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Journey to the Hyperspace

Journey to the Hyperspace a zero point quantum vacuum of 5-D spatial we do it all the time

Scientists wonder how can we really travel to a zero point quantum vacuum of 5-D spatial the Hyperspace given the fact we live in 3-D space with a physical body.

It is impossible to take the 3-D body of ours and travel to the Hyperspace because it will just not get there without the two missing dimensions. Any thing 3-D in the Hyperspace will become virtual like an illusion unless we are able to convert 3-Dspatial to a 5-D spatial with very complex numerical analysis computer algorithms.

However our mind travels in the absence of our own knowledge with the use quantum waves that can easily interface, maneuver and perform in the Hyperspace. We extend out thoughts and presence in the Hyperspace all the time to interact with our own existence in the parallel Universes. Traveling to another parallel Universe has to be done through the Hyperspace. Out mind is designed to fit the Hyperspace. For example, we cannot see out mind communicating with others in the 3-D physical universe. This is because the quantum waves generated by our mind are virtual in the physical Universe. This is not the case in the 5-D zero point quantum vacuum the Hyperspace. Our mind, thoughts all are actually distinguishable in the 5-D Hyperspace.

Traveling into the Hyperspace is easy if we can take our mind thought process and leave the physical body behind. Many believe in deep meditation that is exactly what we accomplish. Our mind can traverse the Hyperspace with or without our knowledge. Traversing the Hyperspace without our knowledge happens all the time. It is subconscious part of the mind that communicates to Hyperspace and beyond. But the real magic happens when our body knows about the mind traversing the Hyperspace. It is the conscious version of the mind communicating with the Hyperspace and beyond.

According to many scientists, we can actually travel to the Hyperspace if we can detach out mind and body apart. And then we may allow the mind to travel to Hyperspace easily. The problem with the body is that it will not be real in the 5-D environment with two of the dimensions missing.

Advanced alien civilizations have mastered the technique of detaching the body and the mind. Their body may survive in the physical universe but their mind strives in the Hyperspace. Once we master the technique of detaching our mind from the body, travel to the Hyperspace will be possible and will be worthwhile experience.


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