feeling of Unity, within humanity.

You may have already noticed how, many social laws concerning the responsibility of people, are being changed to make certain individuals in society legally responsible for other individuals, in certain circumstances. A good example of this is, in some countries, bar tenders, pub landlords, waitresses etc are legally not allowed to sell alcohol to anyone, who is intoxicated (drunk), and if they do so, they can then be fined or even imprisoned. Also, in some cases, the bar tender etc is also, legally responsible for the actions of any intoxicated person, that they have sold alcohol to, even once the intoxicated person has left their premises! The above example, is just one way in which the Lightworkers and Starseeds desire for Unity, is effecting humanity and bringing about positive social change.

As with all things spiritual, how a person interprets and experiences Unity, is a very personal and unique experience. But generally, many people initially become aware of the need for personal and global Unity, by reading an article or ebook, such as this one. Then if they are ready to accept Unity, a thought occurs in their mind and they intuitively know the importance of Unity and the benefits that they and everyone else, can gain from it. Once this happens, they begin to change the way in which they think and behave, towards other people and life in general. They begin to feel much more complete within themselves. Their personal energies (aura) begin to expand outwards and connect them with everything, in the entire universe. They no longer feel alone and separate from their surroundings. They realise, that they are now an important and special individual, woven into the cosmic fabric of life.

At this point, many people realise that they have found something very important, in their life. They unconsciously knew, that IT was missing, but did not quite know what IT was or how to find it. If this has been the case for you and you are now beginning to feel that Unity, is an important part of your life, congratulations, you have just learnt another very important Life Lesson! Keep up the good work! You are making good spiritual progress. To many people, having the feeling of Unity within their life, is a conscious reminder of how they live, in the higher dimensions. The feeling of personal Unity, is an important step forward, in the Journey Home.

To continue increasing this feeling of Unity within your current lifestyle, we strongly encourage you, to interact with other people, in a more unconditional and positive manner. That is; 1. Became more aware of the needs of other people and assist them whenever possible. 2. Give a fair and appropriate percentage of your time and effort to your local community. 3. Spend more time in the company of people who have similar thoughts and attitudes, as yourself. 4. Spend more time in the company of people who inspire you to your full potential.

The social benefits of Unity are created, when individuals work together for the benefit of all. This does not mean that we all have to become Mother Theresas. This would be unrealistic, at this time. But, it does mean, that if you want to live in a world of Unity, then you have to do your part, towards achieving that goal. Its no good just sitting back and letting other people do all the hard work for you. Life does not work that way.

Along with a belief in Unity, each one of us needs to start bringing more consideration, empathy and tolerance into our lives. We all need to start thinking to ourselves, "How will my thoughts and actions effect other people?" We need to think to ourselves, "Are my thoughts and actions going to unite or divide people?" Then, if you believe that your thoughts and actions may possibly divide groups of people or turn one person against another, for whatever reason, then you are strongly advised to reconsider, what you are about to do. And donít forget about Right Intent and Unconditional Love, when making decisions.

Therefore, it is the self responsibility of every person alive today, to start creating around themselves, small pockets of Unity. Then as these small pockets of Unity spread out and begin to connect with others, around the world, the old divisions of humanity, will be dissolved. No longer will differences in skin colour, gender, nationality, language, currency, religious beliefs, governmental policy and personal preferences keep people separate from one another. For where there is Unity - peace, harmony and joy will thrive.

The importance of working together to create world Unity, can never be over emphasized. This is because Unity works on the principle of synergy. That is, the total is always greater, than the parts it took to make it up. In other words, when two or more people combine their energies and work together for a common goal, the end result is always greater, than if two people had worked separately, towards the same goal. Just imagine what positive results will be gained for the whole of humanity, when everyone believes in and works towards global Unity!

Personal Blocks.

Then next subject that we will look at, to help you manifest your ideal lifestyle, are personal blocks. Basically, a personal block is when someone dislikes something in their life or they feel overly emotionally hurt in certain situations. It could be something as simple as, you donít like a certain type of food, such as tomatoes, or it could something as major as you donít like foreigners. In both cases, you are unconsciously holding onto a negative memory of an incident, directly connected to that particular negative reaction. It may be that in a South American past life, you nearly choked to death on a tomato or in a Roman past life, a foreigner killed your child. With both of these examples, there was a powerful negative emotion involved, (i.e. fear of choking or hatred towards a foreigner). It is the holding onto these powerful negative emotions, that cause personal blocks.

Personal blocks can be triggered off, in several different ways, they include; 1. You do something that unconsciously reminds you of a negative experience. Such as, you unwittingly eat a tiny piece of tomato in a salad and you begin to choke dramatically, or 2. Some one, does something to you, that unconsciously reminds you of a negative experience. Such as on holiday, a stranger approaches your child and begins to talk to him. As you can see from these two examples, if you are consciously trying to raise your spiritual vibration and lift yourself out of the lower dimensions, then personal blocks are a major obstacle, that need to be overcome. But all is not lost. We have discovered, it is very easy to permanently release personal blocks and it wonít cost you a fortune either! In fact, the entire process costs nothing to practice and is very easy to follow. All that you need to do is follow a few basic steps they are:

1. Protect yourself by saying aloud:

"I ask the Divine Spirit, to protect me and all those present, with a Divine cloak of golden white light"
Then begin to meditate. Once you are calm and relaxed.

2. Mentally (silently) "call in" your personal guides or Higher Self and ask them, to assist you with this exercise. After doing that,

3.Ask yourself the following question;

"Which area of my life, currently causes me the greatest amount of emotional pain and mental stress?"
A few hints include; intimate relationships, family members, friendships, work/career, finance (money), sexual matters, lack of personal power Ė i.e. unable or not allowed to make personal decisions, that directly affect your life. Then,

4. Once you have discovered a major personal block, begin to relax. Then slowly create within yourself, the higher spiritual energies of
" Unconditional Love and Highest Intent". Once you have done this, mentally, (silently) say to your personal guides,

"Please personal guides, will you help me to release any negative energies, I am currently holding-on-to, which relate to the personal block, I have towardsÖ?Ö.(say what your block is). I also unconditionally forgive myself and all those involved with this event and I ask that Divine Grace, be given to all those involved. Also, from this moment onwards, I ask to forget about this particular blockÖÖ..thank you".

By thinking about the block less, you will be giving it less energy and this will directly decrease the amount of influence, it has upon your life.

You may also notice, that some personal blocks (fears) need to released, several times. This is because, they need to be released from many different layers of your Lightbody and auric pattern. Remember, most personal blocks are connected to past life incidents, therefore, you could have been holding onto them for many thousands of years, and it takes a little time and effort, to fully release them.

If you personally discover that releasing, forgiving and forgetting major personal blocks, is too strenuous for you, then begin with minor blocks, such as not liking tomatoes and work up to the larger blocks, such as, not liking foreigners. As each personal block is released, you may discover other currently hidden blocks, revealing themselves. When this happens, simply release them in the unusual manner, (as mentioned above). With each block released, imagine divine golden white Light flowing into your body and replacing the negative energy of that block. Allow this higher spiritual energy, to raise your personal vibration. Then continue, to think, feel and behave, in a more positive and spiritually enlightened manner.

Unreleased Personal Blocks and Physical Aliments

Unreleased Personal blocks can also be responsible for many of the physical diseases and personal injuries, that people suffer from, during their lifetime. This is because, most physical diseases and injuries, have a negative past (life) experience connection. This is, if in this life you suffer from shoulder problems, then it is highly likely, that you are unconsciously holding onto a negative emotional energy, directly connected to the initial cause of this injury.

In a past life, you may have been a soldier in a battle and at the very moment, your shoulder was injured, you were feeling particularly fearful, of your enemy. It was the negative energy of fear that was then unconsciously stored, within your Lightbody and auric pattern. And until, the negative energy of fear is released, you will most likely continue to experience shoulder problems, whenever you find yourself in situations that trigger off your unconscious memory. i.e. you find yourself in threatening or fearful situations, such as sitting examinations, attending job interviews or meeting strangers, for the first time. Therefore, it's very important, to begin releasing the personal blocks connected to any physical injuries or diseases, that you currently have.

To do this, each time you get a physical ache, pain, injury or disease, complete the personal block release exercise, as mentioned above. Once again, it may be necessary to complete the exercise several times, for maximum results. Donít forget, once a personal block has been properly released, (and you donít continue to think about it), it has been released forever! Therefore, in any future lives that you accept on Earth, you will be free of any physical problems that this particular personal block, may have caused you. This will directly result, in you having a stronger and healthier physical body. You will be less prone to hereditary diseases and personal injuries. What a wonderful gift to receive in the next life, for releasing personal blocks in this life!

On a more immediate note, after a personal injury or disease block has been successfully released, many people also notice a considerable improvement in their physical condition. They report that their pain has disappeared or greatly diminished, any swelling or stiffness has been alleviated and greater mobility, etc has returned to the affected area.

We, strongly believe, that the small amount of time, effort and courage, needed to release personal blocks, is well worth it. The benefits are amazing. Why donít you start releasing your personal blocks today and begin reaping these incredible benefits for your self ? Remember, the cleaner your Lightbody and auric pattern, the easier it is, to develop all of your spiritual and psychic abilities.

Making Spiritual Progress in your Sleep!

To continue working on manifesting a 5 D lifestyle for yourself, we encourage you to begin working in your sleep! This is because when you are asleep, your astral body frequently leaves your physical body and you visit the higher dimensions. People remember these interdimensional visits, as dreams. The dream world of the higher dimensions is the true reality of existence, the world in which we inhabit in our conscious, awaken state, is the dream, the illusion. Therefore, to make use of your sleep state, you need to learn how to take control of your astral body and interdimensional visits. Our research has shown us, the best way to do this, is to begin working with your personal guides and Higher Self, in your sleep. To do this, before you go to sleep each night, protect yourself in the normal manner, by saying;
"I ask the Divine Spirit, to protect me and all those present, with a Divine cloak of golden white light"
Then say;
"I also ask that my personal guides and Higher Self assist me, with my spiritual growth, during my sleep tonight."

Once you have completed the above sentences, go to sleep in your normal manner. Then, in a fully protected and safe manner, the next thing to happen, will be that your astral body will leave your physical body and you will be met by your personal guides and Higher Self. You will then be offered astral opportunities, in which to increase your spiritual growth.

This means, you may visit the Akashic Records, or be shown a past life incident, which is currently causing a personal block, in your life. Or you may be told about personal Life Lessons, which you are encouraged to learn, at this time. In reality, the number of personal experiences you can have, in the astral state, are infinite. You can talk to dead relatives and friends. You can meet with various Ascended Masters. You can visit off planet worlds, such as the Pleiades or you can talk to deceased pets, in their respective Animal Clans and much, much more!

But, all of these amazing experiences are not worth much, if you canít remember them, when you wake up and use the information you have learnt, in a practical manner. To overcome this problem, we recommend that you keep a dream journal or note book, beside your bed. Record in your Dream Journal, what you can remember from your previous nights sleep. At first, you may not remember much about your dreams, but with practice and by continually asking your personal guides and Higher Self to assist you, you will gradually begin to remember them, more clearly. Also, by using a simple dream technique of representing certain items and events with unique pictures, you will be able to quickly interpret your dreams (and meditations).

Basic Dream Technique.

This dream technique works, by you thinking of 3 different items, people or feelings and relating a basic picture to each of them. An example could be- to you, personal freedom is represented by a large white horse and personal restrictions are represented to you, by a brick wall. Therefore, if you remember these basic pictures, then your personal guides and Higher Self can show them to you, in your dreams and you will know what they are "talking" about. So in this instance, if one night, during one of your dreams, you saw yourself on a large white horse jumping over a brick wall, what do you think it would meanÖ..?

Answer: You are overcoming personal restrictions, perhaps!

Therefore to help you build up a collection of easily interpreted dream pictures, what basic images do you relate to:

1. Yourself. 2. Happiness. 3. Love. 4. Friendship. 5. Fear. 6. Travel. 7. Spiritual Growth. 8. Your partner. 9. Freedom. 10. Personal Achievement. 11. New Adventures. 12. Money. 13. Personal Protection. 14. Your two personal guides (Normally one male and one female).

As you can see, with a little thought, its easy to make up your own unique, dream interpretation picture catalogue. With practice, you should be able to gradually remember, more and more key words and related pictures. Continue to add keywords / pictures to your personal list, until you are satisfied that you can accurately interpret your dreams. This is because, the more accurately you can interpret your dreams, the more information and guidance you will be able to retrieve from them.

By carefully working with the information gained from your dreams, you will be able to use it to overcome personal problems in your physical life and create the 5 D lifestyle, that you want. Also, vast amounts of spiritual information can be received from Spirit, in your dream state. If you want to know more about dreams, we encourage you to read another of our other free ebook- The Power of Dreams. Link available at the end of this ebook.

Viridium, The Ethereal City of Light and Knowledge.

As each day passes, humanity is slowly raising its self into the lower fourth dimension and enormous personal and social changes, are going to continue. Donít be content to sit on the side line and let life pass you by. Begin to take control of your life. Start working with your personal guides and Higher Self, to create the type of lifestyle, that you want. Remember, you are not alone, there are many millions of other Lightworkers and Starseeds, just like you, spread around the world. If you canít physically meet up with them, join with them in the dream state.

To do this, we strongly encourage you to visit Viridium. Viridium is an ethereal city of Light and Knowledge. It is located on the edge of the Sea of Tranquillity, on the Moon. And it exists in the fifth dimension. By astrally visiting Viridium, you can meet up with these other Lightworkers and Starseeds and create amazing new friendships with them. From there, You can learn about anything you want and go anywhere you wish. At Viridium you will experience the feelings of Unconditional Love, Highest Intent and Unity, as a natural part of your visit. There are no restrictions, on who can visit Viridium, everyone is invited. If you are interested in Viridium and you would like to visit there, we encourage you to read the following sentence, aloud if possible.

"For the remainder of my life, I ask my personal guides and Higher Self to assist me to visit Viridium, during my sleep as and when necessary, to increase my spiritual and psychic abilities and improve my current lifestyle."

By saying the above sentence, you are making a very clear and concise statement to Spirit, that you are serious about improving your current lifestyle and increasing your spiritual vibration. We have purposely placed in the above statement "for the remainder of my life", for a very important reason. That being, to fully reap the benefits of Viridium and develop your spiritual and psychic abilities, to their full potential ,takes time and effort. Therefore, by reciting the above Statement of Intent, you are giving permission to your personal guides and Higher Self, to continue helping you, long after you have forgotten about this ebook!

What could be better, than making a single Statement of Intent and not having to worry about it again or repeat it, at anytime in the future. But, for those people that do not like the thought of the above Statement and want to revoke or neutralize it, all that you need to do, is say to your personal guides, in your own words, that you want the above statement neutralized or limited, to a certain amount of time, i.e. 1 month or 1 year etc. Remember the choice is always yours. You have free will, so please use it wisely.

Currently, there are many thousands of people astrally visiting Viridium, each night. Why donít you come and join with us? Also each month, many tens of thousands of Starseeds and Lightworkers meet at Viridium and work together, on a Special Mission. These include such things as, sending the spiritual energies of Faith, Hope and Love to everyone on Earth or sending Light to areas of natural disasters, to improve conditions in those regions. If you would like to know more about these Special Missions, further details are available on our web site in section 4, Starseed World.

Dreams and Personal Interests.

The next stage of working in your sleep state, is to start taking control of what you want to learn. This means after several weeks of working with your personal guides and being able to accurately interpret your dreams, begin asking your guides, if they will help you learn about subjects that you have a particular interest in.

Here are a few subjects that you may like to learn more about, they include;

1. Your Past Lives.
2. Your Off-Planet Lives.
3. The Soul Group connections you have to people, currently in your life.
4. The Karmic connections you have to people, currently in your life.
5. How to find your twin flame partner in life.
6. What are the Life Lessons that you should be learning, at this stage in your life.
7. How to find more direction in your life.
8. How to improve your current lifestyle.
9. How to improve your natural abilities and talents.
10. How to develop your Life and World Plans further.

What other subjects would you like to learn about, during your sleep? Why donít you make a note of them, in your Dream Journal, so that you donít forget to ask about them, before you go to sleep at night?

Self Empowerment.

By now, you may have noticed that through-out this free ebook, we have discussed many different subjects, from the angelic origins of mankind, to how to control your dreams. The purpose of this, has been to bring to your attention, the need for self empowerment. For without self empowerment, your Journey Home will be haphazard and slow, to say the least. What we mean by self empowerment, is that you are a unique and special Angelic Being in human form and you can achieve everything, mentioned in this ebook and much, much more. Nothing we have mentioned or given hints towards, in this ebook, is above you. Always remember in life, that you would never have set yourself, an impossible personal task. All and any problems that you are currently experiencing in life and all those that you will face in the future, can be dealt with, using the hints and recommendations, as mentioned in this ebook.

From this moment onwards, begin to take control of your personal energies and slowly but surely, take control of your life. Begin to develop your personal psychic and spiritual abilities. The personal rewards that can be received, are amazing to say the least. As many people have said in the past, "How you see life, is only a matter of perspective". If you think that life is hard, boring and unfulfilling, then that is what you will manifest it to be. But, if you think that life is easy, interesting and personally fulfilling, then that is also, what you will manifest.

We hope, this ebook has inspired you to take the first steps, into a wonderful new fifth dimensional life. We know that your Journey Home will be fraught with personal challenges, trials and tribulations, but donít let them put you off. If you get knocked down, then get up and carry on! Begin to learn the Life Lessons that are spiritually incorporated, into every experience in your life. Remember, once a Life Lesson has been learnt, it wonít be presented to you again. This is because whatís the point of giving you a Life Lesson, if you have already successfully mastered that lesson!

Become more aware of your personal guides and how they are becoming much more actively involved, in your life. Continue to look for synchronistic events that give spiritual guidance. Live with Unconditional Love and Highest Intent, in all your thoughts and actions. Experience, Unity, in everything that you do. Embrace personal growth and donít allow your crafty Ego, to limit you in any way. If necessary, allow old friends to drift out of your life and welcome new friends in. Above all else, be true to yourself and your higher beliefs.

Have a wonderful Journey Home!
Love and Light


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